How To Save On Homeowners Insurance

With the economy in the dumper, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to save on everything. Not wanting to stand in the way of this lovefest for saving, we’re proud to bring you six ways to save on homeowners insurance from Smart Money:

* Maintain a healthy credit score
* Inquire about discounts
* Increase your deductible
* Disaster-proof your home
* Monitor neighborhood changes
* Pay promptly

Simple tips for sure, but they can save you a bundle. Heck, the first tip alone can save you almost half on your homeowners insurance.

A few other worthwhile thoughts:

* Be sure to shop around every year or two for all your insurance needs. Many insurance companies slowly raise fees to the point where their competitors offer much cheaper options. And yet most consumers don’t look around for alternatives because the increases are so gradual. Doing a little extra work to check prices can save you a boatload in premiums.

* If you raise your deductible, be sure to increase the amount in your emergency fund to cover the difference. This way, if you ever need to make a claim you’ll have enough to cover your larger-than-average portion of the bill.

* Paying promptly is not only a good money saving tip, but can also keep your insurance from being canceled. Be sure you are never late on any sort of insurance payment or you could find your coverage dropped.

6 Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance [Smart Money]

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