Energy scammers are still stalking the good people of Brooklyn, according to the Gowanus Lounge. Not only are they going door-to-door, but now they’re calling, too. Remember: if some stranger calls claiming that they are from a company you do business with and asks you to “confirm you account information,” tell them you’ll call them back at their usual number and hang up. [Gowanus Lounge] (Thanks, Chris!)


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  1. nsv says:

    It’s ok, the good people of Brooklyn aren’t actually good people. Just ask Sarah Palin.


  2. Chris Walters says:

    Funny, I just got an email from my landlord today (I live in Brooklyn) that reads:

    There are some people going around the neighborhood and ringing apartment door bells. They apparently want to see your Con Ed bill. What they want to do is sign you up for a third party billing system wherein they promise to save you money on your electric bill.


    Although they do not seem to be interested in doing anyone harm, it is best to simply not open your door to them.

    If you do open your door, be sure to put on the safety latch before opening the door.

    They try to get you to open your door by saying they are from Con Edison and they either want to read your meter, or see one of your bills. Con Ed does not send reps around to apartments to do either of these. The meters are in the basement, and Con Ed already knows what your bill looks like.

    This is another reason that we urge our tenants not to buzzer in anyone whom they do not know personally.

    If you encounter such a person or persons, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR, and CALL THE POLICE!