Reach Citibank Executive Customer Service

Having trouble getting people at Citibank to help you out? If you’ve tried regular customer service and supervisor multiple times and failed, try these numbers:

Citibank Executive Responsive Office in NYC
(718) 248-6433

Citibank Executive Response Unit
Rudy Guerrerro
(210) 677-7284 direct line

Remember to be nice, professional, and succinct. In customer service, karma happens very fast and you get what you give. (Photo: thecornballer)


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  1. shorty63136 says:

    Outstanding, Ben. I needed these.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great find! I called the Executive Responsive Office and received service immediately, no holding for the next representative. I explained my problem regarding the rate increase and opt out policy and was connected to the Presidential charge account service division. Someone is working on getting me a lower rate as we speak. Let’s hope I get some good news.

  3. MacIllini says:

    Thanks for this information. Just received a rate hike or opt out letter last night. I called the basic customer service to plead my case and went up through several levels of management. I have an excellent report with CitiBank but evidently they could care less. The said ALL their customers are getting rate hikes no matter what their record with the company. No wonder they are going bankrupt. I called the executive office, no waiting, and they were able to help get things fixed the way they should have been when I called the basic customer service.

  4. MacIllini says:

    Thanks for this information. I got a rate hike or opt out letter last night. I have a great report with Citibank but evidently they could care less, at least in their basic customer service office. I called customer service to discuss this hike and went up through several levels of management. Still I got the same response “we don’t care, either take the rate hike or opt out.” Really. I spoke with the executive office today and they fixed the issue they way their customer service should have done last night. At least some people at Citi care about their customers. Again, this saved me a 5% rate hike. Thanks.

  5. MacIllini says:

    Thanks for the information

  6. Wit says:

    Thank you for these. Citi is my #2 for Truly Godawful Phone Service (I have to deal with them on occasion for professional reasons) but the people I reached here were very pleasant.

  7. Kathleen Anderson says:

    I received the opt-out letter this weekend. Citibank is raising my APR from 13.24% to a minimum of 19.99% – minimum because the rate is now based on the U.S. Prime Rate. I called and opted out. I’ll stick with my other cards that have either 5.24% or 13.99% – fixed.

    I also went to the American Airlines web site to see if they offer any other affiliate cards to earn miles – Citibank is the only one available to people in the US.

    I don’t understand why we are encouraged to get our FICO score up if Citibank just treats everyone the same way regardless.

  8. Anonymous says:

    After having some aspects of my Citibank accounts mistakenly frozen by their fraud prevention unit, I discovered a way to speak to someone knowledgeable here in the States when you phone into their regular number. Just ask to speak to a “level two technician” and your call will be forwarded to their customer care offices in San Antonio.

    This can be a HUGE time saver if your inquiry goes beyond a simple request that can be handled via their foreign call centers. Knowing this shortcut would’ve saved me a lot of frustration and time spent on hold while I was transferred from one number to another.

  9. davegold says:

    I called this number, and the man who answered said “This the number for the executive office for credit cards, not home loans. We’ve contacted consumerist a number of times to update their info.”

    I offered to use a Citi web page for contacting the executive offices, but he stated that such a page didn’t exist.

    My apologies to contacting him. I’d suggest he list alternate numbers as a comment on this page, that may be a viable solution to his issue, since Citi doesn’t list executive office numbers.

    Barring any additional phone numbers from him, my only alternative would be to contact his number again to be contacted to the correct executive office!

  10. cliffvk says:

    The Executive Customer Service number at Citicard does nothing other than get you a callback by an assistant who tells you nothing can be done. What a waste of time.

    Background. I’ve been a Citibank customer since 2003. I had a Shell Mastercard, a Citibusiness Visa, a Simplicity Mastercard and a few bank accounts with Citi.

    First, they closed the Citibusiness Visa in 2007 due to lack of use. Fine. We were moving all our business accounts to American Express who we’ve been with since 1999, have 6 business & personal accounts with and have been continually working hard to meet our needs.

    Then, on Friday without warning Citibank shuts down our Shell MC and Simplicity MC. How did we find out? We tried to get gas at the Shell station and the card was denied. I get home and call and a foreign speaking call center worker tells me it was closed “due to information provided by Equifax”.

    I go to Equifax and download the latest credit profile. 1 mortgage, 7 revolving accounts with a 21% credit utilization ($17K against $85K total credit), no installment loans, no defaults, no negative information. I can’t figure it out.

    I call the executive line listed above and get an answering machine. I leave a message with my name, number and details about the closed account, Equifax, 21% utilization and ask for a return call. I wait 2 days for a response and then the phone rings. Her name is Lisa and she was asked by the Office of the President to call. She tells me no more information than I got from the foreign call center worker. theonly difference is I can clearly understand what she’s saying.

    After a 3 minute conversation in which I essentially repeat my phone message about our credit utilization, etc… she tells me she can’t go into details and the decision is permanent…not even the President can change it.

    I tell her it’s very disappointing she has no more to say than the call center workers. I was expecting more of an explanation from her level of customer service. I tell her it’s a shame Citibank is willing to sacrifice their long time loyal customers this way and that both American Express and Discover openly welcome our business (Discover called last week to lower our interest rate). She repeats that there is nothing she nor the President can do to reopen the accounts.

    I wish her a good day and hang up. So much for the so called Executive Customer Service. Honestly, it was more like Executive Message Return service.

    What’s going on at Citibank? They’re willing to sacrifice long time loyal customers like us who pay our bills and have a proven track record like we’re a dime-a-dozen. It’s a shame. They were such a good company years ago. So I guess in the end American Express and Discover are the winners. They’ll get the rest of our business now that Citibank has kicked us to the curb.

  11. tonsilpool says:

    I have been an at&t Universal Card Platinum user since at&t started the program in 1990(long before they sold it to Citibank.)

    In all of those almost 20 years, I have never been late or gone over my limit.

    Yesterday I received the dreaded “up-yours” letter from Citibank that raised my interest rate to an ungodly immoral rate of 23.99%.

    I might add that I have a “credit score” of 814 and have never been late or gone over my limit on any card I have ever used.

    Something must be done to these crooks.

    Since I have not paid any finance charges in over 15 years, I will keep the card since there is actually no increase in cost to me since I always pay what I have charged and not the amount on the statement (I always keep track of all my spending with Quicken.)

    Let me add that my Visa card has an interest rate for cash advances that is 15% less than Citibank and the charge for new purchases is 13% less.

    I think I’ll be using my Visa card on a regular basis in the future, and only use my Citibank Master Card just often enough to keep it open.

    Good luck Citibank! May you rot in hell!

  12. Tomorrowmorrowland says:

    This November, I also got the interest rate increase letter from Citi. I tried the EECB, but got a ton of bounces back and no response from those that stuck. Just got off the phone with the Citibank Executive Response Office posted above. After about 5 total minutes on the phone, Tim, the person from the President’s Card Support unit was able to negate the change for me.

    Thank you, Tim! And thank you, Consumerist for the information.