Sears CEO's Phone Isn't Working

Sears CEO Bruce Johnson needs someone down to housewares to get him a new telephone. Reader Len called the executive office and was told “his phone isn’t working, you have to call back.”

My dishwasher repair is not going smoothly — either with the repair or in dealing with customer service — so I called Sears at the 847 number you provided. After learning that Bruce Johnson is the new CEO, I asked to speak to Mr. Johnson. The first time I called for him (my fifth call of the day to Sears), I was told his phone isn’t working and I would have to call back. Wow! That’s gotta be right up there with “My dog ate my homework.”

The second time, I was transferred to a recording: “Press one for English, dos for Espanol.”

Lovely customer service from Sears!

The third time, I finally was transferred to the executive offices. Still no resolution to the problem yet, but I hopefully got the ball in motion.

Bruce, try a V-Tech.

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