Lean Cuisine Recalls Chicken Meals For Containing Plastic Pieces

Lean Cuisine is recalling 900,000 pounds of its entrees after “several consumers” reported finding blue plastic in the product. If you have the Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta, the Chicken Mediterranean or the Chicken Tuscan varieties, here are the UPC and production codes of the affected batches.

Café Classics Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta

UPC code: 1380017117

– and –

Production code (on gray strip on side of package) starts with 82805959
Best Before May 2010

Spa Cuisine Chicken Mediterranean

UPC code: 1380016612

– and –

Production code (on gray strip on side of package) starts with any of the following:

Best Before September 2010

Best Before October 2010

Best Before November 2010

Dinnertime Selects Chicken Tuscan

UPC code: 1380014890

– and –

Production code (on gray strip on side of package) starts with any of the following:

Best Before September 2009

Best Before October 2009

Best Before November 2009

If your product matches any of the above numbers, Lean Cuisine says to “return [it] to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

The information above was taken from the Lean Cuisine info line at (800) 993-8625. (To get to the recall info, press 2, then press 1.)

“Nestle Recalls 900,000 Pounds of Lean Cuisine” [ABC News]
“Lean Cuisine recalls frozen chicken meals” [Los Angeles Times]


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  1. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    that’s the kind of fail you see…
    well, scarily often.

  2. Ben_Q2 says:

    I really thought food was not to be eaten if frozen over 6 months? or was that it started to taste bad after 6 months? Ether way some of them will last till late 2010, talk about a nuke safe food.

    • segfault, registered cat offender says:

      Things like frozen, uncooked shrimp go bad after about 6 months.

      Cooked chicken will eventually get freezer burned and dry, but doesn’t really go bad.

  3. SomeoneGNU says:

    I feel cheated. The last Lean Cuisine was missing both taste and the plastic.

  4. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    But the plastic was the tastiest part!

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    The plastic WAS the chicken….

  6. Juliekins says:

    I want to know how many WW Points the plastic adds to the count for each dish.

    …or maybe you can count it as fiber! So technically, the plastic makes them FEWER Points! YES! I am a DIET GENIUS.

    Coming soon to an infomercial near you: The Juliekins Miracle Plastic Diet!

  7. Mikul says:

    I found a piece of plastic in my Lean Cuisine, Roasted Turkey Breast about a month ago. It was like a pill capsule that is sealed in the middle and just one half of it. I saved the packaging and plastic, but never got around to contacting them. The piece of plastic has since been smashed, but I still have it.

  8. danger the pirate says:

    not real sure why people are bashing lean cuisine. the food is surprisingly very good and pretty good for you. and it cant be cheap to recall 900000 pounds of food. thats pretty impressive. good for lean cuisine.

  9. Cankles says:

    Hello everybody,

    I ate two hotdogs, bagel with creamy cream cheese, several cookies, a few bags of stuff from the vending machine, drank a lot of brew-o-sh!t coffee courtesy of the lunch room, and for dinner a ceaser salad and three beers.

    *bow and walks away*

  10. the lesser of two weevils says:

    I used to eat lean cuisine a lot, and several times I found pieces of plastic alongside my chicken. That and fragments of bone. I suppose thats better than a dead rat, but still pretty nasty. I stopped eating it because of that.

  11. Skybolt says:

    There are way more recalls than you might think:


    You can subscribe to the FDA recalls email list here:


    Some of the notices are funny, but most of the recalls are for undeclared allergens.

  12. Papercutninja says:

    Waiter, there’s chicken pieces in my plastic.

  13. whereismyrobot says:

    I have found pieces of plastic in some of their veggie dishes.

  14. Ninja Tree says:

    to the guy with the long as heck name: i can see why people would be upset, I know I don’t like eating plastic…

  15. Brazell says:

    I think that I just bought that the other day.
    I actually like Lean Cuisine. For about a year and a half, I lived on potatoes, rice, salt, and ghetto Cheerios to save money… and pretty much conditioned myself to have exceptionally low expectations when cooking at home. So, now, when I get the occasional Lean Cuisine (which, I think tastes pretty good and is pretty filling for ~220 calories), I’m in flavor heaven.

  16. tvscifi.com says:

    They must have some sort of quality control problem. Last year I found a 6″ string in a Lean Cuisine dinner. I called the complaint hotline and they told me to hang on to the string and they would send UPS to pick it up. I hung on to that stupid string for a month, UPS was never sent.

    And just last week my “Thai Peanut Noodles,” was nothing but a box of noodles. No sauce, no veggies, nothing. I complained online and this time they sent a coupon and an apology letter.

    It’s too bad, because they do have the tastiest lunches out there.

  17. azntg says:

    Remember, ANYTHING you don’t grow or make yourself, you can’t control how much contamination that can go into your food.

    But sometimes, it’s the things that we’d normally call nasty and inedible the ones we find the most tasty ;-)

  18. danger the pirate says:

    @wesa: *sigh* i said ‘pretty healthy’. i looked and the highest i could find was 30% DV for sodium. whatever. thats fine. its essentially fast food. and damn good fast food at that. way healthier than the shit im gonna get at wendys around the corner, and at only $2 (on sale, woooo!) you cant beat em, as far as im concerned. i like them because theyve helped me drop 20 lbs with zero exersise (im lazy, what?) and i still think its awesome that theyre recalling NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND pounds of food. the shipping cost alone must be ridiculous. and theyre replacing them for free. i still say good for them. they will continue to get my business(i bought 6 15 minutes ago!)

  19. janosha says:

    My store pulled the product, it’s fine. I ate one today. Typical FDA.

  20. Parting says:

    Now I know why it tastes like plastic!