Best Buy Signs Man Up For Magazines Against His Will

Buying something from Best Buy? Check your receipt, you may have been signed up for a magazine subscription and you didn’t even know it.

Rick writes:

I made a purchase at my local Best Buy this past weekend and was informed I “qualified for a free magazine” and was asked which one I would like from a list of 4. I selected the Time magazine.

As I left the store I became a little curious as to how I would get that magazine? When I read the receipt, it became obvious I had signed up for a trial subscription and that Best Buy would be sending my personal information including credit card along to Time Magazine to charge in 8 weeks!

I went back into the store to “return” the Time trial subscription and informed the management of my dissatisfaction with their sales tactics as I was never informed I was signing up for a subscription. Seems the manager was not aware of the subscription/charge clause either! At any rate, I was informed they could not process a return, but all I needed to do was call the toll free number to have the subscription terminated.

Remember, in magazine-land, free anything means free at first and then we start charging you.

(Note: The receipt was sent as two images, which I have digitally combined for ease of viewing)