The New "McDouble" Spotted In The Wild

Reports of the new “McDouble” replacing the Double Cheeseburger on the McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” have started to roll into our inbox. The “McDouble” is a double cheeseburger with only one slice of cheese.

Donald says:

I had been waiting for it to happen but last night was a bit of a shock. My wife and I zipped through the McDonald’s drive-thru for two double cheeseburgers. We did not even pay attention to the total until we pulled to the window to pay and it was $2.65. We inquired and were told the New McDouble has two patties and once slice of cheese and is still $1. The double cheese is now $1.25 because of the cost of cheese.

I know Lawrenceburg, KY is normally a starting point for national trends but is this new McDouble widespread yet?

We think so. McDonald’s blog “McChronicles” has a photo of a new menu item (above). Anyone tried it?

Can you tell there’s less cheese? Do you care?