Morning Deals

  • Woot: Lyon by Washburn Electric Guitar with 5 Watt Amp and Instructional DVD for $89.99
  • Under Armour up to 50% off at with free shipping
  • Amazon: 18 Pack of Horizon 8oz Milk for $14.30

Highlights From Buxr

  • Dell Home: Sony PS3 80GB for $322.99 w/ coupon code: CTV2$2HX963145 & TP5NV0VMFJ9BCZ w/ Free shipping
  • Lowe’s: Black & Decker 109-Piece Drilling & Screwdriving Set for $9.97 + Shipping
  • Hewlett Packard: HP Pavilion dv5t Notebook, Pentium Dual-Core 2.0GHz, 15.4″, 4GB, 320GB Wi-Fi + Printer for $549.99 after coupon code: SV2132 w/ Free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Aerobed Twin Bed in a Minute II Inflatable $40 Shipped
  • HobbyTron: Buy 2 Intelli Heli Mini Helicopters Get One Free
  • Amazon: Save Extra $10 off Omron Scales & Health Monitors

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Uniden FRS / GMRS 2-Way Radio 2-Pack for $29 + free shipping
  • Romancing the Stone with Jewel of the Nile on Blu-ray for $30 + free shipping


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  1. IrvCrapper says:

    The website constantly features Buy.Com for screwing people, and then features their “deals” in their morning deals.

    I love consistency.

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

      @IrvCrapper: Consumerist features deals which were featured by other websites. They also inform you as to the problems that some users have had, and what to look out for so you become a informed consumer. If you don’t like the deals, then don’t take advantage of them. I for one have not, so far ::knocks on wood::, had ANY problems with I do read the articles though, so that I know what could crop up as a problem anyway, and how to resolve it. By your reasoning, if a newspaper reports on an problem a local supermarket chain or business has/had, then they should not feature ads for them ever again.

      • IrvCrapper says:

        @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★:
        That’s not my reasoning. My reasoning is that this is a site dedicated to empowering consumers. That isn’t done by directing readers to buy things from site that are repeatedly sited for screwing consumers.

        By your reasoning, regardless of the volume of type of offense, this site should never pass judgment. I think that’s absurd.

        • crazedhare says:

          @IrvCrapper: I agree with you completely. It unnerves me to read stories outing these companies’ bad behavior and discouraging credit cards and unhealthy behavior paired with:

          10% off the inflated price you can’t afford of some useless piece of crap you don’t need that the company won’t replace when it breaks next week.

          (Okay, so I’m paraphrasing. But that’s the way I see it.)

        • bunt says:

          @IrvCrapper: the consumerist is a “news” reporting site. they only report it. they dont claim to take responsibility, and they certainly dont force you to buy anything from them, their affiliates, or their sources/subject-matter.

          your spending habits are your responsibility alone. dont pin them on a blog.

          • IrvCrapper says:


            This is a very poor response. This site is under absolutely no obligation to list these “sales.” Add to that that ANY publication needs to carefully consider and craft its public perception and branding. If this site seeks to pitch itself to readers as a consistent advocate for consumer interests, it makes no sense to ignore obvious instances of hypocrisy.

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

      @IrvCrapper: I just checked. Since Jan of this year, Consumerist has featured 4 stories about in ~1 year.
      One was on how they don’t honor their rebates as well as
      The next was about how due to a glitch, they didn’t charge peoples credit cards, and they were going to.
      The third was about how some of the rebates on their site come to you in the form of a gift credit card instead of a check.
      And finally, how was not responsible for your package once the shipper takes possession of it.

      I really don’t think that counts as constantly or repeatedly.

  2. MercyGlam says:

    Stupid question – how does Amazon sell milk? Wouldn’t having to ship it with enough stuff to keep it cold a. destroy their margins, or b. make the shipping so expensive consumers don’t want to buy it?

  3. CountryJustice says:

    Anyone consuming Horizon “organic” products should take a look at this:


    • Islandkiwi says:


      Please explain, because we do give our daughter Horizon organic milk (with added DHA!). I thought organic meant no pesticides or hormones used on the cows, and I’m not seeing the problem with your photos. I understand it’s not a Vermont hillside with a half-acre per cow…it’s not picturesque…but why are you saying the milk isn’t organic?

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

      @CountryJustice: Your photos are propaganda to people who have no experience with farm life, and only read the descriptions around the photos. I say this b/c I live on a horse farm which is bordered by two roads. At least once every year, someone comes banging on my door b/c “There’s a horse laying down!”. I then have to go out and bother the resting horse (usually a foal), otherwise these idiots call the SPCA, whom are required to respond and investigate ANY complaint. I then have to waste 30 minutes of my day showing the SPCA officer around before he shakes my hand and leaves, w/o finding any problems. People assume that horses can’t lay down, and don’t believe me when I go into a detailed explanation that they can’t lay down for extended periods of time, except in certain circumstances, etc……

      • pete7919 says:

        @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★:

        That’s where milk comes from?!? EWW!

        Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

        • CountryJustice says:

          @pete7919: Hey, listen, I grew up in a town where the cows outnumbered the people by a factor of about 2:1. Though my childhood home was in a cul-de-sac, I still spent my fair share of time on dairy farms. I know how things work. Horizon’s farms look pretty much like every other factory dairy farm I’ve been on.

          But that’s really the point. What I was driving at wasn’t that the cows aren’t healthy or that the milk’s not organic (I admit that putting organic in quotes previously was misleading), but more to the point that buying anything organic shouldn’t be only about whether or not there’s hormones or pesticides involved. It should be about the complete package of sustainable agriculture.

          While Horizon’s cows may not technically be “sick”, I can all but guarantee (because I don’t speak bovine) that they aren’t happy. I know it’s easy to think of a cow as just a “dumb cow.” Truth is, cows are peaceful, trusting, sensitive beasts, who are as strong as they are disinclined to put their strength on show. I know my beliefs aren’t in the majority (unless I head to India), but to see a cow treated so disrespectfully angers me to no end.

          • ekthesy says:


            Agreed…they should be eating grass. That was what bothered me about the photos…that there was all that grass unused while the cows crowded into the feedlots.

            Any evidence of Stonyfield Farm doing the same? That’s what I buy over Horizon (grocery sells both).

          • Islandkiwi says:


            So I’m not supposed to buy the milk because the cows aren’t happy? Hell, I’d love to buy organic milk from happy cows. Please tell me what milk I should buy that is both organic and happy.

            • rockasocky says:

              @Islandkiwi: I have been told that happy cows come from California. Not so sure on the organic part though :-P

              • Islandkiwi says:


                See, this bothers me. I want to give my little girl the healthiest product, and countryjustice shot down Horizon (even though he’s admitting it is organic)…give me an alternative if Horizon isn’t ideal.

                • CountryJustice says:

                  @Islandkiwi: Two words: local farms.

                  I’m not trying to convince you to do it, so spare me any potential kvetching and moaning about how far away it is. Sorry for being pre-emptively reactionary. I just hear it all the time.

                  Truth is you can get a lot of your meat, eggs, milk, and assorted other foodstuffs from local, sustainable farmers. Whether you do or not is up to you. For some people, convenience is king.

    • timsgm1418 says:

      @CountryJustice: I don’t see a problem here, I don’t think the milk says it’s from free-range cows, just that it’s organic. If the product stated it was from grass fed, free range cows, then there would be an issue.

    • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

      @CountryJustice: cows… grass… cow feet… more cows… cow lying down… walmart? why is there a walmart on the farm? oh, for the cows, of course…

  4. AliyaBabasaur says:

    Darn! I’ve been looking for Under Armour on sale but all the men’s stuff was gone by the time I clicked through…

  5. kjherron says: is having Gift Week. It’s sort of a slow-motion woot-off.

  6. ChuckECheese says:

    That Horizon “deal” is the equivalent of just over a gallon of milk for $14. Yikes. People need to stop drinking the organic Kool-Aid.

    • TangDrinker says:

      @ChuckECheese: People who buy these usually stick them in lunch boxes or keep them on hand for road trips. I know very few parents who provide organic milk only through these boxes.

      This is a good deal. Thanks, Consumerist!

  7. freelunch says:

    The LineDrive deal is already over… prior to this mornings post unfortunately.

  8. Daveinva says:

    Damn that HP deal. DAMN THAT HP DEAL.

    I bought nearly the same computer on *Saturday* but with a 250 GB HD instead of the 320 *AND* no free shipping.

    I swear, those bastards mix this stuff up on a daily basis just to screw with us.

  9. missjulied says:

    @TangDrinker: Personally, I don’t need a gallon of milk – it would just go bad. But I buy a small chocolate milk 2-3 times a week after an exhausting workout. Great for recovery! And now nearly half price!

  10. woogychuck says:

    Please don’t buy that guitar for yourself or your child. They are consistently bad and you will likely need to bring it to a music store for a $70-90 setup (adjustment of intontation, string height, etc).

    The only thing that this would be good for is to discourage your child from ever playing guitar. You would be much better going to a used instrument store, I prefer

  11. failurate says:

    Since when is $14 for roughly a gallon of milk considered a bargain?

  12. failurate says:

    And, buying organic milk from Amazon to be “earth friendly” is kind of silly too. Most likely the milk in the dairy case at your local grocer was produced within 100 miles of your home.
    But go ahead, keep flying or trucking your milk in…