Personal Finance Roundup

Here’s our weekly roundup of the best personal finance news. Inside: investing lessons, gadgets to buy, mentoring, career tips for women, and fixing money mistakes.

Six Lessons for Investors [Wall Street Journal] “Here are six of the most important [investing] lessons.”

5 Gadgets to Buy Now
[Smart Money] “Here are five deals worth looking into now, while there are still plenty of holiday leftovers on shelves.”

The 8 Best Ways to Mentor Someone [US News] “If you have some great but inexperienced people on your staff, consider taking them under your wing and doing the following.”

Five Career Tips Women Should Run From [Brazen Careerist] “I am debunking five totally annoying pieces of advice I hear people give women all the time.”

Fix your 5 biggest money mistakes [MSN Money] “You can’t control the stock market or fix the credit crunch, but there’s still plenty that you can do to get into better financial shape for the coming year.”

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