Ben Popken On NBC Nightly News This Thursday

Watch NBC Nightly News on Thursday, 12/04/08, for a snippet of yours truly, Ben Popken, laying down some tough talk on the good ‘ol Grocery Shrink Ray, THE STORY THAT NEVER DIES!!! MUAHAHA!


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  1. B says:

    Zapp Brannigan ray gun?
    Do Want.

  2. mac-phisto says:

    good job, ben. curious that i’ve never seen anyone from nate’s pets gizmodo or gawker on the nitely news.

    well, when the gawker network siteviews jump thursday, i’m sure it will have nothing whatsoever to do with the appeal of your stories with the masses. nope, not at all.

  3. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    Fine, I’ll watch, but try not to choke, mmmK?

  4. snazz says:

    you get this kind of press and appearances, and gawker wants to sell your blog?!

  5. everfade says:

    Ben, much like Britney Spears will whore herself out for the pop music, you will whore yourself out for the grocery shrink ray.

  6. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    Oh and you can also talk aobut how the shrink ray has effected the posts on this website…I still pay the same amount but only get like 1/3 of the posts.


  7. ZukeZuke says:

    Go Ben, go!

  8. downwithmonstercable says:

    Just curious about this – do the networks scope out bloggers to interview, or does Gawker have a media relations thing going on? This is exciting stuff. NBC Nightly News is a pretty big deal.

  9. ElizabethD says:

    Good exposure for you and Consumerist, Ben.

    Any buyers for this site yet?

  10. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    I’m hoping to catch it on Hulu!

  11. MercuryPDX says:

    Who cares?

    [sets Tivo]

  12. Trai_Dep says:

    I’ll give Ben one dollar American if he blurts out, “In fact, Brian, Nick Denton applied The Incredible Shrinking Ray on his own blog: Consumerist!”