How To Get Free Shipping And 15% Off At J. Crew

An ebullient J. Crew call center worker emailed me to gush about how great his employer was. My eyes glazed over how special it was that the cashmere sweaters being from the Lorno Piana mill and such, but there were two nuggets that will save you money if you like J.Crew clothes: 1) At the online store, coupon code “JUSTASK” always gets you free shipping (update: apparently the new code for this is “”ROCKCENTER” 2) Teachers and students always get 15% off. Call and use you your .edu address, or show your school ID in-store.


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  1. little stripes says:

    that’s actually two really decent discounts.

  2. CarnageSIS says:

    What dead animal is that girl swinging around in the picture? O.o

  3. aloe vera says:

    I expect that JUSTASK code to be pulled once they find out it’s been published on the internets.

  4. jakesprincess says:

    Wow, this is exactly like an e-mail the owner of the J.Crew Aficionada blog got. Guess what? The code is expried. You can check out her blog for more discussionabout all this.

    • flugangst says:

      @jakesprincess: Consumerist, is it too much to ask that you…

      1) credit your sources (as jakesprincess notes, this is obviously the email posted at J.Crew Aficionada a week ago)
      2) verify the info you’re giving out (JUSTASK hasn’t worked since late last week)

  5. kamiikoneko says:

    looks like it’s getting pulled right now possibly…

    site is “down for maintenance”

  6. districtdon19 says:

    The student discount always works, even after you’ve graduated. Just hold on to your student ID, if you still have it. Then they’ll ask for your school email address. Luckily, my school gives alumni their original school email addresses for life. They just put you on the listserv – no verification measures to prove that you’re actually a student beyond the ID check.

  7. Subliminal0182 says:

    Hmm I thought the student thing was new..d’oh!

  8. jakesprincess says:

    I’d also like to point out that on the J.Crew Aficionada blog ([]) this e-mail was received a week ago or so. Given J.Crew’s recent web and order fiascos (of which I have had several orders short shipped, canceled without notice when item is in stock, etc.), and their stock being donwgraded, maybe they are doing some damage control?

    I love J.Crew, which I why I read the Aficionada blog. I just find it very, very interesting that Consumerist got a similar e-mail as the other blog owner.

    And, there is apparently a lot of confusion on J.Crew’s part about using the student discount. There has been tons of dicsussion about this on the blog.

    • SadSam says:


      I got the our web site has been super sucky so here is a discount/free shipping e-mail directly from J.Crew. That same e-mail covered the “we’ve always had discounts for students and teachers” but since I’m neither I didn’t pay much attention to that section.

  9. Petra says:

    I’m sorry, but this picture is just too distracting… why is that girl smiling and waving around a dead animal?

    • grumpskeez says:

      @Petra: She’s uber stoked about the fox fur slippers she just made herself

    • Anonymous says:

      @Petra: She is holding a partially skinned (except the head) fox. This is a disgusting “hobby” of the wealthy in the UKGB. She has been “blooded”, by holding the poor fox as it is skinned & having a bit of its blood smeared on her right hand.

      Take it down.

  10. Miraluka says:

    Someone needs to aggregate a list of retailers that offer easy Student Discounts. I know the Apple store offers student discounts with barely any proof.

  11. tape says:

    you’d have to make that a 90% discount to make buying J. Crew clothing cost-effective.

  12. velvetjones says:

    Ben — jcrew does have amazing cashmere sweaters. They’re well made, can be washed by hand and once you get one you’ll be wearing it all the time.

  13. Corporate-Shill says:

    Ah yes the classic age, social-economic, racial, religious etc price discrimination act.

    Congrats. J.Crew is now officially off my purchasing list.