Reader Escapes Sprint With No ETF Thanks To Admin Fee Increase

Reader Kenneth says he escaped Sprint without paying an ETF because of our post “Escape Sprint ETF-Free Over Administrative Fee Increase.” He sent us the transcript of his chat with Sprint so you can see how he did it.

Jordache Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Jordache. How may I assist you today?

4:19:34 PM Ken I want to cancel my account.

4:19:48 PM Ken I was being transferred to someone but it took too long, so I decided to restart the chat.

4:20:02 PM Ken I’m hoping it will be quicker this time around.

4:20:13 PM Jordache May I ask the reason for canceling, Ken?

4:20:19 PM Ken It’s complicated.

4:20:33 PM Jordache One moment please.

4:20:35 PM Ken Okay.

4:21:38 PM System You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by…

4:21:38 PM System Jordache has left this session!

4:21:53 PM System Jermaine B has joined this session!

4:21:53 PM System Connected with Jermaine B

4:21:53 PM Jermaine B Thank you for contacting sprint account service department. My name is Jermaine. How may I assist you today?

4:21:58 PM Ken I want to cancel my account.

4:22:23 PM Jermaine B All right, one moment please.

4:22:46 PM Ken Okay

4:23:11 PM Jermaine B Thank you, for account verification, may I please have the 6-10 digit pin number on the account or could you please answer your security question for me?

4:23:22 PM Ken Answer to the security question is XXXXXXXXX

4:23:38 PM Jermaine B Thank you for that information.

4:24:08 PM Ken Mhm

4:25:28 PM Jermaine B Do you wish to cancel one line on your account, or both lines?

4:25:33 PM Ken Both lines.

4:26:43 PM Jermaine B Are you aware you are able to place the account on hold by placing the seasonal standby plan on that line instead of canceling, the standby plan is $5.95 per month?

4:26:46 PM Ken No.

4:26:53 PM Ken And I don’t know of anyone who wants to take over the lines, either.

4:27:53 PM Ken I was told earlier that my ETF would be waived, because of the Admin Charge clause: “Administrative Charge Effective Jan. 1, 2009, the Administrative Charge will increase to $0.99 per line. For details on surcharges, please see Sprint Terms & Conditions or visit”

4:28:23 PM Jermaine B One moment, while I research that information for you.

4:28:37 PM Ken And that I could cancel my account today with that in affect, granted I pay my most recent bill on or by December 1st.

4:30:34 PM Ken I’m hoping your research won’t take long because I have an obligation in half an hour.

4:32:09 PM Jermaine B I appreciate your patience. I am still researching that information for you.

4:32:44 PM Ken Okay. I don’t mean to rush you either, but again, I’m on a time restraint.

4:35:09 PM Jermaine B This cancellation will take effect on 12/7/2008. This is the end of your current billing cycle. You will not be charged on the next bill for these lines because Sprint bills a month in advance. The early termination fee’s has been waived.

4:35:33 PM Ken Okay, great. Thank you.

4:35:39 PM Jermaine B Your welcome, do you have any further issues I can assist you with today?

4:35:45 PM Ken If I could get that confirmed in an e-mail to me, that would be great (XXXXXXXX)

4:36:09 PM Jermaine B Yes, you will receive a email to your email address of this chat session.

4:36:19 PM Ken Ok, great.

4:36:30 PM Ken So all I have to pay is the December bill, right?

4:36:40 PM Ken the $170 something due Dec 1st?

4:36:59 PM Jermaine B Correct, $170.34 then your all set.

Easy as pie. For more information about this admin fee increase and how it affects your contract with Sprint, check out this post.

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