Apple's Customer Service Kick Dell's Ass, Empirical Evidence Shows

Are you a PC or a Mac? If you’re enjoying great customer service, chances are you’re a Mac, based on some new data released by VocaLabs.

They’re one of those companies whose job it is to ask you at the end of your call with customer service how things went, and their survey results show that when asked how satisfied they were with their agent, 60% answered “very satisfied.” Dell customers? Only 44%. Gateway followed with 37%. Not enough info is yet available on Toshiba and HP to be statistically significant.

So if you want to pay more for a nicely designed computer with the best customer service, looks like Mac is it. If you want to play computer games, you will have to accept worse customer service, and not get a Mac. Unless you use BootCamp and run Windows on a Mac. Oops. Full data below.

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