Kohl's Marks Up Jewelry, Then Discounts It

A Maryland woman bought some jewelry on sale at the Kohl’s in Westminster, then discovered cheaper prices under the price tags.

According to the local Fox news station, the woman bought two pair of diamond earrings at 60% off their “original” prices, which were $550 and $320. When she got home, she noticed the price tags covered older tags, so she peeled them off. Surprise! The earrings were originally priced at $425 and $250—they had been marked up 28-30% before being put on sale.

She paid $348 total for the jewelry, but if the discounts had been applied to the original prices, she would have only paid $250.

Fox News says Kohl’s says it is looking into the issue. They also contacted the Maryland Attorney General’s office and were told that although stores can raise prices at any time, they can’t do it solely to make their discounts look better than they are.

At the end of the video clip, the woman gives some good advice for other shoppers, at Kohl’s and elsewhere: “Look at the boxes, look at the prices, ask what the original price was, ask what it’s marked down from. Just be an informed consumer.”

“Price Concerns” (video) [WBFF Fox 45] (Thanks to Wayne!)

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