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  1. Citron says:

    Is that supposed to be ironically bland, or something?

    • Paintbait says:

      I think it’s supposed to be ‘sleek’.

      I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. A radical logo change was around the corner eventually. They’re still using the big yellow tag, though it’s less obnoxious-looking than the old big yellow tag…

      Frankly they need to try again with that one, but it’s not awful.

      Yes I shop at best buy, it’s a guilty “I want it now!” pleasure.

      • Citron says:

        @Paintbait: I’d have to characterize it as aenemic. Look at that boring sans-serif font.

        I agree that they were probably due for a new logo, but this one reminds me of Expedia’s for some reason.


    • non-meat-stick says:

      @Citron: Have you ever been to MN?

      I think Ironically Bland is our state motto

    • lpranal says:

      @Citron: I was reading about this in Neutral Corporate Typefaces Monthly. Focus groups found the new logo 51% more average than the old logo, on average.

    • crystalattice says:

      @Citron: Reminds me of UPS or some other shipping company. There is nothing distinctive about it.

  2. twophrasebark says:

    The new logo seems to be in line with contemporary corporate thinking of making logos that mean nothing, evoke nothing and are completely bland and innocuous. Even Wal-Mart recently followed suit with this.

    Why or how the new logo is better or worse than the other one will be completely the province of executives who actually have the time to ponder such things.

    Pity them.

  3. The Lunesta Portion Control Intern says:

    That price tag is tilting much more optomistically! I’m convinced!

    • dorianh49 says:

      @The Lunesta Portion Control Intern: I think it looks sad, as if it knows that it’s just a shell of its former self. Which pretty much sums up Best Buy, anyway.

      • The Lunesta Portion Control Intern says:

        @dorianh49: No, don’t you see? The old one is sagging, a bleek reminder of a downtrodden economy. The new look is facing upwards, looking forward to a time of prosperity and, uh… positive… things…

        /spin artistry can only go so far

        • dorianh49 says:

          @The Lunesta Portion Control Intern: I guess I see the pointy part of the tag as the nose, and the new logo looks blue, hollow, and pitiful. It also kind of looks like a dog sniffing the “y”‘s butt.

          • Haltingpoint says:

            @dorianh49: I’m actually wondering if the blue was to inspire consumers to think it is higher quality than it really is. Yellow has connotations with “cheap” and “junk” which I’m sure they were not thrilled about.

  4. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

    It never fails to amaze me when comapnies change logos. The cost alone make me wonder if it will ever be worth it. Unless you are taken over, or switch to a new name, switching your logo usually doesn’t do anything to impact peoples buying decision, IMHO. It just seems like a big waste of money to hire a graphics designer, have them design the logo, go through the process of testing it out, then getting a final design approved. You then have to rip down all of your old signs eventually, change the logos on gift cards, fliers, uniforms, etc… To me, I always picture some Fung Shui/new agey person just pulling stuff out of their butts about what a new logo will do to increase the energy flow into the buildings, which will increase sales, and stupid idiots gobbling it up, while the smart con-artist cashes a check. /rant.

    • JustinAche says:

      @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: Sometimes changing the corporate identity does help, or may be a placebo effect to enable corporate to get kick in the ass. This coming from a graphic designer, so I do have some bias, but, I have done some re-works of some logos, and they appreciated it :)

    • bohemian says:

      @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: It is usually done when the current logo looks dated.
      Some ad guru must have decided that spiffing up your image is the thing to do with the economy hurling up its lunch. I have noticed a number of companies redesigning their websites or logos recently. At least the graphic designers will still have jobs this time around.

  5. Elijah86 says:

    I approve! Approve to shop anywhere other than best buy!

    • Preyfar says:

      Best Buy is the only store I’ve ever gone to that refused to sell me an item… that they had for sale. I tried to buy a TV stand from their Reston, VA store this past August. I found the one I wanted, waited for somebody to help me. About 30 minutes go by before I can get somebody to assist me (only reason I waited is because I REALLY liked the stand). He tells me he can’t sell it to me because “the guy” who sells them is gone for the day and would “probably” be back tomorrow. Nobody else in the store can apparently sell this stand. A stand that’s on a shelf in the AV department. Apparently, there is one guy and one guy only who can help me, and he left early.

      Go back the next day, and… yeah. Guess who’s not there, and guess what they still can’t sell me?

  6. Echomatrix says:

    hey i live in MN too!

    Meh they change it because if you look at every company over 50 years old, theirs looks hella bad too. (cough) GM (cough cough)

    that and a multimillion $$ company can afford 50k for a newer logo, i kind alike it but the old one looks fine too. I think they are trying to go the Walmart route

    • Jesse says:


      I’m sure that logo cost a million or more.

    • yikz says:

      @Echomatrix: 50k? Are you kidding? Every store. Every billboard. Every advertisement. Every presentation, powerpoint, business content. Business cards. Shopping bags. Shopping carts. In-store signs. Company stationary. Delivery vehicles. Distribution centers. They would be lucky if it cost less than 10 million.

    • Sidecutter says:

      @Echomatrix: $50k is far, far from the truth. I was with UPS when they rebranded and the pricetag they quoted for the project was SEVENTY MILLION.

      I can also tell you that employees generally dislike rebranding. It not only forces them to try and keep up with a largely unnecessary change, it also pisses them off, because odds are they are being paid less than they should be, and the company is effectively rubbing their noses in this huge pile of “extra” money rather than using a very small portion of the same amount to compensate their workers properly.

  7. Preyfar says:

    My first thought seeing the logo? “Well, at least it wasn’t an anus…” After seeing Walmart’s new logo, I guess I’ve come to expect the worst from the giant boxmarts.

    And a new logo won’t change my opinion of “Best Buy”. Their prices, customer service, selection and attitude towards the consumer won’t be fixed with a logo.

  8. Possinator says:

    It looks like a business card.

  9. gopher646 says:

    I don’t love it… but I don’t hate it either.

    Overall, I’m just ehh about it. With the economy going down the tank, don’t you think that money could have been better spent, Best Buy?

  10. IrvCrapper says:

    It is very reminiscent of the BlockBuster logo. I don’t think I’d want to blend my brand with that loser.

  11. danger the pirate says:

    i think the poll needs a ‘yes, but…’ option. i think it looks better, but best buy still sucks.

    douglas the guinea pig isnt in MN, but he does not approve!

  12. ThickSkinned says:

    Lipstick on a pig, if you ask me.

  13. nfs says:

    Are they gonna change the shape of the price tags too?

    They’re still best buy. A new logo won’t change my opinion of them.

  14. IrvCrapper says:

    I think that is because people don’t understand the role that branding plays in their own shopping habits. Ever get the feeling that you didn’t want to be in a store because it was just icky, somehow? Like you wouldn’t want friends to see you there? (That’s the feeling I get in Wal-Mart).

    Anyway, stores do everything they can to be as far away from producing that effect in its shoppers. Consumers don’t even know it is operating, but it is operative – the whole feeling/experience of shopping phenomenon.

    The Best Buy logo IS old. It’s style comes from an exuberant period both with respect to shopping/spending and story styling. Stores were wrapped in this tag-styled logo. Soon, I think that will begin to look obnoxious to shoppers.

    The new logo looks conservative.

    None of this matters to me, of course, because I only shop there when I don’t have the patience to shop online or somewhere else with lower prices. They are to me a convenience store for electronics and software.

  15. ryatziv says:

    “Iterate our logo”? WTF happened to “change”?

  16. Bourque77 says:

    Clearly the logo is what was wrong with best buy. Now that they’ve changed that we can all start shopping there because its a new and improved best buy.

  17. parad0x360 says:

    Reminds me of the new Walmart logo..very boring. How about improving customer service then changing the logo?

    • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

      @parad0x360: I thought the same thing…some j-hole in marketing saw the new wally world logo and figured no one would be smart enough to make the connection.

  18. idip says:

    I don’t know… for some reason it makes me think of discount store…

    Almost like it’s going to start carrying low quality items.

  19. QueenHawkeye says:

    It looks like Wal-Mart.

  20. Triborough says:

    Seems like a waste of money, just like buying stuff there.

  21. bobcatred says:

    I will never understand why companies spend years developing brand recognition, just to throw it away. Seriously, what would have happened if Chanel threw away the double C’s?

  22. ronaldhennessy says:

    Before you disclaim my opinion, I don’t work for Best Buy and I don’t really care much about the logo, but if you look at it in a more deeper sense, it looks warm and inviting. Considering that BB is trying to attract non-traditional audiences (read: women) to its stores, it kind of makes sense. Also, many other companies have moved or are moving towards a more simplified, clean logo to represent their company.

    I wonder how many of you would look at Apple the same way today if they still kept the “rainbow” apple logo and the Times News Roman-esque font and think of it as lame and outdated. (despite many Apple purists lamenting it’s demise).

    • bobcatred says:

      @ronaldhennessy: But the identifying part of Apple’s logo wasn’t the color, but the shape. If you made apple’s logo black and asked someone to identify it, people still could. I doubt the same could be said about the yellow price tag. The identifying features are both the shape and the bright yellow color. If they changed the font, people would still be able to identify it. But if you took the text off of logo number 2, I doubt anyone would identify that as being Best Buy. They’re throwing away the brand recognition that they built up, which doesn’t make it a great move in my opinion.

      As a female, the new logo doesn’t suddenly make me go “Ooh, that’s friendly electronics store.” They’d be better off spending the money on customer service training for their employees and promoting the things that non-technofiles might buy (CD’s/DVD’s, games, and home appliances) rather than things like $10k tv’s, home audio systems, or computers.

      For instance, while I’m aware that Best Buy sells home appliances, the first home appliance location I think of is Conn’s. Video stores are a likely first thought for DVD’s even though Best Buy may be cheaper.

  23. cristiana says:

    The new logo looks too ‘web 2.0’, which is already a dated look.

  24. dwarf74 says:

    It looks a LOT like the new Walmart logo…

  25. Anonymous says:

    What a horrible, horrible idea. My five year old daughter who cannot read recognizes and says “Best Buy” every time she sees this easily distinguishable logo. Why would they want to change it?

  26. Old Man Jut says:

    It’s using the PlayStation font, just a little boldier. It’s even got the compounded capitals. At least it’s the old PlayStation font, not the dumb as balls Spiderman font they used on the PLAYSTATION 3. I’m still waiting for someone to release a good replacement case without that damned trainwreck of a logo on it.

  27. krunklekick says:

    I noticed this yesterday while at the Mall of America, it’s funny because I thought to myself, “Is there even a Best Buy in the mall?” I know there didn’t used to be. Turns out it’s Best Buy “mobile”, whatever that is. I didn’t feel like walking a mile to investigate.

    I remember learning from training while working for Marshall Fields (previously owned by Target, then taken over and turned into Macy’s) about the emphasis they placed on company logos, with an emphasis on color recognition. The idea was that whenever you thought of the color green, you would think Marshall Fields, red Target, and yellow Best Buy. It seems Best buy is trying to take over blue now, which would coincide with the rest of there schwag.

  28. Raving Rabbid says:

    The old one was starting to date itself a good bit. Walmart needed its modernization at that time as well. The Best Buy text was thick, chunky, and way out of style. I’m glad they kept the yellow, as it is iconic in terms of its branding and identifiability.

  29. Jesse says:

    They should have a logo depicting a scene with a guy in a Best Buy uniform holding the customer’s money and laughing while a sad customer walks away.

  30. Meggers says:

    If they get rid of the old logo, does it mean that it is up for grabs? Could other companies snag it for themselves?

  31. tmlfan81 says:

    The same annoying ex-girlfriend with a new haircut, horrible taste in clothing, and completely unadventurous in bed.

  32. oldtaku says:

    Honestly, I’m not thinking this is going to make Best Buy suck any less, but taken entirely out of context the blue logo is definitely more soothing than the neon yellow up in your eyes.

  33. paleck says:

    The new logo reminds me of for some reason……….that’s not a good thing.

  34. ed3206 says:

    It reminded me of the National Geographic Channel’s call sign: []

  35. Brazell says:

    I’d vote the last option, but I like the new logo much more than the old one.

  36. rsfrid says:

    I wouldn’t buy again from Worst Buy if they had everything on sale for one penny (US)! This company sucks! Got that! They suck. The “Geeks” are worse than dismal, they are 1st grade wanna bees. I’ve been trying to get my dismal experiences posted here, but the interns seem to be not interested. Worst Buy has a long way to go to clamber their way up the ladder to the heights of Target! Got that!?

  37. dragon:ONE says:

    I’m just going to say two things:

    1: I like the new logo.
    2: Am I the only one who has good experiences shopping at Best Buy stores?

  38. Swizzler121 says:

    looks closer to the 21st century, but still unspuprisingly bland. maybe because “best” was a word that my 3rd grade class buried for use of more “colorful” words.

  39. tape says:

    you can’t polish a turd.

  40. PlasmaMachine says:

    Old = Yellow Tag & “Best Buy”
    New = Yellow Tag & “Best Buy”


  41. TheRealJMX says:

    I like the logo. Although I’m not clear exactly what a logo refresh will do in terms of driving revenue, creatively it’s nice to see a company change it’s look every once in awhile. If anything, the change might help to increase the salience of the brand in the short-term, but beyond that *shrug*

  42. Craig says:

    First and foremost, the logo is the least of Best Buy’s problems. Second, the new logo typifies the essence of bad design; it doesn’t stand out and does a worse job of communicating the brand than the original. In short, it’s a meek librarian whispering at you from across the room instead of a hot pop star singing in your ear.

  43. chrisjames says:

    Consumerism at its best: brand logo discussion.

    They could have released a test logo of a Best Buy branded dog shitting on a baby. No matter if the effect is positive or negative, Best Buy wins either way.

  44. Jamezspot says:

    Reminds me of the newish Wal-Mart logo…

  45. lizk says:

    I was at the Mall of America a few weeks ago and noticed this new “theme” in their store there. They put the logo on the big sign outside, but the color scheme carries through the whole store. It actually made me tell my partner about their store where they cater to women, and I joked that this store was the *opposite* of that. It seemed very masculine, cold, unfriendly. If I remember right, they also had wood floors through the store, which seemed really Wal-Mart-esque. Our Wal-Mart did that in their clothing department a few years ago, as if wood-like flooring would make the clothing magically appear more expensive or American-made… when it clearly is not.

  46. azntg says:

    Conservative AND Bland with a twist. That’s the decade we live in, according to all the corporations out there.

  47. bohemian says:

    The logo makes me want to take a nap. Best Buy is desperately trying to rebrand itself now that people are not buying crap at a breakneck pace.

    They have burned too many bridges to recover though. Too many people have sworn them off after bad experiences.

  48. kyle4 says:

    That new one isn’t good, it’s boring. Same with the new Wal-Mart one. Why change something that doesn’t need changing?

  49. Corporate-Shill says:

    Whoopee Shitzky.

  50. lhfan04 says:

    I guess I am the only person here that does not hate Best Buy. Sure they might not have the best deals all the time but I go to shop the deals there. I always have had no problem with them price matching stuff and finding the sale items I need there.

    I find it MUCH better than having to go to Circuit City. I try to avoid them as much as I can because the one we have near to me is terrible. They never seem to have the stuff they have on sale in the ad out or they sold out of them early or something. It is also very messy there they don’t have there games ever in a logical manner whatsoever. The only reason I go there is because they tend to have good deals and when they do I do in store pickup to not have to deal with much there in and out.

  51. lockdog says:

    Here’s my take, based on a theatre design degree, so nothing to do with advertising or marketing, but lots about sending subtle messages to the audience:

    Old logo: Big price tag, like one poster said, it’s exuberant, but also with the big block letters, and the oversized tag all make you think big. And in this economy, the last thing they want you thinking is big…just in case the word that follows it in your mind is …price.

    New logo, yep, more conservative. Look how the letters have all gone on a diet. And everytime you look at it you are going to think small price tag, and so hopefully, small prices. Also, see how the shape of the tag has changed so it is more of an arrow. And the arrow points right at what they want you to do…buy.

    If I were a Best Buy marketroid I’d be selling this on the idea that Americans are going to be moving away from big everything during a recession. Big cars, big houses, big box stores. This redesign is an effort to make their brand feel more approachable and scaled down to the match the size of our pocketbooks.

  52. Darth Obiwan says:

    I just saw this new logo at the Mall today. They have it lining the elevators at the West Entrance. The new Best Buy Mobile store also is using this logo. I was never a fan of the extreme yellow saturation

  53. Zach, your favorite liberal Texan politics-and-news junkie/Doctor Who super-fan says:

    There must be some Vonnegutian tie-in, subliminal-message-thing in there somewhere.

  54. RonnieDobbs4President says:

    I say no, but with a yessy aftertaste. Part of me likes it, but then another part of me hates the first part for liking it.

    Simply put, I’m forgainst it.

  55. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    As a designer myself, I like this new logo.

    But it isn’t going to get me in the door any more frequently. *shrug*

  56. mbz32190 says:

    Well…at least it’s not as bad as the new Pepsi bottles coming soon…

  57. Spinfusor says:

    Bland, meaningless, and not nearly as recognizable.

    Try again or keep the old one.

  58. White Speed Receiver says:

    As a Minnesotan, I’d really appreciate it if you’d quit associating us with Best Buy and Gary Keillor.

    Lipstick on a pig isn’t going far enough. Crap in a different toilet is more appropriate.

  59. adamkantor says:

    I like the new logo. I always felt the old one evoked the image of cheapness instead of affordability. It’s probably all that yellow. Yellow seems to be used a lot in No Name items and dollar stores which is probably why I make the association.

  60. darkryd says:

    As a graphic designer I can say that their new logo is a failure.

    They have too much brand equity wrapped up in their old one. The new one is forgettable and bland.

  61. wellfleet says:

    I work at Best Buy and as always, fully prepared for your mudslinging and not-that-funny (sorry) ensuing comments…

    I had the chance to visit with the team that came up with this logo, and the chief creative officer. I see the reasoning behind it and I happen to think, objectively and from a design and aesthetic point of view, that it looks friendlier, more organic, I like the curves in the letters, it’s more understated, I like that the tag is still there but off to the side…

    The new stores WERE designed with women in mind. In fact, the newest Denver-area store was completely designed by women. Had a chance to meet some of those ladies, and saw how their design ideas are being implemented into stores, like lower sinks so kids can wash their hands in restrooms, different color scheme, no boom room, wider aisles, etc.

    I know you hate Best Buy, and some of you have a legitimate reason to. But some of you have never even been in one. This logo’s being tested, not for full rollout yet… Mall of America has been open for months, it was store #1000, just FYI.

    What makes me sad is that this is so one-sided… BBY is #4 on Forbes’ list of most generous companies as a percentage of income. Why not mention that, too?

  62. yorick328 says:

    Looks like a Toe Tag from CSI !!

  63. TragedyAndy says:

    Please revert to all CAPS hyper-bold. I like my discount chains to scream at me from billboards.

  64. consumer-warrior says:

    Do I care? – No!

  65. Con Seannery says:

    Reminds me of bank logos for some reason…

  66. friedduck says:

    “We were looking for something that says ‘we’ll rip you off’ in a culturally neutral way.”

  67. autoclavicle says:

    To be honest, when the store opened in August, I didn’t even notice there was anything different about the logo.

  68. RedwoodFlyer says:

    GREAT! This makes me want to buy an extended warranty so badly!

    The accidentally their whole business model..the whole damn thing.

  69. fever says:

    I live in Bloomington. There are now at least 8 Best Buys within 10 miles of me. But only one Circuit City. : (

  70. mariospants says:

    For a store that sells expensive electronics, I can see where they’re going, but this new logo is hardly recognizeable (I just glanced around my desk and there *just* happened to be a Best Buy catalog on it and that old yellow pricetag just leaped at me) and the font rots on many levels.

    Not good enough in my book.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I work at a Best Buy and personally, I think it’s a great place to work. Maybe it’s because I receive AMAZING benefits and I truly enjoy working with people. A survey was done in the Chicago market and 10,000 customers were asked why they were shopping at Best Buy even in these rough economic times and an overwhelming number said “because of the experience they have while they are there–tremendous customer service”. So I’m sorry some of you had a bad experience, but you should give us a second chance.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the new logo, I think it’s sleek and classy but it’s not eye-catching like the original.

    I’m not sure what all your reasons are that you all seem to hate Best Buy, but obviously you had some type of poor experience or simply only care about price. First of all, Best Buy price matches so I don’t want to hear any of you complain about price. Secondly, if you haven’t been to one in the past 5 years, you’re missing out. And the guy who was being sarcastic about the “extended warranties” (Best Buy does NOT sell warranties, we sell performance/service plans), I had a customer purchase one on their $800 camera and had it less than a year, his wife dropped it at a wedding when they were getting out of the car, and Best Buy replaced it because on their cameras and laptops they cover accidental damage. The guy could not have been happier that he did not have to buy another $800 camera.

    And Circuit is going under, they’ll be gone after the holidays so you’ll now have 10 Best Buys and 0 Circuit Cities… Obviously people enjoy shopping here more :)