KB Toys Manager Says Use KB Gift Cards Before Their Final Closing Day

A tipster claiming to be a KB Toys manager says that consumers should use their gift cards before the final day of the liquidation.

Our KB Toys tipster says:

I work for kb toys as a manager.

In response to what will happen to your gift cards: USE THEM IN STORES BEFORE OUR FINAL SALES DAY.

You can redeem your cards but we can no longer sell them. We are to tell you we are “sold out” of cards when in reality we have just been instructed to destroy / remove the cards for the simple fact that it would be unethical to continue to sell cards for a store in the liquidation process.

You must use them before we close other wise there is no guarantee you will be reimbursed. I have heard from other managers that there is probably an address where you can send back your cards and get a check but I don’t think that is true.

Also we can still process returns on previous purchases BUT NOT ANYTHING BOUGHT [NOW] TILL CLOSING.

These tips match what Consumer Reports found by calling KB Toys and testing a gift card on their website. The website didn’t work, but the stores were still accepting the cards.

In any case, don’t delay. Use those cards as soon as you can.

KB Toys latest to file for bankruptcy[Consumer Reports]

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