We All Need Extra Income

Hey, if you’ve got $28,000, you can use it to rent Steve Martin’s house for a week. [WSJ]


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  1. edebaby says:

    And let me guess, he’s for redistibutive change…

    • tc4b says:

      @edebaby: What’s that got to do with renting his house? Besides, any candidate not arguing for a flat tax is for redistribution. We have a progressive tax scale in this country, which means richer people pay a higher percentage than poorer people. It will still be this way no matter who gets elected.

      • doodaddy says:

        @tc4b: I’m getting tired of hearing that any non-flat tax is “redistributive.” You could claim that a flat-tax is as well since it hurts poor more than rich, it distributes up. No, a tax can be used for more than giving it to some sub-group. It can be used for defense and protection. And we can go into an argument now that the rich should pay more for defense and protection because they need more of it. But we won’t.

        • tc4b says:

          @doodaddy: You being ‘tired’ of it doesn’t make it untrue. Taxes pay for social welfare as well. Who pays a greater percentage of that bill?

          • OletheaEurystheus says:

            @tc4b: The middle and poor. The rich may (and I use may lightly, many dont pay more than middle class once they are done playing with their books) pay more money, but more money comes out of the poor and middle class to pay for the social services we have. There are a hell of a lot more poor and middle class in this country than upper, and the upper class stopped paying their fair share when Reagan took office.

        • Ein2015 says:

          @doodaddy: Simple and obvious solution: have economists (note: NOT POLITICIANS, e-c-o-n-o-m-i-s-t-s) determine at what point does income luxury income for the average American, and then have a flat tax on luxury income. If you make only $5 of luxury income, you’re not being taxed much. If you don’t make any luxury income, you pay no taxes. There should never be a question of “food or pay taxes?”

          Now, I’ve heard arguments that finding the luxury income level isn’t fair to the rich because it costs more for them to live… that’s because they live luxuriously!

          But in all honesty, anything that simplifies the tax code is better than anything else, even if it’s a progressive or a flat tax. We can bicker about progressive vs flat later… first fix the loopholes!

  2. Opie says:

    The Jerk!

  3. timmus says:

    Woe is me, the commoner without $28,000. I do so wonder why Lord Martin does not want to socialize with us dirty plebes. We would like to enjoy his chateau, too!

  4. Paladin_11 says:

    $28,000 for a condo made of stone-a? I think not…