Let Them Eat Organs! Tripe, Liver And Kidney Sales Are Booming In The UK

British people suddenly love eating liver and kidneys? Well, probably not. The global recession is causing a spike in “offal” or “variety meat” sales in the UK, says Time.

At ASDA, Britain’s second largest supermarket chain and a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, offal sales were up 20% last month compared to November 2007. Sainsbury’s, the country’s third largest supermarket chain, is selling 48% more pig livers, 22% more chicken livers and 8% more pig kidney than it was last year. Overall, sales of offal in the U.K. are expected to reach more than $62 million this year according to industry analysts Mintel.

“It’s price-driven,” says Bob Cotton, CEO of the British Hospitality Association, which represents 60,000 hotels and restaurants in the U.K. “I couldn’t say the British public have suddenly fallen in love with offal. That would be gilding the lily.”

Then again, maybe they do like it. As my father, who was raised by British people, always says, “Cooking kidneys is easy. You just boil the piss out of them.” Dad is adorable that way.

Britain’s Tongue, Kidney and Brains Boom [Time via Buzzfeed]
(Photo: Hey There Killer )

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