Complete List Of Closing Circuit City Stores

Inside, as supplied by Circuit City, a complete list of their 155 stores that will be closing, a story we broke yesterday.

Breaking News [Circuit City] (Thanks to Cheviot!) (Photo: adria.richards)


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  1. The Cynical Librarian says:

    Damn; mine’s closing.
    I guess I’d be heartbroken if I ever went there.

    • VeeKaChu says:

      @gyroball: HAHA, mine’s spared! Surprising really, as there’s not only a Best Buy in sight across the street, but the only Frys in Illinois is 3/4 of a mile away.

      I really don’t care to shop there, with the exception of my two big TVs. They seem to always have the best prices on those.

    • rushevents says:

      @gyroball: Wow! Both of Memphis’ stores gone! That sucks from a price competition perspective.

    • Tmoney02 says:

      @gyroball: I may not go to mine but I use their ads all the time to price match stuff. Thus it is important one stays open around here.

  2. acknight says:

    Looks like all of NY is safe, excepting metro-NYC/Long Island.

  3. MisterE says:

    Good riddance! Closing down stores should be the reward for corporate & store ineptitude.

  4. AliyaBabasaur says:

    Here’s their 11/03/08 media kit on the store closings

  5. logicalnoise says:

    all 3 of mine within 20 miles are closing(NW subs of chicago)….oh well. I haven’t bought anything from them in a while.

  6. bohemian says:

    As Worst Buy and Circuit City are struggling, the local computer parts shop in town is expanding.

  7. skitzogreg says:

    I know this is a crazy theory, but I just noticed that both of my CC’s that are closing are adjacent to Best Buy’s. Granted, you could be facecious and claim that every Circuit City is next to a Best Buy, but I’ve seen some that aren’t… and, well, they aren’t closing. I wonder if they closed them down because of the inability to be totally competitive.

    • dasunst3r says:

      @skitzogreg: The Circuit City in Sugar Land, TX is not closing, and it’s within half a mile of a Best Buy.

    • djsyndrome says:

      @skitzogreg: Every single Circuit City in my area (Sacramento) is within one mile of a Best Buy, and none of them are closing. CC just opened a new location less than three months ago in Folsom.

    • CyrusOpeth says:

      @skitzogreg: The two near me that are RIGHT NEXT TO a BB are not closing.

    • Sanspants says:

      @skitzogreg: The four cloest to me in MA aren’t closing (in fact, it looks like none in MA are) and three of them are all pretty close to a BB. Does anyone know how they determined which stores would be closing? I would have expected at least one near me would be.

    • edosan says:

      @skitzogreg: The one in my town that is closing is across the street from a BB.

    • Anonymous says:

      @skitzogreg: @skitzogreg:

      There are 2 in Knoxville TN, neither are closing. 1 is right across the street from a Best Buy and the other isn’t next to one yet, but they are building a “Super Best Buy” within a 1/4 mile. It’s odd they are closing these locations down seeing how no one ever goes. I stopped by the other day for a audio cable for my ipod. CC had one for $24.99, I went across to best buy and got the exact same cable (length and quality but different brand) for $14.99. No wonder CC is going under.

    • Raiders757 says:


      My Jerkit City is right across the road from BB, and it’s not closing. I’m shocked to, as they hardly ever have the business BB doesn’t, and their store seems to be selling less and less every year. Their lossleader selection has gone to the dogs, while BBs would fill the entire Jerkit City store.

      I’m glad they’re not closing, even if I don’t shop there.

    • West Coast Secessionist says:

      @skitzogreg: check this one out. This is the Palo Alto store.
      [] <– Street View

    • MadameX says:

      @skitzogreg: They’re closing all the stores in the Phoenix-Metro area, and at least a few of those are not near a Best Buy.

  8. mbd says:

    If they are not declairing bankruptcy, how are they planning on getting out of all those expensive leases?

    • hippybear says:

      @mbd: I’m sure it’s cheaper to pay a lease on an empty building than have a full-on store at that location losing money every day.

      Business is bass-ackwards at times, ain’t it?

    • Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

      Give it 90 days or so & they will file Chapter 11.
      It will depend on December’s sales or lack of.

    • rysar says:

      Sell inventory to liquidator, get money, pay developer to get out of lease early. Seems pretty simple.

    • PencilSharp says:

      @mbd: Oh, it’s not the leases that cost them an arm/leg… It’s the labor costs. For a big corporate store, it’s always cheaper to shut down and pay the remainder of the lease. Sometimes, they’ll save cash by terminating early, especially if they have natural gas hookups and can stop paying utilities on same…

    • Traveshamockery says:

      @mbd: They own a lot of their property.

  9. TheBusDriver says:

    Nothing in MN? I guess they want to keep the pressure on the hometown boys (BB)

    • fever says:

      @TheBusDriver: Nope, none in MN so far. There are actually 8 to 10 CCs in the Twin Cities metro, too, so they’ll still have a strong presence here. And as I said in an earlier post, I live in Bloomington, and there are 8 BBs within 10 miles of me, not including Headquarters.

  10. csdiego says:

    Both the ones I’ve used are staying open. I’m glad. CC might have its problems (and I’ve barely been there since the layoffs) but it’s still better than Satan Best Buy.

  11. InsomniacZombie says:

    I wonder what fun it will be to pick over the corpses of the stores to see what type of deals they’ll be running if they plan on dumping all of their product. Maybe it’s a good time to be a CC customer to pick up some stuff dirt cheap.

  12. SgtBeavis says:

    I’m surprised by how few are closing in Texas. There are only two closing in DFW and we’ve got A LOT of CC stores around here.

    • triggerh says:

      @SgtBeavis: DFW is a leading region in the retail industry due to huge growth over the past several years. Best Buy has opened over 20 stores in DFW in the past year alone. This is one area where Circuit needs to compete. Also, in terms of the economic meltdown, it’s one of the less affected areas.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to say that I have not had any major bad experience at Circuit City like others here have. I live in TX (DFW area) and got a fantastic deal on my 46″ LCD TV (price matching over the next 30 days from purchase got me >$400 back for the furniture, TV, and surround sound). I hope that they can come through this and repair their bottom line and reputation, but I don’t think that is too likely.

    • Thassodar says:

      @SgtBeavis: I live less than 10 minutes from Mansfield and I spend most of my time there. I had NO idea there was a Circuit City.

  13. pjsammy says:

    thanks for the post. It doesn’t really affect me much, but it’s interesting to see some of the new-ish stores in Ohio closing. I know a few of those have been open less than 3 years!

  14. Trencher93 says:

    Mine isn’t closing, but I guess it’s regional and they draw from a larger area without consumer electronics outlets…people come to town for their shopping from all over. No sales for me, but I haven’t been there since the late 90s :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this had anything to do with the phonecall I got Friday – I got a call from CCity about an employment ‘fair’ for seasonal employees (for christmas) asking me to be there Sunday at 5pm (Fairview Heights, IL store). I was not able to make it – but strange that this call came the same weekend the store started to sink. Maybe they were hiring the ‘clearance crew’.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I just want to clarify they aren’t closing all store that are next to Best Buys. They based their decision off of what stores aren’t paying for their own advertisement bills. If the store isn’t making any money, why keep it open?????

  17. batpete says:

    Its about time, they have been screwing the customer for along time. I have been waiting on there demise since the DIVX days.

  18. Trick says:

    Our local CC is closing, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Rarely did I see people there when I drove by and for the longest time the union had local, non-union day laborers protesting outside of the store.

  19. jamesuss says:

    My store is closing. A lot of good people are being affected by this. So many heartless comments.

    • Fist-o™ says:

      @jamesuss: Well, I suppose not everybody that works at CC is bad. I wish the good people the best of luck, getting another job, if it means their job. Who knows, you may find that going somewhere else is actually better. I chose to quit my cushy job and move once, and it turned out to be a good decision. So, it could be a blessing in disguise. Don’t mope about it, take assertive action and take the opportunty to steer your careers into a GOOD company with a GREAT customer service record! and good benefits!

      • EricLecarde says:

        Wow, there are 150 stores closing down.. and people here are rejoicing? See, you see it as a big box shuttin down. A store that screwed you over. But look at the big picture you idiots. Lets assume for a second that each store has 30 employees on average. I’m sure the average is higher, but 30 seems reasonable. Thats 4500 jobs lost. Also, this now forces people to shop at other big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart. Its not that they have to go there, but for competitive pricing, and for name recognition, thats where they’ll go. Remember people are sheep and will just go to the next big box they see. I don’t work for them or any other big box, but you gotta keep in mind, no matter who comes along there are always going to be problems.

      • jamesuss says:

        @Fist-oâ„¢: I hear you! I already have a few job offers lined up. Better jobs at that. Just kind of sucks because I was at that store before we even opened the door for our first customers. So many good memories….

        • West Coast Secessionist says:

          @jamesuss: Sorry to hear your news. I have some friends who worked at stores that closed and some of them took it pretty hard. Especially for those who took their jobs seriously and always did their best (and those good people exist at EVERY company, even McDonalds or BB or CC), seeing everything they worked for go down in (liquidation sale) flames, it’s kind of like a dear friend has died.

  20. pr0FF3ss0r_j3rkwh3at says:

    I was always surprised the McLean, VA location on Chain Bridge stayed open as long as it has – they opened a brand new location less than a mile away from that one about two years ago. Granted the one on Chain Bridge is part of the Tysons Corner Center complex, but I still couldn’t believe they left it open that long.

  21. gnubian says:

    At least I’ll still have a place to get emergency power supplies .. nothing closing in Utah ..

    Consumerist got mentioned on about this also ..


  22. chrisgeleven says:

    I am shocked the Manchester, NH store isn’t on the list. It is in a bad location and I never see many cars in that parking lot.

  23. everclear75 says:

    Yeah, the CC by my house is closing(League City,TX)! Not that I ever shopped their when Fry’s Electronics is a lot closer and have a way better selection!!!!!

  24. EricaKane says:

    Closing the small store in Chicago they tried to place right next to the big best buy on North Ave. I actually went to that one a few times because there was NEVER any one in it. The other best buy on elston has been completely ghettoized, so I try to avoid it.

  25. yellowspaced says:

    The new one they opened less then a year ago in norman, ok is closing, wonder if they will have a going out of business sale that might lower the prices? or they might just move the stock to another store since it appears they can’t get any new.

  26. ClutchDude says:

    Geez. No wonder the one in Tally is closing. I went in Tuesday to get Fallout 3. Signs your business is bad.

    Empty parking lot.

    6 people, 3 at the phone desk, 2 at customer service.

    When looking for the game, where do you think I head? The game section. I look around, see nothing but old “Coming soon” games that came out a month ago. I do find a Fallout 3 Strategy Guide. Maybe it has the location of the game.

    Another person quickly walks by the game section and enters a locked door.

    I give up finding it, go to the front desk. I ask about the game after waiting 3 minutes. Normally, this isn’t too bad, but the store has NO customers. Seriously. And no one can answer me?

    I ask for a copy of Fallout 3 for PC. She asks “Which game. Far Cryout 3?” “Um….no. Fallout 3 for PC.” “Oh, I’ve got it for XBOX 3 and PS360.” “…..None for PC?” “I don’t think so.” “Ok, thanks.”

    Went down the street to a Best Buy doing brisk business and got a copy from the computer games section. Good riddance CC.

  27. kc2idf says:

    How interesting. All of the ones in my state (NY) are in or near the largest metro area. The one up here in Albany is staying. Good. I like them better than Best Buy.

  28. dark_inchworm says:

    Wow… the Circuit City that opened in Spring Hill, TN at the END OF JULY is closing. Fascinating.

    Disappointing :-/

  29. Scott Vieth says:

    The thing that seals the deal that they had no chance for me … two of the stores that are closest to me (Hilliard and Grove City OH) have been opened in the last 12-18 months. Yes, they tried expansion! Now, they’re all closing up. Isn’t it ironic?

  30. scoobydoo says:

    The South Barrington store had its grand opening last week.

    How f’d up is that?

  31. rysar says:

    Looks like the one behind Tyson’s Corner Mall is closing finally. It’s at least 3 rebrandings old, and still has the old-school “Plug” design from the commercials in the early 90s. Once they built the new parking garage and expansion onto the mall, it’s been steadily going downhill.

  32. BluePlastic says:

    Woops, the CC in my town is closing. Kind of not surprised, there are never that many cars there. I did buy a few things there, though. Hmm. That leaves us with just Best Buy.

  33. jenl1625 says:

    And in Columbus, they’re closing the CC they *just opened* within the last few months . . . .

    Somebody was brilliant to open that one.

    • Sheer Debauchery says:

      @jenl1625: The Columbus Hilliard Rome store AND the Grove City store (also Columbus) were both new in the last 12 months. Also, the Columbus West Broad St store was changed from a regular store to an Outlet not too long ago.

  34. humphrmi says:

    Heh the one in Skokie / Niles IL is in the same mall where a CompUSA used to be, and now the only big-box electronics retailer in that mall is Best Buy.

    What me, worry? Nah. I’m still waiting for my favorite Silo and Higland Appliances to re-open, any day now… :)

  35. Anonymous says:

    Dang, only one in New England, and it is in south CT, no where near me. I was hoping to go snag some deals too. Oh well, I dont really shop BB or CC for anything, I just buy online, the only real reason I go into either is to browse and get a hands on of some of the products.

  36. techgod says:

    funny thing is there closing 11 stores in Ohio, leaving about 8 open in the state. bad thing is though, some of those are pretty new. never went there anyways, so it doesn’t affect me, but around here it is pretty hard to compete with BB I’m afraid to say.

  37. JDL1527 says:

    If you take a close look at the locations you will see that Frys Electronics have a presence in most of the markets that Circuit city are closing, EG Phoenix, metro Atlanta, Texas, So Cal.

    • edosan says:

      @JDL1527: No Fry’s in Colorado — I wish there was.

    • liz.lemonade says:

      @JDL1527: I wouldn’t say that Fry’s has MUCH of a presence in metro Atlanta. They have two stores – Alpharetta and Duluth – but neither is even remotely convenient to the majority of the area. I didn’t even know there WAS one in town until recently.

    • Raving Rabbid says:

      @JDL1527: Yup. Fry’s Electronics has a huge presence in the Phoenix area with its Tempe behemoth. It’s a converted Incredible Universe (and looks like one, too). Very maze-like.

      Yet it probably has problems marketing because there’s a Kroger grocery banner here called Fry’s that uses red in its branding (like the electronics chain).

  38. jurisenpai says:

    Mine (C’ville, VA) is closing. I’m probably the only one that actually goes to a CC, but the employees are relatively pleasant, they always have Wii and DS games in stock, and I can bike to it. The Best Buy is nearly inaccessible and I will do anything to avoid going there.

  39. tgrwillki says:

    Looks like the trend there is CC is getting out of many major cities and moving its focus to the areas of urban sprawl (As an example, Atlanta is losing all of its stores, but the ones in SC are all safe)

  40. azntg says:

    Looks like I gotta find another store to pick up online purchases the next time there’s a deal which is actually pretty good compared to other online retailers, the Upper East Side CC won’t be making the cut.

  41. Psychosocial says:

    Closing a store that “just opened” is a sign your business is about to FAIL.

  42. buckfutt says:

    Alas, the Panama City store is going away. I paid off my post-college credit card debt reselling “hacked” Apex DVD players I bought at that store on ebay back around ’99. Must have bought 20 of the things over a period of three months or so.

  43. Eric1285 says:

    I’m glad my local store is staying open. They didn’t seem to be doing too well, but at least it’s some competition.

  44. MerlinElipticate says:

    Looks like they’ve already scrubbed thier website “find a store” thing. I searched it to see how many stores were going to remain around my city (Louisville, KY), and the Louisville and Clarksville, IN stores that are on the closing list have already gone down the memory hole.

  45. mrbill says:

    Not surprised at all that the only one closing in Houston is in Sharpstown – that area is in rapid decline. The Sharpstown Mall across the street from that store is almost completely shut down.

    • everclear75 says:


      The only time I go over to that part of town is to partake in the goodies on Harwin.. Even then, I’d never get caught
      in that area after dark…

  46. edosan says:

    I’ve gone to the one in our town that is closing and it’s always practically empty. The only stuff I’ve bought there was mispriced items (“but it says on the package it’s $20”).

  47. Anonymous says:

    The one I worked in several summers ago (Livington, NJ) is closing. That store used to do really well because they actually had competent people on the floor. But with Best Buy being down the road and CC laying off all the aforementioned competent people (I didn’t recognize too many faces last time I was there), I’m sure they’ve been taking a heavy hit. Good riddance, although I’m sad to see BB get larger in the area.

  48. pengie says:

    I think I said this yesterday, but now that its closing is official… the one in Norman, OK has been open for less than a year.

    What a waste.

  49. midwestkel says:

    Store 3380, in Colorado Springs is the one closest to my house and it is closing. Its the one with that the bear broke into: []

  50. februarymakeup says:

    So, within the span of one economic shrivel, mighty, uppity Cuyahoga Falls has gone from two CCs to none.

    Gosh, that’s a bit of a shame. Any of my fellow Ohio people even know where that one was?

  51. Darkest Daze says:

    Anyone getting Deja Vu from when CompUSA did this right before going under?

  52. balthisar says:

    I always forget the one on Mercury Drive in Michigan is even there.

  53. Kero says:

    The yet-to-open store I mentioned yesterday (Sheridan, CO) is not on the list so I guess it’s going to open. I was so looking forward to the Grand Opening/Going Out of Business banner on the front door. I think I’ve shopped at CC twice in my life, both of them bad experiences.

  54. bria says:

    A little less schadenfreude would be nice, as lots of people are losing their jobs. Even if you’ve had bad experiences at CC, lots of people are losing their jobs RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS.

    And not all of these people are stoner high school dropouts who warranty-harrass you the whole time you’re in the store.

  55. ckaught78 says:

    I can’t believe the York, PA store isn’t on the list. That place is a dump.

  56. mkt3000 says:

    The one where I lived is closing, but the one where I lived stays open.


  57. Juliekins says:

    I am pretty sure the Oak Park Mall location in Kansas has been closed for quite some time. Weird.

    • SegaCDGamer says:

      @Juliekins: It actually moved across the street where ultimate electronics was. I used to work at the one at Oak Park Mall, good thing I left in time.

  58. cametall says:

    Surprisingly, the one I used to work at won’t be closed.

  59. Anonymous says:

    wow, they are really bailing out of the kansas city region. i think they are closing every store here. i wonder if wal mart will still honor the price match on their ads. and they are all within a block or two of a best buy, but then again, isnt that why circuit city is in trouble in the first place? cause they tried to build right next to every best buy in the world?

  60. octopede says:

    Compare this list to this map from the NYT.

  61. cubsd says:

    Damn! None of the ones in San Diego are closing.

  62. Anonymous says:

    The store near me (Queen Creek, AZ) has only been opened about three months in a brand new retail development, and isn’t within 10 miles of a Best Buy or Fry’s, its closest competition is a SuperTarget. Hopefully they have some good deals with no return-policy to back it up with all the Phoenix stores closing.

  63. narf says:

    The two closest, Industry (Puente Hills Mall) and Pomona, are closing. Both sites are going to be really deserted … CompUSA and LnT were other major stores at PHM, and ToysRUs just closed a week ago at Pomona.

  64. GundamAC197 says:

    So, does anyone know when the Ferguson store in St. Louis is closing? I went in today, and they were marking everything with a price gun. Thing is, there was no markdown–they were marking still-hanging items at full price. Another customer told me on the way out they’d be putting stuff on sale Wednesday–any truth to this?

    • GundamAC197 says:

      @GundamAC197: December 7th, nevermind :)

      For anyone who cares, this particular branch is closed tomorrow to “take care of some business”, which may or may not mean rearranging prices. This may lend some credibility to a sale starting Wednesday.

  65. HogwartsAlum says:

    Oh goody, ours is staying open. For the time being. They DO have good TV prices, usually. I watched the flyers for a while before I bought my LCD and they had the better price.

    I actually bought a scanner and an external hard drive at Staples recently. Got great service and they work just fine. The CC didn’t have but one scanner and it wasn’t as cool as the one I got. :)

  66. FromThisSoil says:

    The two closest stores to me are closing and one that just opened up in The Bronx less than a year ago is closing – rich.

    I never cared much for Circuit City anyhow.

  67. gdawg1972 says:

    I was just at the Circuit City in Tupelo, MS and heard one of the employees telling a story about how the father of one of the guys that worked in the Entertainment department bought a $3,000 TV, kept it a few days, then returned it and got a refund. Only thing is…he never actually returned the TV but still got the refund. Apparently his son was complicit in this scam along with other members of the Entertainment department…the manager fired the entire department and they are currently sitting in the city jail.

  68. zidan says:

    The Muskegon, MI store is absolutely massive, and usually pretty empty. No surprise to see it on the list.

  69. Keter says:

    The one listed for Cedar Park, TX, is a brand NEW store and I think it hasn’t even opened yet.

  70. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    Considering Fry’s is in the Phoenix market, it’s not a shock to me that 13 – nearly 10 percent of the stores of the ones closing – are in the Phoenix metro.

    Is CC pulling out of Phoenix completely? Sure looks like it.

  71. marsneedsrabbits says:

    The one closing in my town was (until recently) in the same shopping center as a CompUSA. It’s directly across the street from BestBuy, less than a mile from a Sam’s Club, a large car stereo store, two auto accessories stores, a Radio Shack and an Office Max.

    It’s less that 2 miles from a huge Wal*Mart and even closer to the largest mall in town.

    In short, there is no shortage of places to buy whatever Circuit City sells without having to go very far.

    In fact, I’m shocked that they are only closing one store in town.

  72. Anonymous says:

    The store in Jacksonville is closing, it’s in a horrible location (if you didn’t know it was there, you’d never find it). No Fry’s here in Jax (I WISH) and it’s probably two or three football fields away from a Best Buy.

    That being said, I’m going to head over there and see what’s going down.

  73. QadirNermin says:

    The one that is closing in Morgan Hill is BRAND NEW and JUST OPENED!!! Wow…

    Not that I would ever shop there with a Frys so close in San Jose! :)

  74. pschroeter says:

    Serves those !#!*! right. I use to go into their store and get ignored by nearly every incompetent sales helper in the store. I don’t think Best Buy is much better, though for some reason they always seemed a bit busier.

  75. karmaghost says:

    Wow, no Pennsylvania stores are closing? That’s interesting. No one is ever at the Circuit City here in State College.

  76. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    My TWO local (Madison, WI) are not closing, which I personally find weird, since every time I go in there (which is not often, of course), it is DEAD….not a customer in sight.

    Not an employee in sight, either, but you knew that.

  77. twinturbo2 says:

    The ones near me are fine, but I shop mainly at Best Buy anyways…

  78. thenerdykatie says:

    I just called the one closest to me (League City, TX) and they were closed today and will be tomorrow and start liquidation sales on Wed.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Fu*k circut city. I bought and paid for installation of new car speakers in my door panels last month. One did not work and I went back several times but they never had time to fix it. Finally, yesterday I went back and said they could keep the car all day, but the store manager told me they were shutting down, and they would not fix the speakers. And, if I wanted my money back, I would have to take them out of my car myself. When I said I did not have the right tools to take them out, nor did I know how to take them out his comment to me was “you’re a man, figure it out”.

    At that time moment, I called my credit card company to dispute the charge and said I will not be paying for these speakers because I was sold sometihing that did not work and that circut city was not honoring the warrenty.

    Then as I was about to walk out, I saw a nice couple looking to buy a big screen TV. I camly walked over to them and told them that the store was closing and if they bought something, they might not be able to do anything if it did not work. They were surprised that the salesman did not tell them what was going on. That really pissed off the manager, and he told me I had to leave. He even got 4 more sales people to “escort” me out of the store. Then as we were walking out, another couple were walking in, and I told them about the store closing down and most likely will not honor any warrenty, as in my case. The store manager then got really pissed off, and said if I did not leave he was going to call the police. I said call the police, and then walked out.

    To hell with circut city.

  80. TheSurlyOne says:

    I’m pretty familiar with the specific location of almost all CC stores in Metro Atlanta. If this list is accurate, all 16 Metro Atlanta stores are closing! I live about 30 minutes NE of Downtown Atlanta and, if all of these stores close, the nearest CC will be over 100 miles away in Chattanooga, TN!

    I’m hardly a fan of CC, and my disdain for them grows with every new customer nightmare that I read about on this site. But they at least kept Best Buy’s prices in check, to some degree. Best Buy will be the only Electronics store in the Atlanta market.

    Not only that, but CC advertised some great deals once in a while. I didn’t actually go to a CC store to buy those items, but I used the CC ad to make Best Buy or Staples price match the item! I guess that won’t work anymore, since CC won’t be a “local” competitor.

    I didn’t think it possible, but CC sucks EVEN MORE now!!!

  81. Zagroseckt says:

    aww 3506 is biting the dust….

    i got my first job there.

    Well the building is kinda showing it’s age now even tho i watched it being built.

  82. Zagroseckt says:

    on a side note
    They did just open 2 new stores one on the east and one on the west banks (and there closing 2 stores)
    somthen tells me these “closings’ are more of a phase out the old stores situation.

    atleast localy

  83. SimonHova says:

    I am very surprised by the list, the original story said that the closings would be focused around the Midwest.

    I also noticed that one of the stores closest to me just opened this summer! Take a look at the article from the opening on August 15! Really really bad.


  84. Anonymous says:

    I’m not really surprised by the two stores closing in new orleans.
    The 70072 store is only 3.5 miles from a brand new store on the main shopping street (manhattan), and the Kenner store is only 4 miles from a brand new store which is closer to the center of population on the other side of the river.

    Now, whether the two remaining stores can stay open is another deal – I had a miracle occur in BestBuy last time I went in (employee: 1. Knew what I was after. 2 Knew where it should be 3. When it wasn’t there went and got it from the back and restocked) so I might have to modify my opinion of them.

    It used to be that CC were cheerfully useless and BB were evil and useless – maybe it’s changed.

  85. halloweenjack says:

    Oh, darn… the Peoria store is staying open.

    For the time being, anyway.

  86. ivanthemute says:

    This makes me sad. The two locations in Columbia SC are staying open…

  87. ataraxia says:

    One Downers Grove, IL store is within a mile of a Fry’s and a BB…both are easier to access than CC (it’s on a hill behind a frontage road). I have no idea why this store is still open-there are rarely more than 6 cars in the parking lot (employees) and the store is more of a shelving display ‘that happens to have product’.

    I’ve shopped at CC exactly four times in the last ten years, so I won’t even notice their non-existence.

  88. Raving Rabbid says:


    -The Phoenix market is hard to get into because – just to cover a chunk of the market effectively – you need to open lots of stores.
    -The Niles store (my family’s in that area) was also of the archaic plug design.
    -I remember when the Chandler location was in Tempe, in a center called “The Groves”. It had the plug design and old Helvetica Oblique look. It moved to its current location when Chandler Fashion Center’s exterior corridor (which is monstrous and also once contained an Ultimate Electronics and Linens ‘n’ Things) was being built. Their new location would eventually be near a Best Buy built as a mall outparcel.
    -Speaking of CompUSA, their store in Chandler (in the Ray/10 double-city power big box corridor) was vacant for a really long time. Finally, something’s opened up there – Pacific Sales, a “wholesale” appliance dealer. They’re a California chain that opened up in the Chandler CompUSA, in Tucson, and in Henderson NV just recently. A stove that was $1999 “at retail” was $1947 at Pacific Sales. Hmmm…ripoff? There was a Best Buy across I-10 from it.

  89. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad to read news like this and hear people say “good riddance”. Yes, businesses close when they’re not doing well. Regardless of the opinion you have for the company in general, think of the thousands that are losing their jobs in this hard economic period. Most are just people trying to earn a paycheck to feed their families.

    So regardless of whom you do business with, keep in mind those that won’t be able to celebrate the holidays with their families, while they’re out looking for jobs.