Only Apply Vicks VapoRub Under Your Nose If You LOVE Mucus

Dr. Bruce Rubin, “a longtime mucus researcher,” has found a potential link between Vicks VapoRub and surging rivers of mucus.

After an 18-month-old patient had breathing problems from her grandparents applying it under her nose. Dr. Rubin tested VapoRub on healthy and sick ferrets. He found increased mucus from the VapoRub group as opposed to the comparison group (which received KY Jelly), similar to what he saw in his patient.

To be fair, Vicks notes that VapoRub is supposed to be applied to the chest, not under the nose, and that the product shouldn’t be used on children under two. Another doctor replies, “I would still dissuade people from using it because I don’t think it works.” Burn.

Researchers Ferret Out a Link Between Vicks and High Mucus [USA Today]
(Photo: u2acro)