Better To Be Alone Than Shell Out For Shady Singles Club

Reader Brandon heard the “Events and Adventures” club for singles ad on the radio and decided to check ’em out. What did he find? They wouldn’t tell him their fee upfront and online, he found stories that might hint at why, tales of exorbitant upfront fees, worthless service, and instead of letting you cancel, they send you to collections…

Brandon writes:

One of my resolutions this year was to work less and socialize/date more. I heard about a new events service on the radio called Events and Adventures. I visited their website ( and filled out their information page. When it mentioned that “someone will be getting ahold of you” it set off a red flag. But I figured whatever; a couple days passed and I forgot I had filled it out.

Today I got a call from Sabrina Samuels, a “Member Coordinator” who did a “pre-screening” on the phone where she asked a number of probing questions like “are you single?” and “what do you do for a living?” She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to schedule an appointment with their offices to do an in-person interview since they only wanted “high-caliber singles” as members. At no time did she mention a fee; I asked if there was a fee, and she said yes, there was, but I’d have to go in and talk to them about what it was for “my area.” Red flag number 2.

Having read your blog for a long time, I have learned how to search for scams online. Sure enough, the internet is littered with reports of how this is a huge scam. Some links for you:

Basically the scam works like this: they get you to pay $2,095 or so plus $25.00 a month for their “events calendar” which most people report is a huge ripoff. You can’t attend events first, and you have to pay up front (they threaten that the price goes up $300 if you don’t sign up on the spot). You have to sign a contract, which according to those who have done so contains a cancellation clause, but that clause is never honored. Some people have even been sent to collections.

I encourage you to post my account as a warning to others.

Sounds like they prey on the desperate and pliable. Beware any company that won’t tell you its fees up front. Otherwise you may find yourself perusing Craigslist for activities listings catering to the single and broke.

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