Logitech Helps You Out Just Because They Feel Like It

Here’s a nice story! Cody bought a refurbished Logitech remote from an Amazon reseller — which he says had no warranty of any kind. When it broke, he called Logitech and they decided to replace it for free. Just because!

Cody says:

I just wanted to let you know that Logitech’s service department gets an A+ in my book. Nearly a year ago, I purchased a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote from an Amazon reseller. I purchased a refurbished model, which offers no warranty of any kind. Well a few months ago, the remote would not take a charge any longer.

I called Logitech support, and they quickly determined that either my battery or charger were no longer functioning properly. Long story short, I received an e-mail the following day from a rep named Allan stating that while my remote offered no warranty, he was going to send me a brand new remote the next day, free of charge. Even better, he didn’t require me to return the defective unit. As it turns out, it was the charger that was bad. I’ve now got two remotes, one for each of my entertainment setups.

Only one charger, but that’s no big deal since a charge lasts a couple of weeks. I couldn’t be happier with Logitech. I will continue to be a loyal Logitech user for all of hardware needs, thanks to Allan’s fantastic service. I just wanted your readers to know that they can have 100% faith in purchasing Logitech products!

Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?


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  1. yetiwisdom says:

    I’ve always had great experiences with Logitech and as such they’re my go-to for I/O devices. Using a Nano mouse of theirs right now and I freaking love it. Great battery life, the dongle is so small I haven’t taken it out since I bought it and the fast-scrolling feature is great for spreadsheets. I recently needed help with one of their Webcams and their support staff was very, very helpful.

    • dorianh49 says:

      @yetiwisdom: I have the same mouse and love it; however, I don’t like telling everybody about the small size of my dongle.

    • dabub says:

      @yetiwisdom: I’ve had great experiences with them as well. I’ve used logitech mice for years, almost exclusively, and everytime one breaks under warranty, likely due to click heavy games rather then defects, I’ve called them up and they would ship me a new one, hassle free without having me ship back the defective unit.

      Infact, several times, the model I used was no longer being manufactured and they would upgrade me to the next latest and greatest model.

    • Canino says:

      @yetiwisdom: I’ve never had to use Logitech support, but I’ve used plenty of their products. As much time as I spend at the computer for work, I’m very hard on mice. I used to go through one every six months or sooner. I’ve been using my Logitech wireless laser for probably 18 months now with no issues whatsoever.

      I only wish they would come out with a keyboard I like. Attention Logitech: Please take a look at the old MS Office keyboards with the large scroll wheel and cut/copy/paste/forward/back buttons on the left side.

      • Swervo says:

        @Canino: Heck, just come out with a good wireless split keyboard. Right now they only offer one wireless split keyboard and you have to buy it along with the mouse. ‘Course, Microsoft only has one that you can buy separately (which is the one I’m using currently).

        On the other hand, I’ve got a G25 racing wheel from Logitech that has lasted for a few years now and shows no signs of letting up. I love the thing, it’s great on iRacing.

    • heltoupee says:

      @yetiwisdom: Both my mouse at work and my mouse at home say ‘Logitech’ on them. I have a harmony remote that I bought my wife for Christmas last year, and just love it. I’m a little worried, however, because I think I just bought my parents a refurbished 880 from the same reseller on Amazon. Mine says it comes with a 90 day warranty, though.

    • goodpete says:

      @yetiwisdom: I’m going to jump on the “awesome experiences” bandwagon… I had a set of Creative speakers. The volume controller failed about 6 months after I got the set and it caused the sub woofer to stop working. I called Creative and they said I needed the receipt (which I did not have) to verify it was still in the 1 year warranty. I asked if I could buy the part separately, but they informed me that they didn’t have the part in stock because the system had only been on sale for 8 months… Go figure.

      Anyway, one of my friends had a speaker go out on his THX certified Logitech system (about a $400 speaker system) and Logitech sent him an entire replacement speaker set at no charge. They didn’t even ask for the old system back.

      Needless to say, my next computer speaker system was a Logitech.

      On another note, they have really great support for their Harmony remotes. I have heard stories of people finding unsupported AV components and Logitech issuing updates within hours of their request (despite the fact most harmony remotes can be manually trained)…

    • Supasam83 says:

      I would have to agree with this as well…they are an awesome company to deal with. I had an mx1000 mouse and over time it just didnt charge right…called them and a few minutes later they told me I would be getting a new mouse. They did not have the mx1000 in stock so they just gave me a brand new MX revolution. I did not need to pay for shipping and I didnt have to ship the old mouse back to them.

  2. picardia says:

    Very impressive. I would definitely be more likely to look at their products because of this.

    • ugly says:

      I agree, I actually had a mouse replaced by them just by explaining the problem I had and providing the part number/serial number. I guess it was a reasonably frequent frequency issue (they claim it’s environmental anyhow) with some series. They just sent me a new mouse.

    • blackmage439 says:

      @picardia: Agreed. Though I own, and have seen, few Logitech devices, I have also been generally happy with their functionality and quality.

      “A+++! Will buy from again!!!”

  3. spazztastic says:

    My experience with their products has been less than stellar before, and this story, likely won’t change that. However, it’s nice to see they actually have customer service these days.

    • allnitecp says:

      @spazztastic: I have the same feelings about Logitech and their crappy products. It’s not that their products are inherently bad, they just do not hold up to normal wear and tear.

      I haven’t had a product of theirs last longer than a year. The last experience was with a Harmony 550 remote. After several of the hard buttons on the device stopped working (Play, Pause, Fast Forward), their techs suggested that I find away to program the programmable buttons to fill in for these functions. BAH!

      Nice to see that someone had a good experience with their customer service!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I too have had unusually outstanding customer service experiences with Logitech, once even with that same 880 universal remote. The early versions of this remote had a defective design, and the chargers that did not make good contact. The redesigned charger works perfectly, and Logitech has been very liberal about sending replacements to anyone who calls, whether or not you’re still under warranty.
    That’s not to say, of course, that they would be so liberal with other out-of-warranty items, but I bet the CSRs would still be very nice an extremely competent.

  5. Anonymously says:

    They’ve always been generous with production replacements for me. I buy Logitech when I can because of this.

  6. exkon says:

    I find it quite funny that there are customers who have been with a product for YEARS, but a bad slip with the customer service and they’re willing to take their business somewhere else.

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @exkon: Why shouldn’t they, I wonder? If I was a die-hard Logitech fan (disclaimer: I am) and all of a sudden I needed customer support on something and they suck at it, the fact that I needed them (bad QA) and the reaction by CS (recovery of brand image) would show me things are bad enough to not be worth my time. If I had good customer service before and I don’t have it now, why would I continue to buy from them?

      If you deserve the top, you gotta earn it: it’s easier to become the “top” when you’re below par than when you’re already up there (since the only way to go is down). The extra effort where it counts helps keep the fittest on top.

  7. Ein2015 says:

    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Logitech equipment and I’ve been satisfied with every purchase. This comforts me greatly… should I ever run into a similar problem. :)

  8. radiochief says:

    I like their stuff. And they’ve been helpful but not that helpful.

    My MX518 has (had) a three yr warranty. It started going on the fritz, so I inquired about a replacement. They wanted a receipt as proof. I told them I could not find it, but I know it was less than three years old, because my three year old son broke my last MX518 over two years ago… They checked the serial of the mouse and said it was older than three years.

    They offered me an out-of-warranty replacement for half-price. I am so broke I could not afford it right now. Meanwhile, I have been using only Logitech pointing products since ’97, oh well.

    I know the deal if I could afford it would be good, but I think exemplary service comes from individuals, not just firms…

  9. MyPetFly says:

    They also seem to have fairly innovative products, and certainly quality.

  10. ShachiAssaracus says:

    Personally, I couldn’t just keep the replacement remote after finding out the only thing wrong was the charger…particularly when Logitech went out of its way to send a free replacement for an unwarranted product. Keep the new charger, sure, but not the remote.

  11. grimdeath9740 says:

    I pretty much only buy Logitech accessories because the quality is always top notch. It is great to hear this story though, I have never had a problem with my equipment to have to call customer service but it is nice to know they are very helpful if I ever had to!

    Looking forward to buying a new Logitech wireless notebook mouse this upcoming Black Friday at Office Depot for $5!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love Logitech and dont plan on switching to anything else. I have a old trackman, 700mx, and two 1000mx’s. One of my 1000mx’s started to have some buttons failing and I called logitech tech support and they sent me a new MX Revolution to replace it. There service dept was top notch and had no complaints.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have found Logitech customer service to be best in class. When my universal remote stopped working I called up customer service and had a brand new remote two days later. Other companies really should take lessons.

  14. LankanDude says:

    How come we don’t see publicity to positive experiences like this on news sites like reddit? If these were given a good publicity maybe other companies will follow with improved customer service.

  15. traeblain says:

    Yeah I had a similar situation. My bluetooth headphones broke, and they not only sent me a brand new pair. But they also sent me the newest model which were much nicer. Logitech’s CS is great.

    • davere says:

      @tblain: Same here, my bluetooth headphones broke, we exchanged a couple of emails to troubleshoot the problem and they shipped a new pair out to me, no questions asked. It was painless. Good company.

  16. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Can I take this opportunity to lament that the MX1000 isn’t being made anymore? BOOOOO

  17. hewhoroams says:

    I had an opposite experience where I unscrewed the stand to my Z-5500 speaker so I could wall mount it.
    I come to find that it cannot be screwed back on. Of course when I go to the website to look up why, there’s a nice disclaimer saying “dont unscrew this”
    WHY THE F___ is there a screw there????
    Logitech basically told me to buzz off.

  18. crazylady says:

    God, I must be the only one with a halfway bad story. I have an MX Revolution mouse that’s been replaced a couple times already. Each time was a hassle..once it was emailing a tech back and forth for a MONTH before he’d replace my mouse without a receipt I couldn’t find (and the mouse was less than 1 yr old from product launch with at least a 3 year warranty…), the latest time earlier this week was a 2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND TIME where I have to mail them in my receiver, so I had to go dig up another mouse to use. For what it’s worth, I have other mice I use just as heavily and none of them have clicking problems like the MX Revolution eventually does. The idea that I even have to call them every few months to get a replacement is frustrating.

    Although, I think the not-shipping-things-back is generally a logitech policy cause it’s prolly not worth it for them to pay for shipping that back and repairing/reselling/recycling.

    • Xerloq says:

      @crazylady: My Revolution has a loose rubber grip, for which it was replaced once before. I didn’t have to ship anything back, and got mine within a week. I read later that scissors, superglue and careful cutting will fix the problem. Now I have two working Revolutions.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Not Logitech, but thought I’d pass on info about another peripherals manufacturer with great customer service.

    I bought a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from Kensington. After about 14 months, the mouse button started to behave as if it was being held down continually, rendering it unusable. The button itself felt ok – it clicked when depressed, it wasn’t mechanically stuck. I contacted tech support in case it was a software issue, and received this reply:

    “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I understand your concern. I will go ahead and place an order for the replacement of the unit under warranty replacement free of charge. Please reply with your complete shipping address and daytime telephone number, with your area code.”

    They sent me a completely new keyboard+mouse set, without requiring the original set returning, or even having to send a proof of purchase. I now have a working mouse and a spare keyboard!

  20. schiff says:
  21. JazzmanSA80 says:

    I’m a huge Logitech fan. My first product of theirs was a Wireless Duo mouse/keyboard set about 6 years ago, which only just replaced last year with a G15 keyboard (see Lifehacker’s Best Keyboard You’ve Ever Typed On) and MX510 mouse (see Lifehacker’s Best Mouse You’ve Ever Had). I still use the Wireless Duo set though, and they work perfectly despite being tossed around and kept for some time at the bottom of a bin full of parts and cables.

    I am also very happy with my G15 and MX510- sure, there is no real need for a gaming mouse and keyboard to game with, but they are both extremely comfortable to use and feature-packed, and I had a Best Buy gift card :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I own Harmony 550 and I dropped it few times but when I tried to get new plastic case for it, Logitech said I have to send whole remote for repair ($40+ shipping), very disappointing I can’t live without this remote.

  23. Urgleglurk says:

    Big agree with yetiwisdom above. I have several of their computer mice and they work great and tend to outlast the computers that they are plugged into!

    Now, if everyone in business would learn to sell a good product that lasts at a reasonable price, we’d be out of our economic mess in no time and return to the manufacturing powerhouse status we used to enjoy.

  24. DeafChick says:

    Nothing but good experiences with Logitech. They were very quick to replace my co-worker’s trackball mouse.

  25. ImpulsiveTurnip says:

    Lucky him. The four times I tried to get a hold of customer service with Logitech, I got nothing. Twice online, twice by phone. I was on hold for 15 minutes each time before I said a few angry words to myself and hung up. No response by e-mail of course.

    My stupid speakers were worth nothing at that point, and there was nothing viable I can do about it. >:-( So I just threw away the stuff after that. I do my best to avoid them now. I want to say this doesn’t happen to everyone, but four times?! *shrugs*

    They could’ve just responded, and maybe then I wouldn’t avoid their products like the plague.

  26. rdm says:

    I bought a laptop mouse 4 years ago (wireless) from them. This spring, I put the laptop in its bag with the dongle still attached and it broke. It was at least 3 years out of warranty – and my own fault it broke – but they replaced it with the new model anyway. *golf clap*

  27. InThrees says:

    Oo! Oo! I have a Logitech story!

    I bought an MX-Revolution wireless mouse from a retail store, and spent about a week or so trying to figure out half the buttons didn’t work. I installed various versions of the setpoint software, I installed a user-customized version of same, I tried without it… all to no avail.

    Finally I opened a support ticket with logitech, and included a picture of the mouse that I had photoshopped to include arrows pointing to the buttons with a (tactful, yet bold) “These do not work.” included in it.

    There was some back and forth with a support tech and after none of his suggestions helped, he asked me to try the mouse on a different machine. I responded that I didn’t care if it worked on a different machine, I bought it to replace the MX-700 (older Logitech wireless) that STILL worked on this machine…

    And the next response was “We’re sending you a new MX-Revolution.

    …which worked correctly and everyone didst rejoice. Well, I did anyway.

    • Xerloq says:

      @InThrees: @Xerloq: Check that. Two gripes. Setpoint is the other.

      Otherwise I love me some Logitech.

      • InThrees says:

        @Xerloq: The setpoint software doesn’t bother me, although I do wonder how the meeses would work in a *nix environment. (I dunno if there is a linux/*nix version of setpoint, or if they would ‘just work’ because of some open source coder’s diligent work, or what.)

        I like being able to set a variety of wacky actions/responses to the buttons.

  28. Xerloq says:

    My one gripe about Logitech is the long-distance tech-support line.

  29. SarcasticDwarf says:

    I have gotten my MX518 replaced by Logitech for free twice now in about four years. Both times I called up, explained the issue (mouse randomly hanging/shutting off for short periods of time) and spent less than 10 minutes on the phone. All they asked is that I throw the old one in the trash.

  30. CK76 says:

    My company has a TON of logitech products, and people call me when they break down. I just call logitech, spend some time on the phone with them, and they’ve always sent me a replacement. Sometimes they ask for an invoice as proof of purchase, other times they’ve asked me to send in the receiver for mouse/keyboard sets. But I’ve never been stuck with a dead product, logitech has replaced it every time.

  31. CompyPaq says:

    I love logitech products. They seem to last forever and I will continue to use them forever. When it comes to things like mice, I will not go any other way, and now because of this story, if I ever find a need for a Harmony like remote, I will get a Harmony.

  32. Mako says:

    I have had great experiences with them as well. I have a G15 gaming keyboard that is backlit. The kyes smudged, I guess from oils in my skin and prolonged use. They replaced the keyboard with a new one. It did much better against the smudging of the kyes. but ultimately it is happening again. I have always like their products and thought they had terrific customer service.

  33. el_smurfo says:

    Been through a few 880 remotes. The quality isn’t really there (especially with the frequent charging station redesigns), but they never fail to replace it when the fault is their design.

  34. ZukeZuke says:

    I’m another satisfied Logitech customer. I use their MX Revolution mouse at work and have 3 Logitech gaming steering wheels (original red Wingman Formula Force, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force GT) and G15 keyboard at home for playtime.

    The only low is the battery in my Harmony 880 remote died and won’t take a charge after leaving it stored in a box for 5 months. A new batteru is $30. :

  35. NitrousO says:

    I have called them 4 times about various things, and their response was always stellar. No call center in India, no giving me the run around.

  36. SrsRevo17 says:

    I love Logitech Customer service. My MX1000 crapped out, wasn’t tracking anymore, and through a very helpful exchange with customer support, I eventually got a brand new MX Revolution free of charge (since the MX1000 was discontinued.)
    They really do go above and beyond, which is why I’ll continue to shop with them.

  37. elislider says:

    logitech has some of the best support ever. they will replace just about anything with little or not questions asked, and you dont even have to send back your broken thing most of the time.

    my experience:
    1. bought a g15 keyboard, screen didnt work. replacement sent with no questions and i kept my broken one (ebay!)
    2. g5 mouse, after a while the buttons got kinda sticky. another replacement with no caveats.
    3. my roommate got really drunk and thought his desk was a toilet and peed all over his g15 keyboard. sent his out and got a replacement
    4. #3 happened AGAIN a few months later. same result (this time his recently replaced blue g15 was replaced with a new red g15)

    I have a z5500 system and hopefully i dont ever have problems with it (3 years and counting) but if i do, you can bet logitech will replace whatever part is bad even after 3 years

  38. rlee says:

    I liked my Logitech MX Laser mouse at work enough to buy another for home. Good thing, because the base unit on the first one will not recharge the mouse but works otherwise. So every weekend or two I bring it home and recharge on the home base. I’d had it well over a year so I didn’t even think to complain to Logitech, but maybe now I will.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Last week my husband’s Logitech mouse exploded because the battery blew up. He called them to order a new mouse. When he told them what happened, then offered a free replacement even though it was out of warranty and it was probably the battery that caused the problem. Fantastic company.

  40. hmk says:

    Logitech is totally cool like that. I think they replaced my husband’s optical mouse TWICE (several years apart). I have complete trust in their products and their service.

  41. brakemans says:

    Great stories, but mostly with remotes and mice’s. I’ve had a bad experience with them, non the less, with speakers. To make a long story short, I purchased the speakers through geeks.com. Speakers came, looked great, sounds even better, when it worked. I’ve called geeks.com about the speakers failing after it worked for 3 minutes, but they couldn’t help me. I’ve also called logitic, but they said the speakers have an expired serial number. I’ve also expressed my disappointment with logitic through their forums, but they haven’t reached out to me.

    Anyways, I’ve replaced my speakers and I don’t even bother looking at their products anymore.

    • rickatnight11 says:

      @brakemans: I would push geeks.com a little more. Chances are that they were knowingly selling products past their warranty. You should take a look at geeks.com’s warranty and return policy on those speakers.

  42. Anonymous says:

    About a year ago, I had to rebuild my laptop installation (Windows blue-screen-of-death). I was unable to find my installation CD for my Logitech camcorder, so I emailed customer service.

    A couple of emails and a 15 minute phone call later, I had the updated driver (of which I’ve now made multiple backups)–all free of cost to me and without me having to provide proof of purchase.

    When completing the customer satisfaction survey, I specifically mentioned that the OUTSTANDING customer service I experienced was definitely going to make Logitech my first choice for future purchases.

    I wonder if Logitech could start a training program for the airlines…

  43. enigmaticslr says:

    Great company wish they made more products, Stuff breaks, They replace it without any hassles.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I too had GREAT service from Logitech my 2 year old 890 died and logitech still sent me a new one.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Given all these comments, maybe it’s time for The Consumerist to run a competition for the BEST company in America!

  46. njrs says:

    YMMV (at least mine did) – I had a Harmony 550 I purchased at retail. A few months after the 1 year warranty expired the backlight would stay on until it was manually turned off (eating batteries) even if it wasn’t moved (it has a motion sensor). I confirmed that the backlight timeout was set to the minimum. I upgraded the firmware. Neither resolved the problem. Other people have reported the problem (see Google). I called support. The technician was nice enough, had me go through the same steps (including upgrading the firmware in safe mode) and concluded the device had failed. He said he would open a ticket and I’d get an email. When the email came it said I was out of warranty. I could send it in for them to look at and get a price quote. I called and they said they didn’t know what the cost would be. Take it or leave it.

  47. smokinfoo says:

    Having worked form Palm back in the day as tech support I have to say that telling people about this kind of thing is a really good way to get the employee in question in trouble. Usually when it comes to replacing stuff CSR’s are given a little flexibility in deciding when a unit should be replaced. They usually keep an eye on these numbers and sit down with CSR’s who send out too many replacements for a talk. They do this because it would cost way more to oversee every replacement. I know the last week I worked for Palm I sent out about 5 replacement Palm V’s that I most likely shouldn’t have. It probably wasn’t company policy to replace the unit in question, quite the opposite probably.

  48. Meathamper says:

    Yeah, Logitech is a good company. A little pricey, but well worth it in my opinion. My Harmony remote from January of 2005 still works. Durable as hell!

  49. xaqdesign says:

    yeah I wish I had the same experience. I will never spend money on another Logitech product again after they botched my VX Revolution exchange…TWICE!!!!

    Then didn’t respond to the letter I wrote to their customer service dept., their CEO, and their VP.

  50. generalassembly says:

    Logitech has FABULOUS customer support. A guy spent an hour on the phone with me working on a remote I’ve had for 4 years.

  51. rickatnight11 says:

    Logitech’s customer service is stellar. I’m surprised that there aren’t more stories here about them. They have always replaced any problem electronics I have no matter what the “gray area” is.

  52. Chols says:

    I had a set of surround sound speakers about 5 years ago. They stopped working suddenly and I called and asked what they can do for me. They sent me a brand new set and said they didn’t need the old set. Turns out a wire had come loose that I had overlooked.

    Two surround sound sets and a smile! Logitech always WIN in my book.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I had a very similar experience with Logitech as their customer service is stellar. I purchased a Logitech MX Revolution about a year ago. I took a trip and lost the usb receiver key. I called them to purchase a new receiver. I got it in a few days and couldn’t get it to lock on to the mouse. I call Logitech back. They say no big deal, we are going to just send you a completely new unit (this is a 100$ mouse ). It came and all works fine, now i have 2 mice / chargers that i can switch between. This is amazing service and they obviously went above and beyond.

  54. Skipweasel says:

    I love all five of my Logitech Trackman Marble+, but I’ve never had had to test their service, they’re all working perfectly. Except the one that lost its marble into my daughter’s bedroom somewhere.

  55. therealhomerjay says:

    I too experienced a problem with an 880 remote charger, and though they didn’t offer me a replacement remote, the replacement charger base came for no charge even after the warranty had expired. Beyond the replacement itself, the agent I dealt with was extremely helpful and polite, so three cheers from this user for Logitech.

    I actually have only one complaint about their products: the software used for the 880 forces Windows Vista to revert to a “basic” style where you can’t get that multi-window preview effect. But if that’s the price I pay, so be it!

  56. robio376 says:

    Logitech fan myself, just wish they would work on the software end of things.

  57. Keef23 says:

    Recently purchased a Harmony 550 remote, which abruptly croaked. I simply advised Logitech of the problem and submitted a photo of the dead device. They replied promptly and said a replacement was on its way. No third degree, no hassles. I wish all manufacturers were this responsive.