Why Circuit City Is Dead

If you were confused about why Circuit City might close 150 stores, this customer complaint sent in by William O’Donnell makes it pretty clear: Circuit City sucks. They try to get out of price-matching with a nearby B&H, out of the 3 hard drives he went through, one was missing parts and one wasn’t even the right drive, and they try to tell him that it’s supposed to come missing parts. Basically, when they don’t know what they’re talking about, they just make some shit up to make their lives easier. That’s what happens when you cut costs by firing anyone who knows what they’re doing. Here’s Will’s tale:

This is more to vent than anything else, but I had an unforgettable experience at Circuit City the other day. I didn’t go there specifically, I just wandered in…

The Price Match
I’d been thinking about getting a new 1TB internal hard drive for movie storage, so I thought that I’d see what they had on offer. What they had on offer was outrageously overpriced, so, after some online browsing from my phone, I decided to see if they would price match. It took the girl about 10 minutes to let me know that they wouldn’t price match B&H. She couldn’t tell me why, just that they wouldn’t. I asked to see their written price match policy. She said that they didn’t have any copies on hand despite the huge sign behind her that indicated otherwise. I ended up looking it up online, with my phone, at which point I spoke with a manager. They tried insisting that B&H wasn’t a “local” store, until I pointed out that B&H was less than 10 miles away and about 4 stops on the Q train. After about 20 minutes of waiting and talking, they finally gave in – I saved $80.

The Repack
When I got home, I opened the box only to realize that the box contained a used, 800 GB, IDE hard drive, NOT a shiny, new 1TB SATA hard drive. I immediately went back to exchange the drive. The exchange was pretty painless, until…

Drive #2, Manufacturing Defect
I opened the new box while still in the store, to ensure that it wasn’t another repack. The model number was correct, but I something was wrong… I realized, much to my amusement, that the entire PCB (printed circuit board – and thus, power/data connections) was missing from the bottom of the drive. Not CC’s fault, obviously, but they didn’t handle it well…

The Non-Tech-Savvy Tech
Exasperated, I brought the drive back to the front counter to notify the cashier of the defect. Some manager-type nearby, wearing a “FireDog” (their tech support division) t-shirt, jumped in – “that drive do not include connectors! If you have a problem with that, you have to take it up with Western Digital (the manufacturer). We are not going to open another box just because it don’t meet your wants. Also, where in the manual do it say that it includes the connectors?”

I was infuriated. “IT’S A SATA DRIVE! Have you ever SEEN an internal hard drive?! How can a SATA drive not include SATA connections?!” Turning, and shouting to the store in general, “GET SOMEONE OVER HERE THAT ACTUALLY BUILDS COMPUTERS!”

Mr. FireDog Manager-Type, “I build computers, sir!”

“Oh really?” Reaching in to the box, I grabbed the red SATA cable included with the drive. “We can agree that this is a SATA cable, right?! Why don’t you show me where this SATA cable connects to this SATA drive?”

He actually looked at the thing for about 30 seconds, which is along time to look at something that’s hardly bigger than a wallet. He finally went to the shelves to get another box in hopes of showing me an identical drive, missing PCB and all.

Box #3
Upon opening the box, he saw a blue SATA cable with an extra little dongle that Western Digital likes to put on their cables – he thought that it was a completely different type of cable… he hands me the cable and says, “sorry sir, your box was missing this cable, you should be all set now.”

I exploded. “THIS IS THE SAME FUCKIN’ CABLE! Why don’t you show me where THIS cable connects to the drive?!?!” He actually started to reexamine the drive, blue cable in hand… I shouted “look at the other damn drive!!! Look at that – it’s got a damn PCB!!! And look – SATA connectors!!! Whodathunkit?!?!”

Head down, he finally gave in, gave me the third and final box, and I was on my way. My 1TB drive only cost me $150… and about 4 hours of my life, about 30 minutes of which consisted of shouting, my heart hammering in rage.

No, I’m not going to be wandering back any time soon.

Retail Nightmares – What’s Your Worst? [Brooklynian]


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  1. Geekybiker says:

    Sounds like a typical CC experience…

  2. jonnyobrien says:

    Isn’t B&H’s ad on 1010Wins “You go to B&H?”

    In hindsight, isn’t 4 stops on the Q faster than 4 hours at CC?

    • worrytron says:

      @jonnyobrien: no, it’s not.

    • Papercutninja says:


      I’m with you. Not only that, the B&H guys actually know what they’re talking about.

    • TVGenius says:

      @jonnyobrien: Seriously, if I lived 4 stops from B&H, I would never set foot in a CC or BB again. Stupid 12 states in the way.

      I think sometimes what these companies would be smart to do, is actually hire ONE person per store (maybe 2 if it’s a big one) who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to electronics, computers, etc; and use them as the resolver of this stuff. They could fire five or six worthless bags of organs, and still have better customer service by paying that one person an actual living wage and decent benefits. Kinda like the store ‘genius’, not to steal Apple’s thunder.

      It drives me so crazy to be at a store and hear the morons that work there trying to sound smart to a 70-year-old couple who somehow know more than them (worst of all: Radio Shack.) If they would get people who are actually passionate about stuff, and not just passionate about how loud they can play Lil’ Wayne in their car, they’d be better off.

  3. akacrash says:

    Bad service notwithstanding, good job throwing an f-ing temper tantrum.

    What’s the story about the scorpion and the turtle?

    • fjordtjie says:

      @akacrash: personally, if i’d been there i’d have done the same thing. he had a bunch of morons telling him he’s stupid, when the guy was obviously right on all counts. it’s an electronics store, right? shouldn’t there be an employee in the damn store that knows ANYTHING about electronics or their own store policy? and to have to call corporate and return to the store a bunch of times is insane! every step of the way would be upsetting, as they treat him like a moron the whole time, and THEN to have them refuse to prove the drive isn’t defective because they don’t want to open another box, when they already sold him 2 defective products! i mean holy crap, you must have nerves of steel! i would have been yelling at them when they sold me a used, different drive!

      • Project_J187 says:

        @fjordtjie: As a computer technician, there is nothing more infuriating then talking to a “Technician” that is no more qualified then a salesperson. The thing with Tech is that most people don’t know a damn thing about PCIe, SATA, FSB and all the things that actually matter. They can just “talk the talk”

        I probably would have gone off and made the guy cry after he said “I build computers.”

    • Roclawzi says:

      @akacrash: I think the story you are referring to is the scorpion and the frog, but where is that referenced here?

    • blackmage439 says:

      @akacrash: Everyone, it’s the scorpion and the fox/coyote/wolf, I can’t remember which. A scorpion wouldn’t be able to to much to a turtle’s shell, and frogs don’t generally swim on the surface.

      Anyway, I probably wouldn’t go on an f-bombing tantrum, but I feel for this guy. AT&T has been doing the same thing to my mom for the past few months. I was supposed to get a phone case and Bluetooth headset with my upgraded phone. After over 6 hours on the phone with these idiots, they say “they have an email” that states I was never entitled to those items, despite us having an email that says otherwise. Assholes.

      Being a tech support person for one of the top 100 performing high schools in the country, I hate these stories. I pride myself on my honesty and integrity. These little pimply puke stains they call “techs” make me sick. That is why I always try and order my parts online for in-store pickup. I dodge these know-nothing idiots and continue on my way within 10 minutes.

      • Barbarisater says:

        @blackmage439: The only problem with the order online with in store pickup is that you still would have had to go through the same scenario. Give you 800GB drive vs. 1TB, replacement drive missing connector board and arguing that the connector board is optional purchase (wait….WHA!!)

    • B1663R says:

      @akacrash: Jeeze, hasn’t anyone heard that story? (scorpion and the fox)

      it’s gonna be a long one…Ready?

      once upon a time a scorpion was at a riverbank and he wanted to get across. scorpions cant swim all that good. a fox came along and said i’ll give you a lift as long as you don’t sting me. scorpion says fine.

      so halfway across the river the scorpion stings the fox. the fox says “why did you do that? we’re both gonna die now ya douche!” scorpion says “sorry dude I’m a scorpion stinging is what i do”

      moral of the story is that Chester Cheetah can’t eat chips and is stuck with Cheetos till he dies. so don’t shop at circuit city.

  4. BrianDaBrain says:

    Yet another example of piss-poor CC customer service. It seems to me that they are completely incapable of offering quality support. In my case, I’m not sure if I would have gone off quite like that, but I can definitely see how that would be infuriating.

    Fix it quick, CC, or you’re toast!

    • wee0x1B says:

      @BrianDaBrain: It’s a story about a piss-poor customer, too.

    • socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

      In their defense the firedog manager probably wasn’t giving piss-poor customer service, he probably didn’t know better.

      I applied at firedog when I finally gave in out of desperation for a job. The test they give is a 100 question personality and sales quiz and then at the end ask you 8 irrelevant questions to fixing computers. The questions they ask are so old and outdated, and irrelevant because 9 out of 10 consumers dont use computers running windows 2000.

      As long as you can sell warrantys and virus software you can work at firedog. Geeksquad on the other hand, I have no idea how you get in there considering their website says apply at the store at the Geeksquad desk and the Geeksquad desk people say you apply online. And wouldn’t get me a manager to speak to.

  5. Bozman8 says:

    on a related note, B&H in NYC is really the best store to price match with. circuit city and best buy HATE when customers try to do it.

    recently, best buy price matched with B&H for me on a camera memory card. this was only after two people in the photography department told me “no way, under no circumstances” would they match B&H (the B&H price was 60% cheaper and not even on sale). these guys were clueless, tried to imtimidate me, and unconvincingly tried to act like they did not believe me that this very same best buy price matched B&H when i bought my television.

    in the end, i ignored them and the woman working at customer service ended up doing it for me no questions asked.

    • coren says:

      @Bozman8: Tell me more about this B&H…are they only in NYC? Do they retail online as well?

      • corsec67 says:

        @coren: [www.bhphotovideo.com]
        They are a very cool store, I have bought a bunch of stuff from them, and I live in Colorado.

        One thing to note is that they are very Jewish, so they are closed (website and store) on all Jewish holidays, and on the Sabbath. (I don’t care about what religion they are, except they go to great effort to make it painfully obvious)

        • 92BuickLeSabre says:

          @corsec67 and Dooley: It’s a pretty poor excuse, but it really has to do with transit in NYC for me.

          B&H is all the way over on 9th Avenue, on the west side. I work and live on the east side. To go north and south in Manhattan (by taxi or by subway) is a breeze. But to go cross-town. Fuhgeddaboutit. There are essentially two useful cross-town subway lines and they are dastardly demons placed right where I don’t want them and exactly where 8,000,000 other people are going to use them. If I don’t want to pay for a taxi to sit in traffic for 45 minutes (and sense we don’t have cars) that leaves riding the bus – well, the local papers do at least one story a year about how it is faster to walk from 1st Ave to 9th Ave than to ride. And those are looooong blocks.

          It’s easier for me to get to Brooklyn or Queens. Honestly, anything on the west side might as well be in New Jersey.

          When do I have time for such a jaunt? On Saturdays. When they are closed.

          So even though I do try to shop there (and do my browsing at J&R downtown), would it be much easier for me to imagine wandering into a Circuit City or Best Buy nearer to me? Yup.

          (And this completes our evening peek into the mind of a lazy New Yorker.)

          • katylostherart says:

            @92BuickLeSabre: hehehe. i was gonna say walk. whenever i get off grand central i can’t be bothered to figured out the lines if i don’t have to hop to another borough and just end up walking.

            lazy bugger.

    • dangermike says:

      @Bozman8: I don’t get it… if they offer such better price and clearly better, more helpful service, why not just shop there in the first place?

    • Sure I could agree with you, but then we'd BOTH be wrong. says:

      Instead of trying to “price match” the store that has better prices and better customer service, why not reward them for their better prices and better customer service…. BY GIVING THEM YOUR BUSINESS?

      B&H is one of the best photography retailers in the country. I live in California but buy all my equipment from them, and they have above average customer service that has impressed me on multiple occasions, even when the goof-up was my own fault!

      Not to mention that they’re rated as one of the top mail-order outlets. If you are able to just go in and buy from them, then do it… Don’t give your money to a store with bad customer service and high prices!

      • katylostherart says:

        @Dooley: i was totally rarin to drool about some camera deals but i gotta say, they’re not that great on price for the same equipment. i just did a random check on the 400d and i can think of two places i saw it cheaper for a body/lens combo and a kit (wide angle lens, filters, tripods, case, extra battery, card & reader, etc.) for only about $150 more. and it’s also in nyc.


        hmmm, i wonder if i can get them to fight for it…

      • Bozman8 says:

        @Dooley: B&H’s prices are great, but I’ve heard bad stories about their return policies. For all its problems, Best Buy never gives me a hard time returning anything. On small items like a memory card, it doesn’t matter much to me. But, for big ticket items, I just feel more comfortable with a larger chain store. And, Best Buy is located in a much more convenient part of the city for me.

    • illtron says:

      @Bozman8: Unless it was Friday afternoon or Saturday, why didn’t you just go to B&H instead? Give the better store your business instead of worrying about the price match bullshit!

      Oh that note, I just have to say that on occasion, I have found the best price at BB from time to time. I got a 1TB external HD there for $179 ($169 after it wasn’t ready when I arrived to pick it up). It was the cheapest I could find even online. I swear this drive is schizophrenic. Since that time I bought it, I’ve seen it for a different price every time I go in BB, once over $300.

    • Scatter says:


      I see it all the time but just don’t get it. If B&H is a “local” store as was claimed and their prices are better then why even waste your and Curcuit City’s time and purchase the drive at Circuit City? Just buy it at B&H and avoid all the headaches.

  6. anonvmoos says:

    after the first or second fail box you open, you should have learned your lesson. why go for the third fail?

    • reersh9 says:

      Heck no! He shouldn’t have wandered out of the store with his tail between his legs. Stupidity should be painful and these morons needed to be shown how fkn stupid they are.

      I commend you on your actions. Ignorance is one thing, you just need to inform them. Insisting that you’re right despite not graduating high school is a complete separate issue.

  7. Zeniq says:

    Yeah, sorry the tech had no idea wtf he was talking about, but that’s no reason to be a jerk and yell at him for 30 minutes. Seriously, is it impossible to just calmly point out the problem?

    That being said, I agree.

    • tmlfan81 says:

      @Zeniq: Sometimes people are so dense, they have to be yelled at to penetrate that thick noggin resting on their shoulders.

    • pjorg says:

      @Zeniq: Yep, I have to concur.

      If you go completely crazy, they’ve won.

    • godlyfrog says:

      @Zeniq: Yeah, I have to agree with you on the shouting. I have a feeling, though, that after being forced to return a drive, then finding another drive without the controller on the bottom, then having the FireDog tech talking down to him like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about was about enough to make him snap.

      On the other hand, however, I certainly hope the OP is shamed publicly the next time he makes a mistake, too, since nobody deserves that.

      • arl84 says:


        OP, don’t listen to them. That guy deserved to be publicly scorned like that. Shame on that FireDog rep to have such an elitist attitude towards a customer. I can see why he did it, sure, he probably talks to stupid people all day, every day. But he should at least be able to recognize when someone is not stupid, and knows what they’re talking about. I work in customer service myself (tech support no less), and have been, for years. If I were that “manager” and I got yelled at like that, sure, I would have been horribly embarrassed, pissed off, maybe even cried in the bathroom for a minute, who knows? But in the end, I would know that I deserved it.

        Humility is a virtue all too forgotten in today’s world, and the OP was right to instill that in some elitist “techie” because now that guy’s relly gonna think twice before he starts insulting someone’s intelligence.

        • godlyfrog says:

          @arl84: And what did it solve? This tech/manager could have been put in his place without the insults. This tech/manager would have been well within his rights to issue a refund and make the OP leave the store, leaving him without a drive and the time it took to get to that point. The OP is lucky the tech/manager was willing to admit he was wrong and give in.

          Being right doesn’t mean you can throw out all the social rules. The tech/manager was wrong, ignorant, and made a bad assumption, but the OP was equally rude, condescending, and intentionally made a scene for no good reason.

    • Etoiles says:

      @Zeniq: I think that yelling at retail workers is almost never acceptable. I worked in CVS for years and it’s amazing the number of things people will throw temper tantrums about.

      That said, I have NEVER had as difficult a time explaining ANYTHING as to Circuit City employees in New York City. They’re even worse than Duane Reade for 1st grade comprehension skills and that’s really saying something, as city residents know. Being calm starts to get impossible after the fourth employee in a row has somehow failed to understand the words, “I want that one.”

      • Snullbug says:

        @EtoilePB: I have dealt with some of these big box stores where yelling and attracting an interested crowd is the only thing that got any results. If they can deal with you quietly and you don’t make waves, they will just stonewall you. When you attract a crowd and keep repeating loudly whatever scam they worked on you, then they will bend heaven and earth to get you to shut up and leave the store. Granted I’ve heard of some places calling security in which case I would immediately get out my cell and call the police, but up to now I’ve been able to get satisfaction at Best Buy and CompUSA only by yelling.

    • Roclawzi says:

      @Zeniq: To be fair, there are a lot of people out there in the service industry that firmly believe they are correct to the point that they will not even perform the most cursory of examinations of a problem, and losing your patience (or showing enough patience that you make it clear that you’ll fight your POV all day) will jumpstart them sometimes into paying adequate attention.

  8. legwork says:

    1) Hire idiots, train exclusively for “customer is the enemy.”
    2) ???
    3) Profit.

    I see what they did there.

  9. PrestonBerryworth says:

    This guy sounds like a real jack ass. Sucks to shop at CC but why explode at the incompetent help? Not their fault no one trained them. Assclown.

    • tmlfan81 says:

      @PrestonBerryworth: When you are in the moment, sometimes all it takes is for one stupid comment to send you over the damn edge. In this particular case, the tech made several stupid comments. I would be upset as well.

    • reersh9 says:

      @PrestonBerryworth: It’s easy to speak self-righteously seeing as you’re outside the situation, not spending your money to buy a product that shouldn’t take 4 hours to purchase in store.

      How about stepping off your high-horse and cut the guy some slack. He’s not knocking over displays or walking back in with a weapon; he’s simply expecting a fkn retailer to act on their promises and not employ idiotic douchebags that would rather stand by their ignorance than direct the customer to someone that knows what they are talking about.

    • Mr. Guy says:

      @PrestonBerryworth: pretty surprised that roz hasn’t disemvoweled you or banned you outright for this one.

    • charodon says:

      @PrestonBerryworth: If the OP is accurate, then the Firedog guy was the first to escalate, yelling at him for demanding “connectors.” I mean, it’s one thing to get the bad product, another thing to get it twice, a third thing if the salesperson doesn’t understand the problem, a fourth thing if the alleged “tech support” person doesn’t get it, and a fifth thing if that tech support person yells at you in the process. Maybe you have the patience of Buddha but I’m pretty sure that would set me off.

    • Snullbug says:

      @PrestonBerryworth: I call Bullshit. If you don’t know, don’t pretend that you do. The AssClown was clearly the store employee.

  10. Adam W says:

    Wow, first of all, I have to tell you all that I work in retail in the photo department in a major pharmacy. If somebody had yelled at me like that for printing their photos on the wrong paper or something like that, I honestly would be less likely to help you and reprint them.

    I totally see where he is coming from however that they are nothing but ignorant at CC. That’s the problem with these technology big box stores like CC and Worst Buy. They hire high school and college students who know absolutely nothing about the department they are working in. If you are offered a job at one of these 2 stores, you should be assigned to a department and before you begin working, you must pass a test about the department you are working in. If you want to work in another department, you have to pass the test for that department.

    For example, for me to let somebody work in the photo lab at my store, I have to know that I can trust them alone with the equipment meaning they have to know how to do anything and everything. I won’t let them run the lab alone until they have passed all their certification tests from corporate. I think CC and BB need to do the same thing with their different departments in the store.

    • tmlfan81 says:

      @wyssaj01: I don’t think there are many people that agree with his tone. I understand where he was coming from – sometimes stupid comments send people over the edge. You have to consider the source of someone’s anger and frustration. Granted, there are going to be dicks that would be miserable regardless of what you say or do, but I feel that there are a great deal more that would just be happy if you did the job right the first try, or finally inserted someone along the way that could, and without giving the customer grief.

    • SynMonger says:

      @wyssaj01: Wow, first of all, I have to tell you all that I work in retail in the photo department in a major pharmacy. If somebody had yelled at me like that for printing their photos on the wrong paper and then have the temerity to argue with me when I tell them “it’s SUPPOSED to be on the wrong paper!”, I honestly would be less likely to help you and give the proper customer service any normal human being would expect.

      There, fixed that for you.

  11. RonDiaz says:

    newegg.com….nuff said.

  12. downwithmonstercable says:

    What do you expect? Those are the people they replaced their qualified staff with.

  13. JohnDeere says:

    ya, try buying a $1000 laptop with cash and taking it back on the same day. they would only give me $200 cash and made me take the rest in store credit. otherwise i would have had to wait 2 weeks for a check. the credit was ok as i was just going to get a new desktop instead.

  14. milty45654 says:

    That’s what you get for ripping movies and storing them. You steal, they steal….eye for an eye IMHO

  15. amejr999 says:

    It’s really disappointing. The CC near me used to be AWESOME, but over the past 2-3 years they’ve fallen apart. Lots of the old employees are gone, and even the ones that are still there have fallen down a lot.

  16. jdhuck says:

    I went to CC looking for a VGA monitor cable for my mom. He dog decided to chew into her old VGA cable.

    I could not find one VGA cable in the entire store.
    I relented and decided to go find someone and ask for help. To my luck to Firedog guys were chatting about the hot checkout girl and I was able to interrupt. I was told that all computers now use DVI and VGA cables are ‘a thing of the past’. I walked over to the first display computer and turned to monitor around to expose an archaic VGA cable. Then I went to the second and did the same. I asked Mr Firedog if they always use out of date hardware to demo computers to their customers. He told me that those must be remnants from old builds.
    Old builds?
    Long story made not so short, Mr Firedog found a VGA cable! 6FT long, gray in color. $65.
    I went home, fired up the laptop and hit monowire. I then called mom and told her she had to wait three days until her new cable came in the mail.

  17. vdragonmpc says:

    I believe it. I needed a very quick and cheap fix one weekend for a desktop PC that had a bad video card. The guy at CC and surprisingly BEST BUY had the same confusion about AGP and PCI Express. Whats worse is they had no idea about the power requirements of the cards.

    I wasnt returning and the tech at best buy wanted to learn a bit so I chatted with him. I also learned about stock items you have to ask for that are not on the floor.

    Info for info I guess.

  18. Kitteridge says:

    Circuit City is a model lesson for anyone who thinks you can, in the long run, save money by paying less on infrastructure (i.e., competent, trained, experienced employees).

    This should be part of the lesson plan for any other companies thinking they can make the same boneheaded move.

  19. prag says:

    “Also, where in the manual do it say that it includes the connectors?”

    Huh? Sorry, I don’t speak jive.

  20. slipnby says:

    I’m done with Circuit Sh?ty. They need to close all their doors, asap. Look away, they are hideous.

    • vastrightwing says:

      @slipnby: But are they worse than BB?

      • Raiders757 says:


        Yes. Jerkit City is way worse. At least in my area they are. My local BB has a wide variety of everything they sell. They even have a large DVD and CD selection. Even bigger, with more variety than those so called specialty shops like FYE etc. ( I don’t listen to mainstream music at all, and can find some of what I listen to there. That says a lot)

        Jerkit City is a giant box full of TVs and a select few other items. Crappy DVD and CD selection. Pathetic would be a better word it. There is very little slection for home stereo equipment, cameras, or anything.

        When comparing their employees to BB. Jerkit City have the C team. Not even the B team. Not that I would call those at BB A team quality, but for the sake of comparison I will for the time being.

  21. GilloD says:

    Q; Why are all you guys price matching B&H instead of just going to B&H? It’s like a Jewish version of Santa’s Toyshop in there.

  22. Mr. Guy says:

    nicely written.

    “about 30 minutes of which consisted of shouting,”

    ah yes, give ’em the old ‘bill o’reilly’

  23. dohspc says:

    The one here looks like it’s closed. Like 2-5 cars in the parking lot on a Saturday. Those are prob the employees.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @dohspc: This is exactly what the CC near my house looks like. Never seen more than 5 customers in there at a time with the exception of the holiday season when people were coming to CC only because other stores were out of the gift they needed.

  24. Yogambo says:

    Seriously, it’s mighty clear you were peeved about having to come back. But as you noted, that wasn’t CC’s fault and it also wasn’t their fault that the second drive was missing its PCB, right? They matched the competitor’s price after a bit of a showdown, but I’ve had those same showdowns at BB Staples, and on and on. Why? These things barely have any margin to start with. Match is up and you are in negative margin territory. No store is excited by that prospect so they drag you down hoping you’ll give up. It sucks, but looking at in an even-handed manner, they are losing money. That’s why we want it,: we know it’s a ‘steal.’

    Now you say ‘they didn’t handle it well,’ and it’s true the tech was confused about what you were saying and very likely didn’t expect that a drive would ship out without a PCB – actually what’s that about? No PCB! So he thought he knew better than you. After all, he’s Firedog. That’s all crystal clear. But I think you could have made your case in a far more civil manner.

    Ben, I sure wouldn’t take this as a case for why CC is going to fail. I’d bet nearly any consumer electronics store you walked into would’ve responded the same on the price match and also had a moment to digest that a hard drive was shipped without its PCB – that’s just piss poor quality control. Actually, I’d bet BB might have said on the first swap, sorry you bought that brick, that brick is yours now.

    Customers come is saying all kinds of things and unfortunately the underpaid folks that staff these stores, most all of them, think they know better over time. I guess they need some way to get some value out of their jobs. But this guy, the Firedog ‘tech,’ thought he’d got it all figured out and he was wrong. But he went through it with the customer, never shouted, and in the end provided the customer with the proper product.

    Maybe the OP was sensing some attitude he’s not communicated here, but I’d venture that treating someone decently is good all around. The OP didn’t ‘teach’ that tech anything. He just shat on a system that’s dysfunctional to begin with. CC has some issues, okay a lot of them. But Ben, you think this is why CC is going down? Really? Come on. CC used to have highly paid experts on staff paid on commission that made six figures. It’s true. BB came around, paid an hourly wage (right above the subsidy amount of CC commissioned sales staff), kept training to a minimum, and slowly began to beat CC down on margins. The Mart was right in there soon after them beating them all on LCD sales, with margins getting thinner and the employees getting less money and by extension caring less and knowing less.

    It’s sad but we love us some low prices. This is how we go down.

  25. Khuluna says:

    I find that buying online from them is the easiest way. Surprisingly, the only trouble I’ve ever had from them is the crappy ACER they sold me which was as good as useless in a year.

    (Did you know that laptop temps can go as high as 104? if it was a person it would be dead)

    • xwildebeestx says:

      @Khuluna: ONLY 104? Amateur! My 6 year-old powerbook runs at 120 on a consistent basis, and we’ve had 1st gen MacBooks just north of 200 when running Photoshop CS2 through Rosetta.

  26. vastrightwing says:

    The funny thing is that Fryes didn’t have to kick them around either. They failed all by themselves. Maybe Fryes or MicroCenter can take them over.

    Any bets as to the failure bonus Mr. Bruce H. Besanko and his cronies will get before it folds? I bet he’ll get at least a million and the rest will fight over a couple mill each.

  27. jaysonwhelpley says:

    CC might be in the wrong, but seriously? A temper tantrum?

  28. xwildebeestx says:

    I don’t understand all this price-matching argument nonsense. If you know that something is cheaper somewhere else, and you ask for a deal and get turned down — just go where it’s cheaper. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  29. JackAshley says:

    Wait…they make 800gb IDE hard drives?

  30. thebluepill says:

    I quit shopping at Circuit City after they refused to do a simple price match with Best buy on a TV Capture USB Part. Although best buy was only 4 miles away, they insisted that they were not “in their region” and would not match the price at all. The manager was a rude as hell punk.

    I left the USB Card on the Counter, Went to Best Buy and bought it and the HDTV i was planning to buy at Circuit City.

    Fuck Circuit City.

  31. bleigh says:

    why would you price match instead of just going to B&H?! I’m a bby employee, and I still go to B&H to get everything. That store is amazing. I buy all of my camera equipment there now, and will probably continue to go there. It outshines BBY and CC ANY day.

  32. Khuluna says:

    @xxwildebeestxx I was afraid to use photoshop on it after the first year. The first time I tried (after the year had passed) it just fired it up, BURNED ME HORRIBLY WITH ESCALATING HEAT and then powered down. I’m afraid of the temp it could have gotten to had it actually RUN the damn thing.

  33. Mr.SithNinja says:

    This is exactly why they are going bankrupt. They employ morons who can’t tell a SATA cable from their own cable.

  34. djsyndrome says:

    Great story, except there is no such thing as an 800GB ATA hard drive. [/nitpick]

    That said, I recently went into CC for possibly the last time to buy Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray. Not only did they not have any on the floor (couldn’t be bothered to put them out on launch day!), the cashier couldn’t be bothered to end her personal cell phone call to ring me up. I stood at the front of the line for five minutes while getting an earful of her drunken weekend hijinks.

    I dropped the disc on the floor, left and went across the street to Best Buy, where I had a much better experience. BB may be the lesser of two evils, but for the most part I’ve been satisfied with them.

  35. tasselhoff76 says:

    But doesn’t this stuff happen with Best Buy all the time too? Yet they are still going strong?

  36. Anonymous says:

    I am the Will, the OP in question – just to clarify on a few points:

    For the sake of brevity (short internet attention spans) my experience was broken up in to sections and, more importantly, greatly condensed. The bulk of the events related, including all of the shouting, occurred AFTER hours of frustration.

    Did I through a temper tantrum? Damn skippy. I’ve worked in retail for quite some time, and I understand the challenges, but my tantrum was a direct response to the “Tech” yelling at me. Maybe my poor writing didn’t allow it to come across clearly to all, but when Mr. Firedog jumped in, it was very aggressively – I’ll use more caps to convey that, next time.

    I dealt with him in a fairly level headed manner until he told me –
    a) you’re wrong, it doesn’t include the connections (he actually pulled out the manual in an attempt to browbeat me, challenging me to point out where it was stated that the PCB and connections were included),
    b) if you have a problem with that, take it up with WD, not us,
    c) no, we’re not going to open another box to prove that we’re right, because we know that we’re right (and that you’re wrong),
    d) no, you can’t exchange it for another box, because we know that we’re right (and that you’re wrong).

    Yeah, he did make an offer to take back the second drive and refund my money, but the time already invested was such that I wasn’t going to walk away empty handed. Besides, if I walk away, the thing is gettin’ shrink-wrapped and put back on the shelf.

  37. intellivised says:

    Circuit City is terrible. That being said, it’s no excuse to be a terrible human being.

  38. bria says:

    If employees give you horrible service, why give them the satisfaction of the service? Why not walk out and say “Due to your untrained employees, I’m taking my business elsewhere.”

    In the end, you gave Circuit City money. Why give money to such a shoddy corporation?

  39. knightracer says:

    I went through a price match process a few months back and it was hell. I persisted because I was making a point it was their “policy” to do despite the constant runaround I got. It was a new model location that is consistently empty. Suffice it to say that I haven’t gone back.

  40. Aphex242 says:

    Honestly? I recently got a friendly CSR there to apply a coupon I got for ordering online to the item I’d ordered online.

    Very cool of her, did it without the slightest hesitation, and really made me happy in the process. No place is perfect by any means, but I think these broad generalizations based on a few people’s experiences are kinda unfair.

    I do completely agree however that the corporation really blew it firing all those people.

  41. SecureLocation says:

    Dead store walking

  42. Ajh says:

    I know someone who works at a circuit city. He knows his stuff and does a good job. He does try to make sales, but if he thinks the cheaper model is what you need, he will definitely say so. His store is one of the ones that actually doesn’t lose money…and it’s one of the ones that might be closed down. He’s been there over three years and now he needs to apply to jobs in case he won’t have one shortly.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I worked in one of the smallest CC stores in the country in a college town in N C FL for 51/2 years. I used to average 10 to 15 hours a week just for some extra bucks. When I was hired I was paid Min wage for 40 hours and had to do training on my primary dept ( computers) and then cross into TV and heavy iron ( washers etc). Of course being aen electronics tech, copiers, by day and getting and MCSE at the time I could have written the training.Used to be when you walked into a CC you got the hands down most knowledgeable sales people around. The other side of the equation was that we were commisson only. U no sell, u no eat. They had a subsity program but if you spent much time in it you were gone.All that being said, I used to walk in on a weeknight, 6-9 pm, and walk out with $300 to $600 in spiffs as they were called. We were pushed to sell CHEESE which was our slang for extended warranties. They were actually not too bad then and they did what we sold them for. Protected the buyer. I never pushed but I did sell them. My dollars were good because I sold good stuff. I never sold a Compaq Presario because they were rubber bands. Towards the end of Packard Bell’s life they actually had a good box for the price. 5 years later based on the same sales volume and hours, that 3 hour shift would pay me $40. That combined with the mindless dweebs that shuffled through the store disguised as managers was the end for me. BB opened in town just before I left CC with their hourly sales folks and that was the end. I have always done ok at CC but then since I worked there I know the ropes. I would force 24 month no interest by commiting to the cheese depending on the product. I had lots of good times there and for a time made a lot of bucks so it’s sad to see them go out this way. For the good CC folks out there, and I’ll bet 99.9% are already gone,good luck and God bless. To you shlubs in corporate in VA, you are getting what you deserve for driving the company down the road you did.

  44. xjeyne says:

    I also had a bad customer service experience with CC, after which I vowed never to shop there again. I went in for a coaxial cable splitter & went straight to an associate to show me where they were. He walked me to them and took one off a peg and handed it to me. I pointed to the price on the peg he took it from (since they don’t put prices on the actual products) and asked if that was the correct price, and the associate said yes it was.

    I took it to a register and it rang up as WAY more expensive. The cashier took me to the customer service desk, where the girl proceeded to call the manager on the phone a few times to relay messages back and forth between us until I finally had enough and told her to get the manager out of his office to speak to me in person. They tried to say the product was put back in the wrong place by another customer and that they wouldn’t give it to me at that price, which I would have accepted if it hadn’t been taken off a peg by an associate who then confirmed the price.

    After some back and forth with the manager he went to find the associate, who I had to describe since he wasn’t wearing a name tag, and as they were walking to the customer service counter I actually overheard him say, “she’s just trying to…” That was when I lost it, told the manager that I wasn’t “just trying to” do anything, he could keep his splitter, and that it was no wonder CC was going out of business with this kind of customer service. I haven’t gone into a CC since.

  45. Ein2015 says:

    Will: Why did you do this to yourself?

  46. WasabiJoe says:

    CC denied me a price match from toysrus after I cleared it with the customer service rep. He gave me a total bs excuse that the toysrus sale had ended already even though it ran for 4 more days. I was pretty pissed since I had seen him go to the toysrus website where the sale was prominently displayed and dates included so I knew that the loss prevention guy just didn’t want to price match. I was also annoyed since he yanked the games out of my hands as I went to the register.

  47. thisisasignin says:

    The best part about all this is how they will repack the used, incorrect drive and the defective drive, put them back on the shelf and try to sell them.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Circuit City used to have some prestige. Back then the sales guys were motivated by their commission, so they gave you the best customer service you would ever get. Now a days, the (hourly) sales guys are motivated by not having their managers yell at them for not being able to attach a $100 wire that took about $3 to make.

    Best Buy smoked circuit city. CC tries booking the sale with the 110% price match guarantee, saying you can always come back if this item goes on sale somewhere else, but it never really works because BB alters the model numbers which technically makes it a different product so then we can’t price match it. But I know it my store, certain managers let me go ahead with price matches that shouldn’t really be price matched. We’re a new store (opened Feb of 08) and we’re really trying hard to not be like the other CCs.

  49. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Not to blame the OP…I’m curious as to this supposed 800gb IDE drive. A google search for 800gb IDE includes this article on the front page, and I can’t seem to find a single hit of somewhere that has/had it on sale…

    Hope the 1TB is working out well at storing all your ahem…g-rated Disney movies!

  50. FrugalFreak says:

    I have a Circuit City FAIL story of my very own. I ordered a Hauppauge WinTV 1600 online a couple of months ago when it was listed as being on sale for $29 on Fatwallet. I ordered the 1600 model online at Circuit City.com for in store pickup. they showed it in stock at local store so I ordered it. When I got to store an hour later, they said they didn’t have it, The manager said she would sell me a slightly lesser model for the same price, I said what the heck. she voided the order I had already paid for with my credit card online and refunded my money on to my card. She rang the other tuner up and I left. I got home and looked the model up online and saw it had one tuner rather than dual tuners like I had wanted. I go take it back to Circuit City and get my refund. She refunds my money and I press her to give me a $24 CC gift card for the item not being in stock what they guaranteed would be. I get my Gift card and decide to browse the store, and there on the shelf was the tuner I had orginally ordered the first time. they had been too lazy to look for it in store, they evidently had only checked the computer or had never bothered to do anything. That $29 on sale tuner I got for $9 after gcard. Come to find out later they had never even refunded my credit card from the first supposedly refund. I eventually got it taken off but the demise of Circuit City is well earned.

  51. RichasB says:

    I work in a CC in downtown Miami and I can say is that I’m sorry you wondered in to one the crappy stores that will be on the top of the “To Go” list. Seriously, if it had happened in my store, you would have not been there fore more than 40 minutes in total, instead of 4 hours.

    I’m the lead tech in my store and I can say that if you brought me an internal SATA HDD that was missing its PCB, I wouldn’t have argued at you, I would have probably looked at it, laughed my ass off at Western Digital, and gave you the new one without questions. Hell, even if you had taken it to my store and just pointed it out at one of the air headed cashiers, they still would’ve returned it. When a Cst says it’s defective, we don’t argue, we just grab a new one and send you on our way. Oh well, sorry you had a bad time sir.

  52. WolfDemon says:

    This is why I buy hard drives through Newegg

  53. Canoehead says:

    “When I got home, I opened the box only to realize that the box contained a used, 800 GB, IDE hard drive, NOT a shiny, new 1TB SATA hard drive. I immediately went back to exchange the drive. The exchange was pretty painless, until…”

    Not to be a dick, but has anyone ever seen a 800GB IDE drive? I was only able to find one 750BG IDE on Newegg – everything else IDE was 500 or less.

    Did the OP mean 80 ? :))

    All that said, I have also had the “pleasure” of losing my sh*t at CC – in my case it was what we used to call “dumb insolence”. Never going back, though soon it won’t even be an option.

  54. CSUSam says:

    All I can speak for is my store, and we have great techs and I know more about cameras and computers than around 98% of you. We recently opened a hard drive to replace a customers bad one, and it was the wrong drive. My guess is some moron at customer service took it back because they had no idea what it was.

    I agree CC has a lot of problems and sucks in many areas; and this is going to be their downfall. But don’t lump all of the employees together as untrained and unknowledgeable.

    And, the lay-offs at my store did not get rid of any good employees. They were all lazy and the least knowledgeable of anybody. What kills me is the restructuring of stores so that the sections changed. At my store now there is TVs, and not TVs. That means I am supposed to know about computers, cameras, games, MP3 players, movies, music and car audio, when I was hired on to do computers, cameras and MP3 players. Luckily I am a nerd and know about most of it, but I literally cannot help in Road Shop. So, if i were the only one there to help, the customer experience would suck, in all honesty.

  55. puyro {who was banned for "junk comments" what? says:

    My techs are pretty good too.
    And I’m a CSA who always checks model numbers with the one on the box.
    The only thing I know anything about is video games, and I know it well. Any other department I will tell you I don’t know anything about it (except for basic questions).
    I also would have price matched B&H no problem, as long as they had the drive in stock and my assumption is correct that it is a retail store, since I’ve never heard of it. xD

  56. Trencher93 says:

    Do not buy WD drives. Never had any good experience with them. Get Seagate. Surprise that CC is selling WD junk? No…

    • Anonymous says:

      @Trencher93: WD junk? Guess I am lucky for having TWO WD drives for over 3 years and nothing has happened to them. One is a 400GB drive and the other is the 36GB Raptor. No issues WHATSOEVER. On the flipside, my Seagate Barracuda 750GB just crashed and burned. Got it warrantied, but that does not rescue my data.

  57. moore850 says:

    Classic, i love the implied accent on the firedog tech, as soon as i hear “where in the manual do it say” I start seeing red.

  58. ValfridProcrustes says:

    It isn’t the employee’s fault that he hasn’t been trained properly.

    Remember, the only person you can control, it is yourself.

    You somehow think that your belittling the employee was justified. I don’t. You could have accomplished the same thing without resorting to yelling and swearing, probably faster, and certainly without the personal attacks.

    In my mind, this post should be retitled asshole consumer ruins everyone’s day fixing a small mistake.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to add. Though I typically do not advise going off on an employee in a store and belittling them. However, if a “Tech” does not understand the technology then admit it, investigate and resolve the customer’s issue. I hate when people that do not understand (SATA Drive = SATA Connectors) try to bullshit you. Just say Geez… sir I am not sure why the connectors are missing lets check another box…..not hard…..don’t have to be an expert…be helpful……just give people the benefit if the doubt

  60. crabbyman6 says:

    I will literally cry if CC goes out of business. No one wants to see a 27 year old man crying, but it’ll happen. Where I live the only consumer electronics brick and mortar stores are circuit city and best buy and I’ve been screwed by best buy too many times to even consider them. I guess no more instant gratification for me as I’ll be doing all my electronics shopping online.

  61. Anonymous says:

    How recent is this story? I have been to Circuit City in the last month and my experience was better than ever. This man should have asked to speak with the Manager if he was having trouble. They took care of me and my mp3 player worked great. I agree that they have not been great in the past but it seems like they have changed based on my last experience. I hope they survive. They have been around as long as I can remember.

  62. Anonymous says:

    We had an interesting adventure with a car stereo and their “extended service plan.” Sales rep told us the plan covered immediate replacement of a failed unit, instead of waiting for a repair. As others have noted this was a lie. Things got more interesting from there, because the stereo was not only installed incorrectly, but failed twice.

    When I called CC customer service, the phone menu was a pain to navigate. No obvious choice for car audio. Picked the wrong option, and got transfered around a bit. Finally spoke to a rep who wasn’t very nice about either being lied to or the PITA phone menu. Bottom line is that this was all our tough luck.

    Went to our local CC to speak to the manager about the situation. He listened as I told our story, but obviously didn’t really care. Minimal customer service skills. Didn’t introduce himself, and was very brusque in his manner.

    At this point we also found out that the advertised “free” installation involves some creative bookkeeping and is not really free. Consequently, if you seek a refund you don’t get all your money back.

    Finally got the second dead stereo replaced, but we don’t shop at CC any longer. Such a shame. I first shopped there 25+ years ago, and it used to be a great outfit to deal with. Not any more…

  63. mike says:

    I got an idea. Right now, CC stock is at $0.21 a share. If we buy a majority control of it, we can really change things around!

    Who’s with me?!

  64. ModernTenshi04 says:

    I lost faith in them when they stopped doing their “no excuses needed” exchange program. My mom got me the full screen copy of Superman Returns for Christmas, but I only buy widescreen (an honest mistake, she said she just grabbed it in a hurry as the store was crowded, which is completely understandable). Sadly she didn’t have a receipt, nor could she recall which store she got it from.

    I’ve had this happen before, and usually Circuit City just took the DVD and gave me a store credit or something.

    Little did I know that this year, stores apparently had their own UPC code for movies they sold, so now they could tell if it was sold at their store or not.

    “Sorry sir, we didn’t sell this DVD, you’ll have to take it elsewhere.”

    “But I thought you guys had a no hassle, no excuses needed return policy, and that I’d just get a store credit or something instead of cash?”

    “Yeah, we don’t do that anymore.”

    Finally found out it was Target, but still, I was really sad when they got rid of that policy, as it was a rather good policy IMO.

    • mike says:

      @ModernTenshi04: I understand what you mean. I think, though, enough people took advantage of the system to make a profit. For example, if you bought the movie from Target at $10, and it was $20 at Circuit City, you could take the game there and “return it” for $20 and then buy something at Circuit City.

      I can understand if you didn’t have a receipt and they were able to look it up (which they do now) and offered you credit.

  65. EricaKane says:

    Circuit is the worst. It was always lagging behind Best Buy, but about 4 years ago, it just nose dived. No checkout lines, no organization to their media selection, overpriced garbage. Any knowledgeable employees were shown the door a long time ago, replaced with just above minimium wage folks who look like they are ready to kill you. My favorite is the fact that Verizon must have paid Circuit to basically take over about 1/4 of their store and so if you a want a cell phone accessory, you have to deal with Verizon employees, who are no doubt trying to sign up some sucker to a 5 year contract something or trying to fix somebody’s billing problems. Turns a 2 minute checkout into an hour wait. Ridicolous. I’m all for more competition, but competition is what kill stores like Circuit Chitty.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I agree this would be very frustrating, but isn’t there a conflict when you purchase from only those retailers that can give you the lowest price, AND also expect quality?

    We’ve done this to ourselves folks. We complain about poor service and then shop solely on price. Would you buy your gear from a retailer that said “great service, knowledgeable staff, all prices 5% more!”?

    And we wonder why wal-mart continues to grow. You get what you pay for most of the time.

  67. Urgleglurk says:

    The same thing has happened in airline customer service. Anyone that had enough experience to be useful has been laid off, fired, job outsourced, etc. This is one big reason why airline c/s has gone down the tubes. Most of the people on the front lines these days are drones like the CC people.

  68. chumleyex says:

    Yeah I think after the Firedog guy says they don’t have connectors on them, I would go off.

  69. balilanai says:

    My wife always called them Suck-it City and its so true!

  70. edrebber says:

    The first 2 items will be repackaged and sold to someone else. The correct procedure is as follows:

    1. Pay with a credit card.
    2. Make one good faith attempt to return the item.
    3. Dispute the charge with your credit card company.

    Circuit City will get hit with a charge back fee in addition having the payment reversed. The defective item is taken out of circulation and you have saved yourself a few hours of aggravation.

  71. campredeye says:

    I made the mistake of buying a video card from them after mine fried.

    They had the best AGP 8x card I could get to hold me over until I built a new computer.

    I got it home and opened it, the anti-static bag looked like someone had used it for stuffing. I didn’t think much of it. I installed it, it didn’t work.

    The next day I boxed it back up and brought it back. The girl opened it and looked puzzled. She went and got the guy from Firedog and a “Floor Manager” to look at it. He told me they cant take it back because it wasn’t the same card. Completely dumbfounded, I look at the card and it was a 2600 model or something similar, not the 2400 that was stated on the box and that I bought.

    They wouldn’t take back the card that cost $100 more, and brand new, that was erroneously boxed. I asked to talk to someone else, and this kid who was probably in his 20’s told me that the manager would say the same thing as him.

    The manager came over, I explained it to him, and he told the kid to refund my money. I could have easily just put this in eBay and turned a profit, but since I was there and didn’t even know the issue until I got there, why not be an honest customer.

  72. mariospants says:

    I like to think that out there a CC employee or perhaps a customer has swapped a 750GB drive for a 1TB and if people complain that the drive has less space on it than expected, CC will just tell them that “the formatted capacity of a drive is usually less than what is says on the box”. That and the 1048k thingy.

  73. kingdom2000 says:

    I want to feel bad for Circuit City but frankly I am sick and tired of the spreadsheet manager style that is destroying American business.

    Been in the trenches, been there done that managers needs to be the spine of any corporation that wants to succeed but instead they are just a bunch of college grads who read books and love reports that are making decisions.

    In the trenches managers would have known what an utter disaster firing your experienced people would be. Those that bury there nose in reports only know what numbers would go up and what numbers would go down and don’t compare the consquences of their decisions as that goes on a seperate report.

    If CC wants to repair itself, a) they need to recongnize that you get what you pay for. You want better people, you have to pay more and b) if their managers don’t have real world experience to back up their decisions, then they need to be replaced with those that do.

    CC is a prime example of why companies shouldn’t never have stopped the practice of promoting from within.

  74. Anonymous says:

    i went to CC once. it was around when you couldn’t find a wii fit anywhere, and the guy at the toys r us (where they were sold out) told me he thought there might be some at CC a couple of miles up the street. i went there and i swear i thought the place was closed down. zero cars in the parking lot. i ran in to check, and there were like 3 sales guys huddled around a register screen watching a baseball game.
    to shorten a sort of long story, the manager made some small talk with me, and after telling me they didn’t carry such things, whipped out his cell phone and called an inner city game store to tell them to save the last wii fit they had for his “customer.” they did, and i got one before anyone i know.
    i bought nothing, but i sure am glad i went to CC. =)

  75. f3rg says:

    Newegg has a 1TB WD drive for $125. Next time, shop smarter and complain less.

  76. ZafirMink says:

    Can’t be surprised. They expanded to Canada under “The Source”.

    I used their store ONCE. Then I boycotted them due to an egregious violation of their customer satisfaction policy that was posted *directly in front of their cash register*.

    Needless to say, a few weeks later passing by… I went back in and the sign was mysteriously missing (and as far as I know, gone completely.)

    I miss RadioShack. :(

  77. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Wii bundle online from them about a year ago. It took two months for it to arrive in the mail. Phoned customer support in India and the rep couldnt understand me. Protested the charges on CC and miraculously it showed up in the mail a few days after that. This was one of those overpriced $500 bundles too. I have had bad experience with them and BB for about 5 years now. Occasionally I think I will give them a chance for redemption but it has never happened. So I no longer shop at either store. I hope BB is next!