Threatening To Cancel Saves Man $65.52 On AT&T Phone Bill

Here’s how with a little patience, persistence and pricematching, reader Scott is saving $65.52 on his phone and internet service with AT&T:

Dear Consumerist,

Overheard a couple guys at work talking about phone service, and it reminded me that it’s been a while since I checked for lower prices. I am currently paying 19.95 for the lowest speed DSL and $21.46 for basic service, unlimited local calling w/caller ID (number only, no name).

Online ATT offers $14.99 for the same internet service I currently have, and also offers a basic home service for $21 that includes unlimited local clg, caller ID w/name, and call waiting. I see an opportunity to save $5.46 and add services.

I call the internet services number (877-722-3755) and the first guy I talk to has to verify my # (even tho I entered it already), then the last 4 of my SSN. He says he has to xfr me to someone else for my request. that person asks for the same info (ph#, last 4 SSN). Still can’t help me, offer apparently for new customers only (which to me does NOT reward loyalty), says she can see what options are available with a contract. Says she will transfer me to a diff dept, gave me # in case disconnected (877-722-3755, SAME # I called first). I am put on hold there, so I hang up.

I call back to the internet svc number, this time hit 0-0-0-0-0-0-0. Shortly, I speak with a rep, explain that my cable co. has offered me a price of 14.95 for basic internet, can ATT match? He transfers me to a guy in Billing, I repeat myself, he transfers me to Retention group at 800-288-2020. ( I used the magic words, “thinking of canceling, have better offer elsewhere”

There, I speak with a very helpful lady who says she can definitely take care of both of my requests. She is very quick and efficient, we spend a few minutes while she works her magic with my account, and I end up saving $5 and walk away with more services than I started with.

All thanks to Consumerist tips I read every day.

Thank you! Have a great day!

Always keep an eye out for other advertised deals from other vendors and if you see something better, don’t be afraid of calling up your provider and saying you’re thinking about cancelling unless they can pricematch.

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