Monster Cable Sues Monster MiniGolf For Trademark Infringement

Monster Cable has decided to sue Monster MiniGolf for trademark infringement. Monster MiniGolf is a family startup by Patrick & Christina Vitagliano glow-in-the-dark monster-themed minigolf franchise with 23 locations. Monster Cable, which has an illustrious history of suing anything and everything with Monster in its name, makes the expensive cables that Best Buy is always trying to upsell you on that are no better than coat hangers.

When you sue over trademark infringement, one of the biggest criterion for the validity of your suit is whether or not consumers will be confused about which brand is which. To help us decide, let’s look at one item from the Monster MiniGolf FAQ:

Q: Does the entire place glow in the Dark?
A: Yes! (Except the bathrooms..that would be too weird.)

See? You totally thought we were talking about premium-priced audio cables there.

Monster MiniGolf is asking for $1 donations to help offset its legal costs, which so far are $100,000 and they predict will reach $250,000. If you make a donation and take your receipt to a Monster MiniGolf place, you will get $2 off one round, which are normally between $5.50 and $7.50 for 18 holes. You can donate through the eBay page they have set up, which explains more about their situation.

Help Me Fight a Bully! It’s a Monster. Justice needed! [eBay] (Thanks to Johnny!)

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