19 Most Popular Consumerist Reader Complaints Of All Time!

I love how this blog gives everyday people a big voice to tell the world what’s wrong. Here’s 19 of our reader’s original stories that drew the most buzz, and blood, online over the years…

Forewarning: because this is the intenet and you’re all very sick and depraved, some of the most popular stories are quite disgusting.

19: Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 62
“Just when you thought all of the Walmart tshirts bearing the exact replica of an infamous Nazi symbol were recalled, or sold to a discount store and burned, a Walmart in Palmdale, California has them on sale for $3.00 a pop.”

18: Amazon Fails At Gift Wrapping Your Nephew’s X-Mas Present
“Matt ordered this copy of “Tales of Beedle The Bard” for his 13-year-old nephew. He paid an extra $4 to have it gift wrapped. Amazon actually gift wrapped it, then put the gift wrapped book inside a box that said what it was.

17:Applebee’s Bruschetta Burger Menu Picture Vs Reality
“Reader Megan is troubled by the strange, slimy cylinder of fries she received from Applebee’s.”

16: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Refuses Bathroom Access to 5-Year-Old, Who Then Has Diarrhea In Front Of Them
“I begged them to have a heart and that she was 5 but by that time she had lost it all over herself and me.”

15: Staples Tries To Charge Senior Citizen $390 For Basic Computer Repair
“The senior, who had been lulled into Staples for a free tune up that suddenly cost $39.99, didn’t understand why he needed to spend money on a “diagnostic screening ($49.99), virus removal services ($150), and more RAM (~$150).” Michael intervened and offered to look at the computer free of charge. He couldn’t believe what he found when he popped open the computer.”

14: Geek Squad Hatched Plot To Harvest Porn From Pornstar Jasmine Grey’s HardDrive, Days Before She Died In Car Crash
“The manager on duty at the time was involved in the scam, so he offered to send an Agent out for free to “go the extra mile and insure she only shop at Best Buy in the future.” He fixed the webcam in a few minutes then spent the entire remainder of the appointment scouring her network for more porn, which he saved to a portable hard drive. Those files were then shared across the store.”

13: Best Buy Refuses To Honor 2 for $25 DVD Sale
“Silly Jason. He thought a Best Buy sign reading “2 for $25″ meant he could buy two DVDs for $25. He obviously didn’t read the part of the sign that requires customers to buy Saw IV. Oh, that’s not part of the sign? Then why did the manager of the Best Buy in Beaumont, TX refuse to honor the in-store advertisement?”

12: Best Buy Forbids You From Buying Assassin’s Creed, Insists You’re Buying It For A Minor
“I quickly responded back that I am 21 year old and that the video game and peripheral are for me. She shook her head with a menacing grim and said that she saw me take gift cards from my brother and that what I am doing is illegal. Enough of this obese 17 year olds shenanigans! I demanded a manager. Unfortunately the manager was probably about 18 years old as well.”

11: This Kmart Bacon Is Excellent, But Could Use Some More Fat
“Your first instinct will be to say, “Simon, fat is the point of bacon.” Then you will look at the picture above and realize that your second instinct, to vomit, is in fact, the correct one.”

10: Let Best Buy ‘Professionally Install’ Your XBox Games
“Apparently the local Best Buy has an unbeatable service option for you. Looks like they will come to your house and insert your game to your 360 for you. Wonder how much they would charge to turn it on and put the controller in my hand?”

9: The Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: Reader Tries To Cancel AOL
“Cancel the account. Cancel the account. Cancel the account. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. FOR GOD’S SAKE JUST CANCEL THE FUCKING ACCOUNT.” After every period, insert a few minutes of AOL CSR John trying to ‘help’ Vincent somehow figure out a way to keep on paying… generally through the ingratiating method of straight out calling him a liar.”

8: Best Buy Calls Cops On You For Telling Fellow Customer Jawbone Headset Is Overpriced, Sucks
“I shared my disappointing experience with the headset and also alerted him to the fact that Best Buy was charging an additional $30 on top of both the manufacturer’s price online and Verizon’s price. All of this was said within earshot of a sales associate, and I walked away after sharing my experience. Within 30 seconds, a manager named Tom approached me and asked me to leave the store. I thought he was joking, since I had done absolutely nothing wrong, and I asked Tom for the reason why I needed to leave. According to Tom, “it was policy.””

7: Bank Of America Won’t Let You Access Your Money
“Confused, Bill called Bank of America customer support for an explanation and had the sort of conversation that makes you want to drive a fork through your ear.”

6: Jo-Ann Fabrics Refuses To Let Customer Use Bathroom, Even As She Suffers Diarrhea Right In Front Of Them
“I again told her I was experiencing diarrhea as we spoke and she again refused saying she could lose her job if she let me use the rest room and that there was nothing she could do. At this point I was becoming extremely frustrated and feared that the diarrhea was going to run down my legs and drip onto the store floor.”

5: It’s Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay
“The cool thing about eBay’s support system is it will always answer your question; unfortunately, that answer will always be a form letter on how to reset your password, as Timothy discovered when he tried to figure out how to sell his laptop to someone who wasn’t a Nigerian scammer.”

4: Best Buy Cancels Your Order As You Stand There Shouting “Stop!”
“Best Buy didn’t want to honor the sale price of the 2GB flash drive Matt ordered through their website, so when Matt arrived to pick-up his purchase, the store’s assistant manager called customer service and, pretending to be Matt, asked to cancel the order. Let’s read Matt’s story and see how it violates Massachusetts law…”

3. Is This Playstation 3 Too Dusty To Be Repaired Under Warranty?
“We now have pictures of the Playstation 3 that Sony refused to repair under warranty because the unit was too dusty. Sony originally claimed that the pictures would not be released without a subpoena, and that the dust presented a threat to their technician’s health that could only be alleviated if our tipster paid $150. After our posts, Sony abruptly reversed course and released the pictures to our tipster.”

2: PHOTO: Dell Breaks Your Laptop, Sends Replacement Full Of Pubes
“When I opened up the new laptop, I saw the screen was scratched and dirty, and the keyboard was covered in debris. Wait, not debris….what is that? HAIRS!? Not just any hairs – these could only be described as pubes.”

1: How I Became A Music Pirate
“Now I was baffled. “Records never came with any such restrictions,” I said. She replied, “Well they were supposed to, but we weren’t able to enforce those licenses back then, and now we can.””

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