Kiss Courtesy Overdraft Fees Goodbye With WaMu Debit-Only Card?

Whoever came up with the name “courtesy overdraft fee” is one smart cookie. They figured out a way to let you do something you don’t want to do, charge you a fee, and make it sound like they’re doing you a favor. WaMu is one of the few banks that let you…

…opt-out of “courtesy overdraft fees” so that if you use your debit card and don’t have enough money for what you’re swiping it off, they will actually decline your card. However, you have to remember to never swipe as credit, only as debit.

Reader Jon thinks he’s got it figured out. Opt out of courtesy overdraft screwing, and then ask for a debit-only card. “Voila,” he writes, “you have a checking account and debit card immune to shady courtesy overdraft fees.” However, since Chase now owns WaMu, I’m betting you have to already have a WaMu account for this to work.

(Photo: thekateblack)

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