Woman Says TSA Made Her Take Brace Off, Stand On Sprained Ankle

A Washington woman says the TSA made her take off her ankle brace before passing through security. Now her sprained ankle is fractured. “Then she made me lift up each foot individually and put all the weight on it. It was incredibly painful,” said Lona Dunlap. According to the TSA website, TSA agents don’t make you take off your brace. Rather, they’re supposed to swab the brace and look for trace explosive elements. The TSA is reviewing video footage and says it takes the allegation very seriously.

Woman Claims Pasco Airport Security Agent Hurt Her Foot [KERPTV] (Thanks to Matt!)


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  1. Sabbadeus says:

    Oh god, here we go again with ‘taking it seriously’

    • dragonfire81 says:

      @Sabbadeus: You know I never noticed how much companies used that term until Consumerist began highlighting it.

      Now it’s like the corporate equivalent of “I’ll get right on that”.

      • Sabbadeus says:

        @dragonfire81: It feels more like a catchphrase that makes people -think- that they’ll deal with it, but in reality it’s their way of saving face and saying ‘Oh, hey, looks like something bad happened, we’ll get right on this when we feel like it, and nothing will come of it aside from retraining and possibly a verbal scolding’

    • MeanPeopleSuck says:

      @Sabbadeus: Yeah… After Consumerist started mocking the “taking it seriously” line, I’ve wondered what companies are supposed to say now. What if it’s one of those rare companies that really do want to take the complaint seriously?

      • Sabbadeus says:

        @MeanPeopleSuck: If it’s one of the companies that really do want to ‘take it seriously’, it would be something they would act on immediately instead of not offering any immediate results as -many-(not all) companies do. It looks like the TSA really is, but you can still never be fully sure.

  2. backbroken says:

    Wait wait wait…taking off the brace and making her stand on her foot turned a sprain into a fracture?


    I don’t think so.

    But I don’t doubt for a minute that there was security douchebaggery involved.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      @backbroken: It sounds far fetched…but too far fetched to make up, considering they can check security video.

      • alexburrito says:

        @AlteredBeast: Not too farfetched to make up if you are interested in a law suit. Wouldn’t be the first person to make up a stupid story to get some money.

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          @alexburrito: People have gotten caught on grocery store cameras faking spills, but who doesn’t know that airports are full of cameras?

          Not too far fetched but the lady would have to be dumber than dirt to have made this up.

      • backbroken says:

        @AlteredBeast: I don’t think the security tape is going to show the bone actually fracturing. Unless they have some kind of special super zoom x-ray security camera.

        (Excuse me for a minute while I go draw up a patent application for my super zoom x-ray security camera.)

        • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

          @backbroken: At the very least, you could see the events happening as desribed, her with the brace and security insisting that it be removed. I doubt she went home and broke her ankel on her own to cash in.

    • TWinter says:

      @backbroken: I agree that sounds fishy.

      Perhaps there was a small fracture to begin with and standing on one leg made it worse?

    • Tallanvor says:

      @backbroken: far fetched or not, it’s the fact that we have yet another example of the TSA not following their own procedures.

      Even if that wouldn’t cause a fracture, it could obviously cause a person a lot of pain as common sense should have dictated to the TSA idiot.

    • Real Cheese Flavor says:

      @backbroken: Very fishy indeed.

      There’s definite douchebaggery going on. Hell, it’s the TSA — what more could you expect?

      A sprain turning into a fracture? Pretty much impossible since one is an injury to ligaments and the other is to bones.

      If she’s looking for money, her better bet’s going to be on whatever radiologist missed that fracture while looking at her films.

    • Heresy Of Truth says:


      It’s entirely possible. We had a patient this last month, where I nurse, that had a fractured femur from a fall. It was a just a fracture to begin with, and just walking on it caused it to become unaligned. It’s not really far fetched at all. It sounds like the woman is a layperson, and is just relaying information as the doctor explained it.

      • AndrewJC says:

        @Heresy Of Truth: I would think that’s also possible that a weakened set of ligaments on her ankle caused the (quite weak to begin with) bones additional strain, which could have caused a fracture, however minute it might be.

    • Ben Popken says:

      @backbroken: No. The woman doesn’t say the TSA fractured her foot.

      1. Sprain
      2. TSA made her take off brace
      3. It hurt
      4. New test results show she has fracture

      Nowhere does she say standing on the foot directly fractured it.

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @Ben Popken: It’s also quite probable that she was using a layperson’s definition of “sprain”, i.e., an ankle that hurts.
        A lot of comments here seem to expect that patients have surgeon-level acuity in self-diagnosing, which is… Optimistic?

    • strathmeyer says:

      Are you guys really unable to understand how a minor bone fracture would be diagnosed and treated as a sprain?

    • kretara says:


      A break in the lower part of the fibula (your lower leg has 2 bones, the Tibia (shin bone) and Fibula) is fairly common in a severe ankle sprain.

      Being forced to put all your weight on a slightly damaged fibula could very easily cause a break or cause a break to become much worse.

    • banmojo says:

      @backbroken: this is why lay people should either go to medical school or be very careful with assumptions. A sprained ankle usually means one of the major ligaments which supports the ankle joint has torn. This destabilizes the joint. If not careful, a sprained ankle CAN indeed turn into a fractured ankle. TSA are major assholes, and I hope they eat shit for this one. fucking nazis.

    • bobcatred says:

      @backbroken: I’m guessing it was probably already fractured when she walked into the airport, and the douchebaggy TSA agent just made it worse. I had a lousy ER doctor once claim my wrist was sprained when in fact it was fractured. If it’s a very small fracture, an unobservant doctor can miss it, or dismiss it as a flaw in the X-ray (which makes them retarded, but that’s a whole other story)
      Of course that probably means she ought to be going after her lousy doctor as well, but the TSA making her take the brace off and stand on her injured ankle is still way out of line.

  3. dfx says:

    nice, I love the part “Right now they’re trying to figure out if there is any video of the incident and figure out who was working that shift that day.”

    I’m sure that will be lost in the process of admitting they broke her damn ankle/under the table settlement.

    /golfclap america, /golfclap

  4. formergr says:

    I’ve known a couple of people who had a bad sprain that also involved a bone chip (ligaments connect bone to bone, and as I recall if a sprain is bad enough, the ligament can pull a chunk of bone off the ankle or something). So that could be what happened in this woman’s case– she had the sprain, and the strain of the standing on it was the final straw and affected the bone?

    Regardless, if the TSA told me to put my full body weight on a sprained ankle, I’d say no!! I know the imperative to get to your plane on time is great, but not enough to be put into serious pain…

    • MisterE says:


      I fully agree. I guess in this brave, new world order people must comply with government officials or be denied the most basic of freedoms. Common sense would have dictated not to place her ankle in jeopardy even though it would deny her the flight.

    • heltoupee says:

      @formergr: My mother-in-law takes care of a lady that has fairly severe muscular dystrophy. Most of the time she gets around with a walker, but it’s an arduous, slow process. Her feet are also extremely swollen and misshapen. Putting shoes on literally takes her 30 minutes. The last time she was at the airport (she was flying out to see her family) TSA made her remove her shoes, and refused to let my mother-in-law help her. Needless to say, she missed her plane. The process was so trying, she never did make it to see her family. So, TSA single-handedly stopped a poor old crippled lady from flying to see her family because she might have been a threat.

      I will not fly again if I have to depart from or arrive at a US airport until the TSA stops STEALING from travelers. This includes stealing time, belongings, and dignity. I have seen far too many of these kinds of stories. It’s no longer worth it.

  5. Aladdyn says:

    There are small bone in the foot that can be easily fractured if you step on them in an abnormal way. Add to that age (im not sure how old she is but she doesnt look like a teenager) and bones get weaker. Its not hard to understand that if your ankle was sprained and you put all your weight on it you might twist your foot in an unusuall way, causing a fracture, making a fracture worse, or making the existing sprain worse. By the way sprains are usually far worse than breaks, breaks generally heal and its over, sprains can cause life long damage. She should be able to sue just for them making her stand on a sprained ankle.

  6. Mysterry says:

    Yes… they’re taking it very ‘seriously’ aren’t they?

  7. jamar0303 says:

    I’m guessing there will be a post on the TSA blog soon enough- and the PR spin machine will be running turbo on this one. Stealing stuff is one thing, actually injuring people…

    • Difdi says:

      @jamar0303: Given how…seldom…the TSA finds itself at fault, I strongly suspect they’ll try to imply something ludicrous in that blog. Perhaps she committed an act of terror against her own ankle, thus justifying the TSA’s actions?

  8. flexipexi says:

    I don’t know if standing on her foot turned a sprain into a fracture but I do know that TSA agents will make you take your brace off. I flew from NY to Columbus while recovering from a broken wrist and at Newark, they were quite adamant and rude that I take my brace off. They only swabbed it in Columbus.

  9. perruptor says:

    It’s also possible that she had a sprain and a fracture and a bomb disguised as a leg brace.

    And a message from Elvis.

  10. fisherstudios says:

    TSA: hey is that a neck brace? this is a random security check, we just need you to take that off and stand on your head.
    Guy: surely you must be joking?
    TSA: ok then, I guess you won’t catch your flight

    TSA: is that a cast on your leg? we are doing a random security check, we need to take off the cast for manual inspection
    Guy: how am I going to get it back on afterward?
    TSA: oh you won’t be able to I guess you’ll need to pay to have it done all over again once you get to your destination

    TSA: hey buddy, you know the rules, no oxygen tanks.
    Old Lady: I need this to breathe
    TSA: sorry you know the rules – no pressurized tanks past this point, you could have deadly nerve gas in there!

    TSA: random security check!
    guy: what?
    TSA: you heard me, let’s go to this room over here…
    guy: fine…
    TSA: ok boys, get his pants off
    guy: aaah!
    TSA: now normally we would go in to your ass manually but we’re going to test out this electrified retractable baton. it’s supposed to force your bowels to empty themselves so we can see if you were trying to smuggle any drugs inside of swallowed condoms
    guy: that’s horribly indignified and embarrassing, isn’t there a painless x ray machine you could just pass me throu– AAAAH! AAAAAAAAAH!!!! AAAAA! OH GOD AAA!H111!1!1

  11. chrisjames says:

    Is this normal practice to ask someone being screened to stand on one foot? Are they double-checking the injury Brady-Bunch-Briefcase style, or checking the soles of her feet for booby traps? Terrorists are known for their poor balance?

    I don’t get why she couldn’t sit down, take the brace off, go through a few inspections, routine or not, then replace/redress and be set right. It’s such an outlandish story that I’m not surprised the TSA has gone immediately into investigation mode instead of defensive mode, like they’re suspecting this is a sham by the accuser instead of just assuming they screwed up.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      Is this normal practice to ask someone being screened to stand on one foot?

      @chrisjames: Yeah, that part doesn’t make any sense. If it’s true the TSA agent was being a jerk just to be a jerk. If it’s not true than that’s a bizzare thing to add to the story.

    • Inglix_the_Mad says:


      Most of the TSA people were really nice while I was in my wheel chair. One was a douche-bag, because I couldn’t stand and that meant doing extra work. Still the cake topper comes to us from Orlando, FL.

      I had finally gotten to the point where I didn’t have to be in a wheelchair full-time and was allowed to use crutches. I was, however, told explicitly not to put ANY weight on my broken leg or it would “shear painfully” and I would require more surgery. So I fly to Florida, no biggie, and this is with me going outside ORD for a smoke during a 3 hr (partially due to weather) layover. In Florida, on the way home, the TSA monkeys (two of them!!) refused at first to let me walk through the metal detector with my crutches / brace and then sit down while they did their search / scanned the crutches, after handing them the doctor’s card explaining what I COULDN’T do. They didn’t back down, so I literally looked at the guy, at 3PM and yelled “Don’t be a moron, if I put weight on this leg it breaks again you idiot! The fact is you’re lucky I’m on crutches, a few weeks ago I was in a wheelchair unable to stand. Hell man, I’ve got enough metal in my leg I could walk through this thing naked and set it off!”

      Basically my drug-addled (I was on some pretty heavy pain-killers yet) mind couldn’t really deal with the pain after standing in line for 15 min I just couldn’t take anymore. I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but after 3 months of NOT standing, that’s exhausting, and with a plate / screws in my collarbone too, painful. I must have scared them, pretty good, because all of a sudden they shut up and did the same thing ORD did.

      Never got an apology for their stupidity though.

      • VigilanteKitteh says:

        @Inglix_the_Mad: lol, that reminds me of the incident I had with the CATSA (Canadian version of the TSA, they love to abuse their power as well). I had a sprained ankle, and was using crutches to get around ( I sprained it while on vacation; I was flying home). They wanted to scan the crutches, and look at my ankle, since it was really swollen, they might have thought I was hiding a bomb in my sock.
        Anyways, when they asked me to take off both shoes, so they could check them (WTF?), I just sat on the floor, and proceeded to take my shoes and roll down my sock on the swollen ankle. One of the guards asked why I did this, and I told her that I couldn’t bear any weight on the sprained ankle. They thought I was nuts, but hey, my health comes first.

    • ideagirl says:

      @chrisjames: I was subject to a full body search in San Diego once, and they did make me stand on one foot while lifting the other one. I guess they thought I had explosives hidden in a callus or something.

  12. Lvhakra says:

    I’m not surprised if the TSA made her take off her brace. I needed to have some knee surgery done and had both a brace and crutches so I wouldn’t damage it further as I got to the checkpoint the TSA asked me to walk through the metal detector without either of them. I gave him a funny look only to then be asked if I could walk without them. I responded something along the lines of if I could walk without them why would I be using them? This got me a chair and they scanned me with a hand held and I was allowed to go on my way. I think the more we question them the easier they’ll be as they don’t want to look idiotic when they don’t have an answer.

    • Inglix_the_Mad says:


      Heh, I couldn’t take my brace off. Non. Not allowed. I had a set range of mobility (which the brace locked) and was under doctor’s orders not to take it off. That was on my doctor’s card too. People that actually read the card when it was handed to them did all right, people that thought it was a business card (WTF? Why would I be interested in handing you a business card in a security line? An oversized, laminated business card at that?) did not.

  13. dubs29 says:

    Once again we here a lady making claims looking for loot! I go through the airports weekly and my bet is this lady is not even close to giving the full story. Wheres Gloria Alred she needs her fifteen minutes like the last one she took the case on and when the facts came out she was gone baby gone. Ohh yeah that apology cured here desire for a Class Action Suit, Yeah Right!
    The chance this lady fractured her ankle is slim except for one thing. Take a look at her she is what 60-70 years old? Suprised she did not break her hip supposedly standing on one leg and balancing.

    • Balentius says:

      @dubs29: Yes, because it’s so much fun to walk around on a broken ankle… You may go through the airport regularly, but for those of us that don’t it becomes an interesting adventure going through security. I get to have that fun tomorrow, and look forward to taking my cpap machine out of it’s bag (since that extra ~cm of fabric would undoubtedly interfere with the xrays…), taking off my shoes and my belt, and emptying out my pockets. I hope I don’t have to stand on one leg now too, as I have an exercise class tonight and my legs are going to be sore tomorrow…

      It may surprise you, but not everyone that complains is “looking for loot”.

    • ElizabethD says:


      Mods, this is egregious and insulting victim-blaming.

      And to dubs29: LOL@ the idea of 60 being so ancient that people will routinely break hips etc. ages 75-90 maybe. Not 60-70. (This reply brought to you by an almost 57 year old)

    • Ein2015 says:

      @dubs29: No.

  14. dougp26364 says:

    What the TSA says they’re suppose to do and what they support are two very different things when pusch comes to shove. They’ll have a written policy but, if one of their agents strays from that policy and you call them on it, they’ll hide behind the statement that TSA agents can, at their discreation, deviate from the written policy if they believe the safety and welfare of the public is at risk.

    A few TSA agents take this to extreme’s in what I believe is purely a power play to make them feel better about their triple digit incomes and double digit IQ’s.

  15. thoseturtles says:

    Honestly, this is disgusting. I know that with large organization there are bound to be slip ups. But in no way should an organization, government or not purposefully injure an old lady, anyone at that, and especially not when there are alternatives.

  16. CharlieInSeattle says:

    They made a friend of mine take off her glove from her burned hand, even though she explained they really don’t want her to do that.

  17. BrawlerBarbie says:

    I blame the nearby Hanford radiation for making the TSA agents there even less unreasonable than usual.

  18. oneliketadow says:

    Shouldn’t this be categorized as “Taking it Seriously”?

  19. the_gank says:

    eh, she was being mugged while being asked to stand on one foot. It was all a distraction… :-) I’d suggest she checks her camera and expensive gadgets…before boarding.. :-)

  20. pixiegirl1 says:

    I believe it, 4-5 years ago I went to Hawaii with my parents my mom is on level 6 oxygen the TSA agent at our check point took the oxygen away from her so they could scan it threw the xray machine. She went with out oxygen for 3-5 minutes because of this asshat. The only good thing about it is that a supervisor was actually watching their employees and came over and yelled at the agent who did it and apologized for what the agent did. They also explained to the agent that if someone is on oxygen you do NOT take away from them they can DIE. It was cool that they did it but I think it was really more for their benefit than ours. If something happened to her while she was deprived oxygen because of the TSA agent who took it away that’s one hell of a lawsuit.

  21. GirlCat says:

    What is the freaking deal with all this blaming the victim?? She was likely misdiagnosed or the fracture was so tiny it didn’t show up on the initial X ray. In that case, standing on it–balancing on it–would have enlarged it. The real issue here is that if someone is in a brace or on crutches, it is shockingly abusive to make her stand on the injured foot. If the troglodytic TSA worker thought she was lying, there are other ways to deal with it. I hope she sues the bejesus out of the airline, the TSA and that worker.

    • jwissick says:

      Why do they keep hiring these morons for TSA? Every report I hear says they fail 90% of all the unannounced tests and pass on the announced tests. Basically they only pass if the bomb being snuck through beeps and has “bomb inside” painted on the side of the bag.

      Some of the abuses we hear about by TSA border on the criminal.

      A lot of the politically correctness is just absurd as well. Search the 94 year old white lady. Let the person wearing the burka go w/o screening.

      And this is the best our government can give us.

      • bobcatred says:

        @jwissick: Hah. that’s so true.

        For the record, I managed to pass through at least 4 different airports with a box of exact-o blades of varying sizes, (including one in the handle) in my backpack and never once was I stopped. I was an art major at the time, and I’d forgotten they were in my bag, but when I emptied the bag out after my trip, I was surprised to find them there. That means at least four TSA agents “watched” them go through the x-ray machine and never noticed. And this was not too long after the whole box cutter in the shoe ordeal Yeah, I feel so safe on planes now. Clearly that woman’s sprained ankle was a bigger threat than my art knives.

      • Difdi says:


        Basically they only pass if the bomb being snuck through beeps and has “bomb inside” painted on the side of the bag.

        And any points they would gain from finding such a bomb, immediately is negated by the fact that they confiscate anything that beeps.

  22. BillyShears says:

    It’s always the smallest airports with the biggest power trips. It’s like those TSA agents *want* a terrorist to walk through their little kingdom so they can become famous.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @BillyShears: I’d refrain from making that kind of generalization. Ithaca, NY is the only airport I’ve been to where my TSA experience was actually good. Conversely, I never plan on transiting through DTW ever again.

  23. mike says:

    It’s nice to know that the terrorists can’t use casts to get through security, but can still print a fake ticket and bring 12-oz of “saline solution for medical purposes.

    Security theatre at its best.

  24. nsv says:

    I wear two knee braces which are very difficult and painful to remove and put back on. TSA made me take both of them off. They also took away my cane. When I balked, they pulled me aside for a “special” search, after I took the braces off.

    They were also concerned that the braces had metal in them. The braces have one hinged metal support on the inside of the knee and one on the outside. One brace has a split seam where the support is, so I pulled it out to show them what the metal was. They yelled at me for doing that.

    I arrived at the airport more than two hours before my flight, but just barely made the flight. By the time I left the screening area I was in incredible pain. But at least you’re all safe from my deadly terrorist knee braces.

  25. bbagdan says:

    She should easily win a mid-to-high five figure settlement. Lucky lady!

  26. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t matter what the TSA is “supposed” to do.. what they do can vary from place to place and agent to agent. In March I flew from Houston to Australia which involved going through security atleast 4 times, possibly more.. and each time the situation was somewhat different. I wear braces on my ankles and they would ask me to take them off sometimes, other times they swabbed them.. Sometimes I was allowed to sit down, other times had to stand while being patted down. Who knows.. but it doesn’t suprise me AT ALL that she would be told to take off the brace.

  27. Etoiles says:

    At JFK, last fall, I watched the TSA agents in the queue next to mine basically bodily haul around a late-middle-aged / early-elderly guy who had gone to the metal detector in a wheelchair. Basically they made him lurch around and through the gate on foot even though he was clearly incapable. They were less than sympathetic when he fell and the passengers in lines — mine, his, and another — who instinctively reached back to help him up were strenuously shooed off.

    Add to that my experience of watching a perfectly normal businessman who had the misfortune of olive skin and the name “Mohammed” being detained in security until his flight’s door had closed, and hearing him say, “God damn it, not AGAIN” while the airline paged him over and over, and I wouldn’t trust the TSA with a rancid gym sock, let alone my well-being.

  28. wickedpixel says:

    moral of the story – if you’re wearing a medical device, print out a copy of the TSA’s policy on handling said medical device at security and bring it with you. That way when they ask you to remove it you can shove their own policy down their throats.

    • HalLaius says:

      Assuming the TSA agents know how to read is a big mistake.
      These people are the exact same fools who were “removed” after 9/11, they just had to sit through an 8-hour federal course, got a new shirt with an embroidered badge, and the freedom from competence that comes with a government job.
      As for why they act the way they do? It’s the same reason so many cops are total D-bags, the personality that is attracted to the job is a petty dictator that just wants to push people around, and then hide behind the law when someone pushes back. Cops at least have to deal with the locals, and seeing the same people over and over might put a damper on the behavior, but TSA? They have you by the short hairs and know it,
      First, you’re a transient, so you’ll never see them around town
      Second, all they have to to is delay you for a few minutes to purposefully screw up more than just the half hour that a traffic ticket might, so you have to obey every whim or you miss your flight.

  29. marks2l says:

    I have a neruological disorder and wear two AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics). I fly fairly often and usually have only minor delays getting through security, with a pat-down and swabbing. Have only been made to remove them on two occasions, both times in smaller airports with no crowds at the TSA checkpoint..almost as if they were bored and wanted to kill time.
    Anyway, I have found that if I tell them up front that 1) the AFOs have metal in them, and 2) I can’t walk *safely* without them, they send me thru to the pat-down area with minimal fuss.

  30. Euvy says:

    Sorry. This doesn’t make a lot of medical sense. She stood on her ankle and it broke? Sprains are soft tissue injuries, fractures are bone injuries. Was she playing volleyball while she made her way through the metal detector?

  31. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    My wife is in a wheelchair and we have been through security numerous times without any problems. The worst was that my wife left a water bottle in her bag and wasn’t at the x-ray when they found it. I hadn’t handled her bag, but they took my word, threw the bottle away, and let us pass.

    Now what they miss is astonishing. We were traveling with an infant and juggling the maximum allowed bag count. I know, people behind us must have been annoyed, but we don’t make their lives difficult on purpose.

    I had to take her bags and mine (purse, suitcase, briefcase, suitcase). We missed the pouch under her wheelchair. It is easily large enough for several handguns, and they missed it too. To be fair, we missed it one other time, and they didn’t. It has several Allen wrenches that they have always let us precede with. Once they again asked who’s bag it was (and my wife was in a different area) and again they looked over, said ok, and let us go.

    The handles on the wheel chair are removable, and the right size and shape to conceal numerous dangerous objects, but they have NEVER been inspected.

    On the other hand, we know a quadriplegic that was told to stand up and the idiot wouldn’t understand until a supervisor came over.

  32. Zatnikitelman says:

    One of these days, the tsa is going to find itself on the wrong side of a coup-d’etat staged by civilians everywhere. The “terminally stupid asshats” are there to PROTECT us not oppress us like they insist on doing. Give me one good example where the “terminally stupid asshats” have prevented a terrorist attack by harassing someone out of their 5 ounces of liquid explosive, or making a brace-wearing grandma take off her boot and reveal the 9mm she had stashed in there.

    • jwissick says:

      @Zatnikitelman: As much as I loath saying this, to the TSA’s credit, there have not been any terrorist attacks from a US flight since they took over. I doubt they are the cause of that. I know for a fact that some people can and do fly with weapons on planes. A little creativity and you can get many weapons on a plane. Are these terrorists that are doing this? No. These are people who refuse to give their security over to a bunch of incompetent boobs like the TSA. They take responsibility for their safety, their family’s safety, and the safety of those around them. True warrior spirit.

  33. unpolloloco says:

    Ummmm – sprains do not lead to fractures when you stand on them. Ligament/tendon damage, yes. Fractures, no. Sounds like it may have been misdiagnosed initially (in which case, standing on it would have done no more damage than walking on it).

    That said, the TSA was clearly in the wrong, as they clearly caused the lady significant pain. However, they did not cause any further significant injury.

  34. Ein2015 says:

    Can we have a tsa.consumerist.com? I imagine Gawker would get a lot of press if they started collecting and organizing TSA complaints…

  35. darkryd says:

    I feel for this lady.

    The TSA killed my father…and raped my chihuahua…while pouring sugar in my gas tank.

  36. emsmx5 says:

    I just can’t wait for the next time I have to fly. I just had a metal plate and 9 screws placed in my leg and I have to walk with a cane now. Should be a blast seeing as how I can’t bear much weight on my leg due to extensive irreparable knee damage. Don’t worry, I’ll post my tale here!

    • nsv says:

      @emsmx5: My advice would be to take a screen capture of TSA’s rules from their website, bring documentation clearly describing your condition and restrictions from your doctor, and take the train.

  37. jonworld says:

    I’m sick of individual TSA employees acting ridiculous and the TSA saying that they don’t endorse the way their employees acted. There’s something called re-training, TSA, and maybe you need to start using the helpful tool.

  38. vangogh71 says:

    This happened to me as well. I had a fractured foot and going through the Miami Airport and was asked to take off my walking cast (a boot with velcro straps). Thankfully I was wearing it more as a precaution at that point rather than it being a fresh fracture. They made me stand for about 2 minutes while they examined it and passed it through the xray. They did let me hop, but would not let me hold on to the xray machine.

  39. VenitaKaploofah says:

    at our local airport anyone who wears a brace is forced to remove it and stow it in their checked luggage. You can not fly out of here wearing your brace. No medical devices for you!!

    The TSA website says you should not remove your brace. But our local people won’t let you fly while wearing one. Our local disabled community is forced to travel to an airport that will let them fly with their medical devices or struggle without them until they have completed their flight. Go America!!

  40. AlisaTurco says:

    I work in the post-production side of the film industry.
    We had a client doing an ad for the U.S. Army that had to cancel their time today because the TSA refused to permit their film to board a plan without being xray’d!
    Even people working FOR the government can’t get the TSA to be reasonable. Forget it if you’re a normal citizen!!

  41. katekaos says:

    I broke my leg last December, and in January flew home from Denver to Des Moines in a leg brace with crutches. On the way out, the people at DIA were really helpful and friendly and just swabbed my brace down and didn’t give me any trouble.

    On the way back through Omaha, though, they made me take my brace off and basically hop on one foot through the detector. Incredibly embarrassing, as well as uncomfortable. I really do feel like it tends to be the smaller airports that discriminate against the disabled and injured just for something to do.