Home Depot Sells You A Used Battery Pack, Manages Not To Accuse You Of Fraud

Here’s a happy story from someone who bought a “Box of Crap” (this is what we call a box that looks new, but contains the wrong item or a used item, due to return fraud). Instead of accusing reader Ryan of some sort of crime, Home Depot simply issued him a gift card. Hooray!

Ryan says:

Recently I purchased a cordless drill with battery pack at Home Depot. I went home and charged up the battery and went to tackle a project. Unfortunately, the battery did not hold a charge. Upon closer examination, the battery was scuffed and obviously used. Dejected I went back to Home Depot and just bought another battery knowing the customer service desk at my local HD would be of no help.

Stewing over having to buy another $35 dollar battery when I shouldn’t have had to, I called up Home Depot’s customer service line. A very friendly “Sharon” listened to my story and was able to pull up all my transactions in their Data Base. She then asked me what course of action I would find acceptable to keep me as a satisfied customer. I told her a HD gift card in the amount of the cost of the battery would be acceptable. She quickly issued the card for a slightly higher amount and said I will receive it in the mail.

Hearing stories of woe from consumers at other stores when faced with similar box swaps, I expected, and quite honestly would understand, skepticism on Home Depot’s part. I was pleasantly surprised with how well Home Depot managed the situation, despite they too being victim to someone else abusing their return system.

Good job, Home Depot!

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