Being Forced To Buy Wii Bundles Makes You Very Angry

You know what makes you angry? Wii bundles. Here’s the situation. You go to the store to buy a Wii. You ask if they have any in stock. They do. You decide to buy the Wii — only to find out that they won’t sell you the Wii without forcing you to buy a bunch of other stuff. You become very angry. You write to us.

Jeff writes:

My son and I were there as usual checking out the latest electronics and I inquired about the availability of the Wii game counsel. They quickly informed me that they did indeed have some in stock but were ONLY for sale with the bundle price ($325+)which as you can imagine is well over the regular retail price of the counsel alone($250) To me this is an obvious attempt at price gouging during the holidays.

I have seen the counsel for sale there regularly prior to the Christmas season with no forced bundling! Last Christmas when I inquired it was the same forced bundle only sales. I asked to talk to the manager an she promptly expressed her concern and understanding of my issue. BUT according to her the bundles were purchased through their corporate offices and their store was mandated to sell the bundles only! Well, that makes it okay right! I don’t think so! This is a case of Christmas gouging and if you could, let others know of this Fry’s poor business practices.

Thanks, sincerely:

Yes, the evidence is clear. Wii bundles make you angry.

(Photo: largeprime )

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