My Jawbone Melted

UPDATE: Aliph Quicly Replaces Melted Jawbone

Smoke began pouring out of Marc’s Jawbone cellphone headset last night:

I purchased a new Aliph Jawbone 2 directly from Aliph back in July. I owned an original Jawbone and was happy to see it shrink in size. It’s been working extremely well and I haven’t had any issues with it…until last night.

I connected my charger to a USB port on my computer and I charged my headset like I have any other time. I was on my computer doing some web surfing when I noticed a burning smell. I look over at my headset and saw smoke coming out of it.

I immediately disconnected it from the charger but the smoke kept coming. I noticed that it was also getting hotter. I didn’t want it to burst into flames so I ran into the bathroom and ran it under the faucet. I’ve attached some photos showing what ended up happening to the headset.

I contacted Aliph support and was told that since it’s not a technical issue that they could fix (really?) that my issue would be forwarded to a specialist. I’m still waiting to get a call back and will update once I do.

Must have been one too many steamy calls on the $.99 per minute lines.

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