Reach Sears Executive Customer Service

To escalate a complaint at Sears past the completely useless 1-800 number, call 847-286-2500 and ask for Mr. Lampert’s office (Ed Lampert is the chairman of the board). When the executive assistance picks up, tell them you want to file an “Executive Complaint.” Said the reader who submitted this tip, “A single call to this group is actually well on my way to resolving a problem that 4 calls & 3 transfers at the 1-800-4-my-home line could not handle.” Don’t forget to be calm, professional, and succinct when you speak with them.


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  1. gardenwzl says:

    This is fabulous! I FedEx’d a complaint letter to the Pres/CEO and I got a reply from the “Executive Letter Office” that did not offer a reasonable resolution to the problem.

    Maybe this will provide another route! Thanks, Consumerist!

  2. wdcr0ck says:

    These people are still in business? Ed Lambert hasn’t sucked them dry yet for his hedge-fund businesses? Unreal. Watching him turn former household names into shells of themselves is depressing.

  3. ViperBorg says:

    There will soon be a budget meeting to change that number.

    On a side note, that’s a local call for me. :P

  4. postnocomments says:

    Just get us Eddie Lampert’s cell phone

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have to tell yah. I was a General Manager for Sears for 3 years and the amount of complaints on their delivery and service were amazing. I spent the better part of everyday handling customer complaints. There is two ways you can get resolve. The first is through the call to Eddie Lamparts office. The second is on the bottom of the reciept it talks about searsfeedbacksurvey .com. If you rate 0 on everything and then leave a verbatim of what happened and say you won’t every shop there again the corporate office sends the store and district manager an email of the complaint and asks them to resolve it. If they don’t the regional gets the complaint and so on. I can completely understand were people would be angry with the delivery and service people as afetr I left my family had problems with them. Just remember most managers are understanding and will try to help as best they can unfortunately the delivery centers are in no way under their control.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Growing up, I loved Sears, but the company is a shell of its former self. As the company struggles to find a successful differentiating strategy, it flounders and squanders what brand value it once had.

    I’m okay paying a bit more for great products and good service, unfortunately Sears is working only one side of that coin.

    This week our oven stopped working. It’s 12 months old and under their premium 5 year warranty. A call to service resulted in very prompt response and the promise of a technician the next day between 8 and 12. At 12:15, I called them.

    Seems the technician was busy, but would call in 45 minutes to update me on his arrival. I called the service center back 4:30pm to inquire. I was told that the technician was not answering his phone and to hold, so I did, for about 5 minutes. The customer service rep said they had reach the tech, and that he was behind schedule, but we would see him today.

    So far, no big deal, minor inconvenience.

    I called back at 6:45 and the rep admitted this looked like a “no call” “no show.” But, they had a process for this, and she would transfer me to customer resolution.

    After a few more minutes on hold, the rep came back to say that she was on hold waiting for customer resolution to answer. A few more minutes passed and she came back on the phone to tell me she would have to leave me to stay on hold by myself. I’m a big boy, I can stay on hold with the best of them, but when I asked why she said – “because we are not allowed to be on the phone with any customer for more than 6 minutes and I am past that point now.”

    Let me get this straight – a time limit on resolving customer problems?

    Now I am on hold with customer resolution. Nice person, takes my information again and since this is customer resolution I am expecting that this will be resolved – not. She can schedule another appointment for me in 2 days. It has to be 2 days because the next day is already booked and the department that actually schedules appointments has close for the day. However, I might be able to improve the schedule if I want to call back first thing in the morning. In short, customer satisfaction is now in my hands.

    As you can see, nowhere in this mess is the employee empowered to help the customer. I am an investment banker and sadly, this is what happens when private equity firms take over companies – they suck the life out of them by focusing simply on cost.

    Well, they forgot about the cost to acquire and retain a customer. In the last 3 years we acquired a dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and granite counters, and ceramic tile from Sears and it’s subsidiaries – well over $19,000. But that is the last of my money they will ever see and the have squandered the lifetime value of this customer.