Time Warner Calls You In Another Dimension, Or Something

Kushal wants to know how Time Warner verifies the call logs for its installer technicians, because when they say they call, his phone doesn’t ring.

My TimeWarner cable installer did not show up at the appointed time, and when I called them, they said the installer had logged a call to me and said I did not respond. My cell phone has perfect reception and shows no call in my log. When I talked to someone else, they said the exact same thing happened to them. In both cases, the installer logged the call at the very end of the window. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but is this maybe some clever ploy to keep up their ontime installation statistics somehow? The ensuing wasted day where TimeWarner kept promising to call back, failed to do so, and then refused to make any concessions for their screwup didn’t help anything either.

We’re working on a theory that in another universe, people are getting calls from Time Warner every day. Those people probably complain about having too much cable installed.

Update: Check out this explanation from a former Time Warner employee, and the follow up comment by chris_d. If this is happening to you, you might want to double and triple-check that TW has your correct phone number.

(Photo: Pink Sherbet Photography)

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