Circuit City: The Lost Years

This clip is a sort of medley of all of Circuit City’s dashed dreams and hopes, as told through their ads from nearly two decades ago. Look at the first one, the ad that announced their arrival to the New England area. What do the eager young bucks in it promise and how have those promises stood the test of time?

Great selection” – Maybe what you’re looking for is on the shelves, maybe it’s not.

Friendly advice” – Try gum-popping and monotone.

We’ll beat any price from any other store, any membership club, anybody.” – We beat ANYONE, except for retailers who are online or farther than 10 miles away.

We all have one goal: pleasing you” – We all have one goal: spiffs.

Service is state of the art” – No, but the cigarette sculpture people are help building in the alley out back is pretty amazing.

More reasons why Circuit City is dead.

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