Sprint Asking Employees To Please Pink Slip Themselves

Sprint has asked some of its employees to consider voluntarily resigning by December 3rd in exchange for a compensation package. Says a spokesperson, “No one is being forced to do anything. There are no forced reductions. There are no layoffs in store. It’s a matter of employees having the option to exercise discretion. No targets have been announced.” IntoMobile says retail store employees and managers are not being included in the offer. Update: We’ve received a little more info from an anonymous tipster about the downsizing, and what it might mean for customers of Sprint.

This person writes:

What has come out internally is that they have till Jan 8th to accept the VSP [Voluntary Separation Package], and then all bets are off. Also, the tech ops force is going to be diminished and Sprint is going to start contracting out their site maintenance and upkeep. What does this mean? Assloads of the techs who have been there since Nextel are going to be losing their jobs, and contractors are going to be taking their place, leading to worse service than there is now with the skeleton crew they’ve got left.

How do I know all this? My husband was one of the first to lose his job during Nextel’s downsizing prior to the buyout, and we have quite a few friends left at Sprint who are all sweating blood.

“Sprint offers voluntary package to employees “ [Fierce Wireless]
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