Greyhound Abandons 60 Passengers In Seattle, Locks Up For The Night

Unsafe road conditions in Seattle brought Greyhound’s fleet to a standstill on Sunday, which apparently is why they abandoned riders outside in 25 degree weather last night.

According to the Seattle PI, the bus dropped off the passengers outside a shelter at the Seattle Center, but the shelter turned them away because it was full. Before they could get back on the bus, it had left. The passengers called the police, who responded to the Greyhound bus station and found it closed for the night.

Luckily for Greyhound’s customers, the Seattle Police Department stepped in to find shelter:

The officers then responded to the Seattle Center, and with the assistance from Seattle Police Communications, found available shelters. Three families with young children were transported to the YWCA. The rest of the displaced individuals (about 40), were taken to “DESC” at 517 3rd Avenue.

Metro or Greyhound were not available to assist with the transportation, so all transports were completed by patrol and West Anti Crime Team. They were all in shelters, 1 ½ hours after the original call.

A Greyhound spokeswoman told the Seattle PI that the company has no plans to issue refunds to any of their passengers, although they will allow them to sleep in “heated buses” until they’re allowed to depart again. (No buses are leaving today, either.)

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(Photo: jakesmome)

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