"Everything Here Is $1.00… Except This.. And This… And This…"

Reader Summer B. says that dollar stores are raising their prices. She visited a dollar store in PA where everything was a dollar… except this… and this… oh, and this…

I visited my hometown of Kingston, PA this past weekend. While there, I checked out one of the local, non-chain (I think?) dollar stores called Dollar Surplus. They carry your typical dollar store fare — children’s toys, plastic kitchen utensils, socks, goofy ceramic figurines, holiday decorations, and the obligatory wall full of Trisonic batteries and electronics.

The signs in the store’s window advertise everything as a dollar. While poking around to see if I could find anything useful, I found over ten exceptions to the “dollar” rule, all hand-written in market on index cards… No more extension cords or pot-bellied frog lamps for only a buck.



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