How To: Carve A Pumpkin Without Butchering Yourself

We like you, so in the interest of getting you and your family to Thanksgiving with all of your fingers attached, we’d like to direct your attention to some pumpkin carving “how to” info.

First of all, Consumer Reports has determined that pumpkin carving kits are the way to go–

From CR:

Cutting through pumpkins can easily injure your hands. Such gashes can be especially serious since nerves, blood vessels, and tendons lie just under the skin. The cuts can occur, for example, when a knife sticks fast in the rind, then abruptly dislodges as you tug, slashing your other hand. A long knife can penetrate to the other side of the pumpkin where one hand holds it steady. Or your hand can slip down onto the blade after the handle gets coated with the pumpkin’s slimy innards.

The pumpkin-carving kits we evaluated–which ran from about $6 to $15–eased some of those concerns. They contained tools that can saw through rind, poke holes, or scoop out the innards. One advantage of the sawlike tools is that they’re not razor-sharp, unlike many knives. Although various tools broke in our tests, the sawlike ones were judged less likely than regular knives to cause serious cuts to your hand.

If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before — or want to improve your carving technique, we found some helpful YouTube videos from someone called “The Pumpkin Lady.” Here’s one where she demonstrates how to use the carving saws:

You can find more “How To” videos as well as some free patterns on The Pumpkin Lady’s website.

Happy Halloween! Oh, and don’t forget to toast your pumpkin seeds. Yum!

(Photo: aginghipster77 )