Tmobile: Pay $25.65 To Talk To Us About How We Overcharged You For $25.65

In a contemporary version of the safe that’s locked by the key inside it, lundyncanada’s YouTube [NSFW, cursing] shows and us how Tmobile won’t let her speak to customer service until she pays the $25.65. What does she need to talk to them about? How they’re overcharged her by $25.65. Video inside…

Lundyncanada downgraded her cellphone plan months ago but Tmobile has continued to charge her the higher rate. Every time she calls, she’s assured that everything will be fine on the next bill, and it never is.

“I’m so fucking sick of tmobile right now, but i’m not going to. Fuck you tmobile, fuck you. This is how you treat your customers when they stick with you for 4 years. This is the thanks you show them?” she says in the video.

This is a classic case of when you need to escalate and bypass the robots. Lundy, call one of the Tmobile executive customer service numbers listed here so you can talk to a real person and get your problem fixed.

F*ck You T-Mobile, you Suck Big Time!!!!!! [YouTube] (Thanks to Bon1bon!)

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