Black Friday Is Getting Silly: Best Buy To Hold Essay Contest

Retailers are scared this year, what with the whole economy coming crashing down around their ears and all, and the Black Friday marketing frenzy should be crazier than ever this year. Best Buy is even holding an essay contest. The topic? Why Black Friday shopping is an “important family ritual.” Yes, seriously.

From Time:

Best Buy is staging an essay contest: applicants vie to describe how important a family ritual Black Friday shopping is. The 25 winners get a $1,000 gift card, a limo ride and early admittance at 4:30 a.m. to the Black Friday deals. The electronics dealer will provide hot chocolate and outside movie screens showing holiday films to tired customers who wait in overnight lines.

Ah yes, the Black Friday ritual. At our house my dad used the flyers to start a nice, cozy fire, then laughed at the news reports about people trying to kill each other over a cheap TV. After that we ate turkey sandwiches. Do I win?

Can Retailers Get Consumers into the Christmas Spirit? [Time] (Thanks, Jeff!)
(Photo: Tengaport )

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