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BeatMyPrice is a new great price-comparison site launched by the makers of retailmenot and bugmenot. Just type in the product name, the website where you found it, the price, and check if it can be found elsewhere, using both searchbots and the results entered by other users. If your price is the best one, then it becomes the new best price for that product. Nifty idea, and a very easy to use interface. The one thing is that you’ll probably want to check the lowest price retailers you find with to check out their reputations first before finalizing your purchase. Inside, a video from the site founder to see the new tool in action:

BeatMyPrice [Official Site]


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  1. gondaba says:

    Entirely too similar to previously-featured-on-consumerist site: []

  2. Farquar says:

    I’m entirely too lazy to look this up, but didn’t we have this exact same post previously?

    • Rachael823 says:

      @Farquar: Yeah, we did. I’m going to have to call shenanigans on this one. The previous post (which was from LifeHacker) already featured this site, and this post is now removed, along with all of our comments. What’s wrong, new tool didn’t get enough attention? It seemed to get plenty of attention since the servers kept crashing.

  3. LuvJones says:

    Umm yeah right. Great idea… seeing as most of the lower prices are from eBay. No I don’t want to be this “authentic” item from a seller in China.

  4. weakdome says:


  5. weakdome says:

    But seriously, I move to strike both these sites from the record. Most of their “best prices” are for those fly-by-night electronics bait-and-switch dealers in NYC. These are a consumer hindrance, not help.

  6. humphrmi says:

    Wow, that’s really hard to read.

    The article points out that the site is booming based on the huge slide of the US Dollar.

    Since that slide is ancient history, and the US dollar is trading at record highs against the Euro, Pound and Swiss Franc, how’s that working out for them now? Just curious, because any one who would buy an “alternative currency” today when the regular currency markets are the only market producing profits, eh… I dunno, doesn’t make sense.