Money Resolutions Everywhere!

The web is full of financial resolutions for 2009, telling us all what we should and shouldn’t do for the next year. And whether or not you’re the resolution type, it’s probably worthwhile to review what some of the leading financial publications are recommending. After all, aren’t we all interested in ideas for improving our financial lives?

Here’s a quick run-through of a few money-related resolution recommendations. We’ll start with MSN Money who suggests the following 9 financial resolutions for 2009:

1. I will accurately assess my financial situation.
2. I will diversify my assets — for real this time.
3. I will contribute more to my 401(k) — or at least start contributing.
4. I will stop obsessively checking my 401(k) performance.
5. I will improve my credit.
6. I will stop thinking of my home as a lending institution or get-rich-quick scheme.
7. I will get my home reappraised.
8. I will budget for charitable giving.
9. I will review my contracts.

Next, Smart Money offers these seven resolution suggestions for consideration:

1) Take control of your investments
2) Turn economic lemons into lemonade
3) Improve your credit score
4) Put savings to work
5) Stay on top of on your accounts
6) Stick to a budget
7) Seek out discounts

Kiplinger takes a different focus, listing six career-related resolutions as follows:

* Embrace work.
* Think like a CEO.
* Use time effectively.
* Rethink meetings.
* Listen up.
* Be nice.

And for those of you wondering how to keep your resolutions alive past the second week in January, the Wall Street Journal suggests
how to make reasonable goals and stick to them. The keys: make your resolutions public, avoid triggers that lead to negative behavior, and remain persistent and confident, even if you slip.

See any here that you like? Or maybe you have your own plans for improving your financial situation 2009?


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