If you have an account with Mint, and you’ve enabled mobile alerts, you can now text “Bal” or “Balance” to 696-468 (MyMint) and receive a summary of all of your accounts. [Mint]


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  1. Necoras says:

    I like mint, but they don’t support my bank, and they seem really bad about responding in the forums. Looks kinda like they’re out of resources.

    • AliyaBabasaur says:

      @Necoras: You have to private message an administrator to get an answer to anything at mint. And the answer is something like “we’ve recieved your complaint and are working on it” — no timeline, no estimate, NO FOLLOWUP…they have some HUGE communication problems

  2. JudeTheObscure says:

    I like Mint, but the balance information never matches what my bank tells me on its own web site.

    • ExtraCelestial says:

      @JudeTheObscure: I was about to comment the same thing. They’re about a week late.

      However the current balance email saved me from a credit card scam that was going on with a card I hadn’t used in over 6 months (and thus hadn’t checked the balance for in ages). Who knows how long it could’ve gone on without that update telling me my ghosted card suddenly had a 3k balance.

  3. lefty_redhead says:

    My issue with Mint is that many items are coded incorrectly–like a credit card payment listed as utility. Then I get an unusual spending text from Mint and have to go to the website and figure out what’s happened.

    But I have dropped my credit card debt by $4k in the 90 days I’ve been using Mint, so I’m sticking with it.

  4. falc says:

    i like mint.com and their service,
    but i’m at the point where i don’t want to be reminded of my balance…