Flagstar Bank: Give Me My Money, My Roof Has A Hole

Hurricane Ike left Mike’s with a hole in his roof. He needs Flagstar Bank’s holding onto his insurance company check like a hole in his head.

My home was damaged by Hurricane Ike. Our Insurance company sent our check to us and flagstar bank. The check was sent to Flagstar for endorsement, but they will not release it to me to make much needed repairs on my roof.

First, they said our account had a $5.26 late fee applied…. (Even though customer service said this fee was waived. .. I have a ref # to prove this.)

Then they sent a letter saying that I did not provide the contractors insurance or license information. I have proof of doing this as well.

It seems to me that there is a policy in place where they hold on to money for as long as they can. This money is not theirs! I need it to repair my house. I have 2 small children and it gets rather cold when there is a hole in the roof!

They said it would be overnighted 3 days ago and still nothing…..

The customer service I have received is horrible! I cannot talk to a person on the phone that knows any information that would help me!

Do you guys know of a number to reach a higher-up in this company? (Or advice on how to handle this?)

That stinks, Mike. Sounds like there’s a bunch of miscommunication and ball-dropping over at Flagstar.

I would try to escalate using the information in this post, using the contact info and names list here as a starting point. You just need to get this turboed up to someone with power who can order the minions to get that check out to you.

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