If You Can't Find That DVD Set Anywhere Else, Maybe It's Pirated

Phil found out that you don’t order DVDs from websites that look like this, or that offer sets that aren’t for sale elsehwere. Now his wife is the proud owner of some homemade discs with low-quality TV footage of the series and a “TBS” bug in the corner.

Phil writes:

For Xmas I ordered my wife the Judging Amy Complete DVD set from this place called dvdglobe.tv I thought it was odd that shipping was $25, but I figured it would at least be very fast and in time for Christmas. Nope, the reason the shipping was $25 was because it was shipping from China.

The DVDs arrived on Christmas Eve. The other day I saw her watching Judging Amy but it said “TNT” in the lower right hand corner. I asked her “why aren’t you watching the DVDs I bought you?” “I am.” Hmmm… so some shop in China recorded the show off of TV, ripped out the commercials, and did a low quality transfer to DVD. And I do mean low quality.

Phil says he contacted the company and they’ve promised him a full refund, but in the meantime he’d like to know who to report them to. Phil, a little part of us is dying inside for having to do this, but… you should contact the MPAA. Yes, that MPAA, the ridiculous one. It’s their job to deal with stuff like this, so fill out their online “report piracy” form.

You can also help fellow consumers by reporting this company on ripoffreport.com, so that your story will show up on Google searches.

(Photo: bobbigmac)

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