Litigious $54 Million Dollar Pants Judge Loses His Appeal

Remember Judge Roy “Fancy Pants” Pearson’s $54 million dollar lawsuit against a dry cleaner that lost his pants? Well, he’s lost his appeal, says CNN.

If you’ll recall, when we last saw Fancy Pants, he was losing his case against the Chung family, who own and operate “Custom Cleaners.” The sad tale began when Pearson took several pants to Custom Cleaners to have them altered, back in 2005. Pearson alleges that the pants he gave the Chungs were blue. The pants he got back were charcoal gray. This, apparently, was a huge problem for Judge Pearson.

CNN says:

He claimed millions of dollars in attorney fees and millions more in punitive damages for what he called fraudulent advertising under the law. He also claimed that a sign in the store’s window promising “satisfaction guaranteed” was an unconditional warranty that required the defendants to honor any claim by any customer without limitation.

The Chungs’ attorney argued that no reasonable person would interpret the signs to mean an unconditional promise of satisfaction. District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff agreed, ruling that Custom Cleaners did not violate the city’s Consumer Protection Act.

Now Pearson has lost his appeal and the Chungs hope the ordeal is finally over. Of course, he could appeal again.

Pearson may request that the appeal be heard again by the entire panel of D.C. Court of Appeals judges, Manning [The Chung’s lawyer] said. He also could petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for an appeal.

“It is the Chungs’ hope that Mr. Pearson will not attempt to appeal any further and will end his frivolous and baseless attacks on the Chung family,” Manning wrote in the statement.

“The 3½ years this case has been pending and appealed have been very difficult for the Chungs,” he said. “They lost two of their dry cleaning stores and their realization of the American dream.”

He said the family wants to “quietly return to their one remaining small dry-cleaning store … to rebuild their lives.”

Pearson was removed from his job as a judge during the trial as not been reappointed.

The $54 million pants suit unravels again [CNN]

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