Consumerist's Top 10 Circuit City Stories Of All Time

Now that Circuit City is going to be liquidated — it’s time to look back on the store that was. Here are our top 10 Circuit City stories of all time, in order of popularity. Enjoy.

Top 10 Circuit City Stories Of All Time

10. Is Circuit City Going Bankrupt? Since the end of May, Circuit City’s stock has lost about 87% of its value; the company has fired its CEO, lost a $1.3 billion takeover offer from Blockbuster, and posted quarterly losses of $239.2 million.

9. Circuit City Customer Arrested After Refusing To Show Receipt Michael writes, “I’ve always taken the stance that retail stores shouldn’t treat their loyal customers as criminals and that customers shouldn’t so willingly give up their rights along with their money.”

8. Circuit City Lies About Guitar Hero Release Date To Get You To Go Away David went to Circuit City yesterday to buy a copy of the new Guitar Hero game, which, according to our extensive research, is currently on sale at Circuit City.

7. Circuit City Calls The Cops On Customer Who Tried To Redeem $40 DTV Coupon Circuit City wouldn’t let Larry redeem his $40 digital transition converter box coupon unless he signed a credit slip agreeing to pay $40. Larry refused, and asked to cancel the transaction.

6. Timeline: How Circuit City Came Undone Bankruptcy is a time for reflection, we guess, so we put together a nice little time line of Circuit City’s precipitous decline over the past 2 years.

5. Circuit City Calls The Cops On Customer Who Requests A Price Match I said I would gladly leave once he proved to me that the club portion of the policy existed. He response: he called the police!

4. 10 Confessions Of A Circuit City FireDog Technician 9. “FD COURTESYCHECK” isn’t a real SKU, it means the customer was good looking, and the tech should check to see if they have any “personal” pictures worth keeping.

3. Circuit City Doesn’t Sell Fire Extinguishers Just in case you were wondering.

2. Circuit City Tries To Install Navigation System, Causes $12,119 Of Damage To Your Car
Honda later declared VTECnical’s car a fire hazard and told him it was unsafe to drive.

1. Circuit City Orders All Stores To Destroy Issue Of Mad Magazine Parodying “Sucker City”
The retailer apparently isn’t amused by the 4-page spoof of “Sucker City.”

Bonus Story: Perfect for people with nothing to do for two weeks and need a quick “career.”


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