Why You Should Never Order Anything From Sears.com

Mike sent us two stories of back-to-back merchandise fiascos with orders he placed on Sears.com for in-store pickup. What’s worse, the problems can’t just be blamed on a lone rotten employee, or attributed to bad luck—several Sears stores were involved. Our verdict: there’s something seriously messed up with the Sears fulfillment chain, and it’s not worth your time or energy to bother with it. But you knew that already, right?

Thought you might be interested in some horrible sears.com in store pickup experiences. The first one was simple yet annoying so I didn’t go into much detail.

  • Sep 11- Order a TV thats %5 off due to one day sale, in store pickup within 10 days
  • Sep 22 – Call customer service. Told it’ll be in the werehouse that day and I’ll receive an email tommorrow
  • Sep 23 – No email
  • Sep 24 – Call CS again. Told sometime next week. While on the phone, I get an email saying the 29th. At some point in the day I get a call saying it won’t be coming in.
  • Sep 25 – I call up CS again and they tell me to call the store and ask to transfer the salescheck to another store. I do that, and they cancel my order instead. I call up CS again and they tell me to order from another store and they SHOULD be able to adjust the price to the sale price. I order from a further away store that showed it as immediately available. I get a fairly quick email telling me that the item is in stock and I head otwards the store. I get a phone call telling me that they don’t have the TV and won’t be getting it in.
    I give up on Sears and buy a TV from Costco instead.

The TV situation was annoying but didn’t really turn me off to Sears. [Seriously? -Ed.] So I make the mistake of trying again.

Oct 2- I order a heart pendant necklace for my girlfriend’s birthday for in store pickup, at a different Sears than the 2 above. I get an email saying it’s ready for pickup. I go to the store and attempt to pick it up.

Apparently they have a 5 minute guarantee for them to bring out your order after you sign into their kiosk, but they avoid that by “completing” your order before they even see you. Guy finally comes out, takes my paper print out of the order and disappears. Then he comes back and gives me a sticker (which I saved) and tells me I have to go to the jewelery department to pick it up. I go there and am first told that I’m supposed to pick it up at merchandise pickup but eventually told they don’t have the item in stock.

Back to merchandise pickup. No one is there. Wait 10 minutes and still no one, so another call to customer service. I explain the deal and multiple times ask them if this item is showing as picked up. I’m assured it isn’t. Customer service apologizes and tells me that this is rare and it never happens and that sometimes lines get crossed and you have to wait a day even after getting the email. They offer to ship it, but not for free, and it definitely wouldn’t arrive by when I needed it even if they could. So I tell them to cancel it and I’ll place another order myself.

Oct 3- I called CS again to verify that I would receive a refund and the order wasn’t showing as picked up, and was assured that was the case. I wasn’t really concerned since there were about a half dozen other Sears that claimed immediate availability on this item. So I attempt to order from other stores. I get numerous email cancellations.

I got this for one order.

  Dear Sears.com Customer,

In order to provide the best customer experience, when you place a Sears.com order for Store Pick Up, we do a final verification step with the local store you selected for pick up to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of the inventory information we have received from the store, and
  • Physically confirm the availability of the item(s) that you ordered prior to you going to the store.

Unfortunately, we checked with your local store at SEARS STORES and discovered that one or more of the item(s) in your ORDER #xxxxxxx/ SALESCHECK #xxxxxxxwere not in stock.

As a result, we have cancelled this order, and no charges pertaining to this order will be reflected on your credit card.

I got this for three orders.

  Dear Michael,

Thank you for shopping at Sears.com. Unfortunately, due to the demand for the item(s) that you ordered, we were unable to process your order due to being out of stock. Consequently, we have cancelled your order for the item(s) listed below.

At some point I decided to just place the rest of the orders all together and not just wait to be canceled. So I eventually wound up with 2 orders that weren’t canceled yet. I eventually received ready for pickup emails from both orders. I then get a call from the Middletown NJ store. A woman from the jewelery department asking me to describe what I ordered because all she has is an item number. She couldn’t find the item, but said she would keep looking and call me back. She actually did call me back and was able to locate the item.

Oct 8 – I let the other order sit for about a week before I canceled. I was concerned about a refund from that getting mixed up with my original order that hadn’t been refunded yet. Out of morbid curiosity I called the store inquiring about the still open order and of course, they didn’t have it in stock and didn’t bother calling me. I canceled that order and received a refund 2 days later.

Oct 11- I email Sears.com customer service inquiring about my original refund and stating that I’ll be disputing the charge if I don’t get a response by Oct 14.

Oct 14- No response to email, so I dispute.

Oct 15- It’s still bugging me and I want to triple check that the original order was not showing as picked up, so I called CS again. I found out that it is indeed showing that I picked the order up. The CS person says she can’t do anything if that’s the case and I have to go to the store. I ask for it to be escalated and talk to who I presume is the supervisor. I firmly state that I refuse to goto the store again and she calls the store. After a longggg wait she puts me on a three way phone conversation we get the refund processed. I get the smiplest of apologies…

There were a few more customer service calls in between everything, but thats the majority of the problems. I’m just really happy to actually have all my money back.

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  1. Crabby Cakes says:

    I HATE SEARS with a burning passion. 3 separate times, my bf and I tried to purchase things in the tool department- AT THE ACTUAL STORE, where the items WERE ON THE SHELF and we picked them up off the shelves- and were told we could not purchase the items. First time, they weren’t supposed to be selling the item (white spray paint primer.) 2nd time, the item had been recalled (cordless drill.) 3rd time, the item had been placed on the shelf by mistake and wasn’t supposed to be out. (Some type of ratchet thing.) Sears and Sears.com = FAIL.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      To Sears:

      People should not have to try so hard to give you their money.

      @Crabby Cakes: Holy crap!

    • kthxbai says:

      @Crabby Cakes: I used to work at sears… its not the cashiers fault…. sometimes, but the management is retarded… I feel your pain…. I know what youve been through. And im sorry… want a taco? Not even to be an ass…. like I really know what youve gone through, but I like tacos

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @Crabby Cakes: This might explain a few things about why Sears is in the state they are in now, if people have to try to give them money then there is something seriously wrong..

      • Crabby Cakes says:

        @Outrun1986: @Rectilinear Propagation: That’s exactly what my bf said! “I’m trying to give you money in exchange for a product and you’re telling me no? This is a STORE isn’t it? You SELL things for money, right? but the manager just kept pointing to the screen. On a positive note, we did find a really cool local hardware store where we now make all our tool related purchases.
        @Etaripamai (XBL): And yes, I would very much like a taco. :)

        • FuryOfFirestorm says:

          @Crabby Cakes: TACOS RULE!

        • kathyl says:

          @Crabby Cakes: Perhaps if Sears kept free taco coupons next to the registers (a big stack, I’m thinking) to give out when they tick people off, they might keep the people who were trying to give them money in exchange for items they refuse to sell less annoyed with them.

          (I like tacos too, so I can see the value in this plan.)

  2. eirrom says:

    Not that I doubt what this man is saying, but I can’t believe the patience this guy has in dealing with Sears. Has he not heard the other horror stories?

    I wouldn’t buy anything from Sears. They have just gone downhill, not worth the effort. There are many other places that I can overpay for goods and get them the same day.

  3. donovanr says:

    I suspect that this economic downturn will kill all the unhealthy companies like Sears. Bizarrely this is where the market disaster creates a healthier stronger economy.

    • akacrash says:

      @donovanr: Very economically Darwinian of you.

      I happen to agree.

      Sears (w/ K-mart) and Circuit City will be the retail dinosaurs that die off as a result of this economy.

    • Whinemaker says:

      @donovanr: I agree too … I’m just waiting for the death knell for places like Sears, Mervyns, and here locally, Gottschalks department stores – and I feel bad saying that, insomuch as as it sounds like I take glee in their demise.

      Lousy customer service (not so much Gottschalks), clothing that goes into a storage warehouse, only to be wheeled out the next year/season and presented as new merchandise, and filthy, dirty facilities (again, Sears and Mervyns). It’s the thinning of the herd, people …

    • Turcicus says:

      @donovanr: We can only hope.

    • GIZisGOD says:


      Nah… the Fed will bail them (Circuit Shitty and Sears/K-Fart) out.

  4. Trencher93 says:

    You can’t fight dysfunction like this … only go to a different retailer.

    Anyhow, my Sears is sold out of P00 and P000 Phillips Craftsman screwdrivers, and I think P1 (but wasn’t looking for that); they had only P0 and P0000. (You know, the black ones with the blue swivel tops.) How in this age of computerized inventories and just-in-time shipping can Sears sell out of one of their most popular items!? Whatever is wrong must be systemic.

    • christoj879 says:

      @Trencher93: The problem is that Sears is using a backend POS system from 30 years ago that is old and inaccurate. Running a report for a friend, they showed him at a 300% return rate. On top of that, they can’t acquire and keep good employees so they have losers in high school working for $6/hr (I was one of them – they skirted around the minimum wage law by paying us $6/hr plus commission which we never made because there were no customers) who don’t give a shit and don’t properly keep inventory.

      On top of that, the biggest problem is that they COUNT THE FLOOR MODEL AS INVENTORY! And the reason this is a problem is because when you go to order online, the store will show as being in stock when they only have that one (or even sold that and have none).

      Hand tools and that’s about it for me from Sears.

  5. ideagirl says:

    That gave me a headache just reading it. You, sir, have infinitely more patience than I do.

  6. Jevia says:

    Yeah, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences every single time I’ve tried to buy something from Sears. I just don’t even bother going into the store anymore.

  7. Snakeophelia says:

    This is so weird – I order from the Sears website all the time (the store near me is convenient and has free parking but is small, so I order stuff on the website to be sure it’ll be waiting on me), and have never had a problem with picking thing up in store! Then again, I’m always ordering mundane things like pots and so forth, so perhaps if I were trying to save big on TVs and fancy jewelry I’d run into more problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Snakeophelia: I had good luck until I made a mistake in an order. I called Sears.com immediately to cancel the order and they refused because they had already billed the credit card. They said there was no choice but for Sears to pack and ship the bad order. Once the order was shipped out of Sears warehouse, the customer could then refuse the order from the shipper. Sears customer service is unable to communicate with the Sears warehouse. Nobody can I guess.

  8. friendlynerd says:

    You could just go to Kmart for your Craftsman tools…

    Oh, wait. They suck just as bad.

  9. lilacorchid says:

    Either I’m lucky, or Sears in Canada isn’t as screwed up as Sears in the US.

    • postnocomments says:

      @lilacorchid: Sears Canada is, or was, operated so differently from the U.S. Sears that is almost an independent business.

      • lilacorchid says:

        @postnocomments: It must be, because they only problem I have when I try to shop at Sears is the catalogue is different than the store. Although they both appear to representing the same business, they have nothing to do with each other.

        Growing up hours away from a major centre, the Sears catalogue was *the* place to buy everything. The majority of people I know over the age of 40 swear by their Kenmore appliances.

        • mariospants says:

          I agree, Sears in Canada is WORLDs better than the disaster in the states.

          My recent experience at Sears Home – with the appliances and furniture – was great. Friendly, extremely helpful staff that put up with every modification in our selection with complete patience, and provided more than enough information on the products to please even the geekiest appliance buyer. Hopefully now that I’ve said that, the appliances will arrive when promised and in functional condition ;-)

  10. irishiweredrunk says:

    I work for Sears and can tell you exactly why Sears.com shows items as being in stock when they are not.. They rely on inaccurate counts that are held in the store’s local system. This system does not automatically adjust if something is stolen, misplaced, incorrectly scanned, etc. (there are a lot of things that could happen to throw the count off). This isn’t just store-to-web that’s affected. If you’re in the store making a purchase and the item you’re taking home isn’t out on the floor in front of you (ie: TV, lawn mower, treadmill — not talking about the display) then you need to ask the sales associate to check the back and make sure it’s actually there. Just because they check the register or a hand drawn tally for the count, does not mean the count is correct.

    • Ubermunch says:


      Sorry… but that is pathetic. If a company like Sears cannot determine what they have in stock to a reasonable degree (90% say) then they will soon find themselves out of customers. When my local store shows a $370 mower in stock and it is not in stock… where is it? That’s a pretty valuable asset to just lose track of, corporate-wise speaking.

      Bad supply chain management=FAIL

      I’d be getting my resume together if I were you ;-)

      • mariospants says:

        Seconded. This is the 21st century. If a major NA-wide retail chain can’t keep tabs on its inventory in a way even approaching rationality, they’re doomed and have nobody to blame but themselves.

    • SJActress says:


      Isn’t this information that Sears EMPLOYEES should know, and not us, the consumer? I don’t care that your POS system is antiquated (I used to be database manager for a system as archaic), I care that apparently most Sears employees don’t know this. I care that Sears is showing stock online when, apparently, they KNOW they don’t have it.

      Bait and switch much? I know that’s not the intention (Sears ain’t smart enough for that) but it certainly seems that way.

  11. nataku8_e30 says:

    Wow, for a while I was pretty concerned that Sears was going to go out of business. I guess they must be doing a lot better than I thought since they can afford to turn away customers! Congrats Sears and keep up the good work!

  12. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Why can’t this company die? Every time I see an Electrolux commercial or a sale commercial, I think, “Oh that’s cool,” and then I see Sears. And I resign myself to never going to that sale or getting that product. Sears has now provoked a new kind of anger in me- that of a company I would not trust to make a correct credit card charge dangling something cool in front of me that I won’t buy.

  13. UlricCrisus says:

    I ordered a table from sears.com for pickup, and received my “its ready” email. Went down there a couple days later, it wasn’t ready. They told me they accidently sold it to someone else, and would I like the floor model? I asked about availability at other stores, waited an _hour_ for the manager to call around, and finally gave up and left. Called a day later to see what was going on, said they still didn’t know if other stores stocked my table(!) and wouldn’t give me a discount on the floor model or take it apart and put it back in the box. I cancelled my order, but unlike this guy I got my refund right away. I’d have to say they have the most unfriendly and unhelpful CS people I’ve ever dealt with.

  14. akacrash says:

    I went to Sears in the King of Prussia Mall (outside Philadelphia) last December to buy my GF a coat. In the enormous ground floor womens section (probably 3000 sq feet), I couldn’t find a single sales person for help in 20 minutes.

    I can’t fathom how a store can operate on a Saturday during the holidays without any floor staff. I mean they might as well not even be open for business at that point.

  15. ChasityLadybug says:

    I took my Craftsman Lawn Mower to Sears for a repair (the 2nd time) as I had bought it there and it was still under warranty for another month. A week later they wheel out a similar used lawn mower, (only a more expensive model with a larger engine) and hand it off to me.
    They never did call me to see if I had picked up the wrong one, OR inquire as to why I never picked up my original mower.
    By the way, Yes, I did keep the mower they gave me. lol

  16. timmus says:

    Interestingly I was on Sears.com the other day and was thinking about buying a torque wrench, after finding a few $150 models I hit the $2500 torque wrench. I closed the tab and went to Digg.

    • MyPetFly says:


      Timmus, can you send me your credit card number? I forgot it…

    • MyPetFly says:


      Timmus, can you send me your credit card number? I lost it…

    • RevRagnarok says:

      Wow. I’ve had some good and bad experiences with them, but wow. I order stuff on their website pretty much every other week, and never have a problem with picking it up on the way home from work. I was there yesterday and had excellent service from the cashier in the tool dept who now recognizes me which is a little sad. And I think I got a great deal on an air compressor.

      But then again, it’s a “Sears Grand” which I think is codeword for ex-Kmart. I wouldn’t think that would help the situation, but maybe it does.

      I just hope if it goes under that somehow Craftsman spins off and survives, because I have a lot of tools with lifetime warranty.

    • SwarnalataDiomedes says:

      @timmus: @timmus:

      Be glad you did not buy a Craftsman torque wrench. The warranty is only for 90 days and standard repair shops cannot fix or calibrate them. Sears will also not fix them out of warranty. They are also very overpriced. When mine broke, I bought a replacement from Northern Tools for about 1/2 the price and the repair shop says parts are readily available.

  17. dorrdon says:

    I’ve got to agree with lilacorchid, Sears in Canada isn’t screwed up like this. I’ve ordered many times for delivery and for in store pick-up without a problem. – But – for the in store pick-up they ship it to the store you want to pick it up from – if that store doesn’t have it in stock. I’ve even had them issue raincheques for out of stock sale items – had to wait a while – but eventually got the items at the advertised price.

    • Morberis says:


      You’re right its not as screwed up but its still impossible to find any help their unless your in their small electronic section. I’ve tried buying cologne and other similar products from them but it was absolutely impossible because their was no floor staff and everything was in their counters locked down.

      • Bruce says:


        If you can’t find any sales staff on the sales floor and you want to get their attention, a few blasts from one of those canned air horns should do the trick.

  18. LisetteKarpo says:

    I had several bad experiences With sears.com. I ordered hardware items and got an email stating that the item was ready for pick. went to the store to pick up the item was told that they dont have it in stock. i had to argue with them to understand why i got an email stating that the item was ready for pick up they had no answer.
    As far as the 5 minute guarantee, i have noticed that they marked it complete even though i am still waiting there. i tell them to give me my coupon because it was not on time

  19. Notsewfast says:

    Sears is circling the drain and has been for years…

    I don’t really know a tactful way to say this… And I say this as a guy who values convenience…But don’t buy your significant other jewelry from any store that also sells socks and underwear. The reason here is that somewhere in the course of her excitement she will likely ask where you got it from, and you will have to answer honestly. Saying ‘I got it at Sears’ will (in most cases) not illicit the reaction you may be looking for. This is my personal experience, and in all honesty, I have heard great things about CostCo’s jewelry (which, if true would make me wrong). I’m all for bargain shopping, but local jewelers often have competitive prices and superb quality (and they don’t sell lawnmowers).

    • dhmosquito says:

      @Secret Agent Man: Thanks for a great laugh and SPOT-ON advice! cheers

    • dohtem says:

      @Secret Agent Man:

      I don’t really know a tactful way to say this… And I say this as a guy who values convenience…But don’t buy your significant other jewelry from any store that also sells socks and underwear. The reason here is that somewhere in the course of her excitement she will likely ask where you got it from, and you will have to answer honestly. Saying ‘I got it at Sears’ will (in most cases) not illicit the reaction you may be looking for.

      More importantly, her friends will ask her where he got it from.

      It won’t matter that your gf’s/wife’s/etc jewelry cost twice as much as her friends’ if theirs came from Tiffany’s or Cartier.

    • joellevand says:

      @Secret Agent Man: As a woman, I have to say I’d probably be in court on domestic violence charges if my husband bought me jewelry from Sears, as I’d have beat the sh*t out of him.

      I live in the Philadelphia area, so I’m accustomed to certain standards, I’ll admit. However, I’d not even kick up a fuss over a mall jewelry store, because it’s the thought that counts.

      Zales or Kay says “I was thinking of you at the last minute.”

      Sears says “I was buying a wrench and realized, Holy Crap, it’s her birthday today!”

      Don’t even get me started about my friend who’s first husband bought her Diamondique engagement ring from Wal-Mart.

    • jlayman920 says:

      @Secret Agent Man: First, why would she ask where you got it from. Second, if she does ask then why would you ell her from Sears. I bought my wife a Tiffany bracelet from ebay for $20. It looks EXACTLY like her sisters who paid considerably more for hers straight from Tiffany. Is the bracelet I bought my wife real? no probably not. Do I care? no I don’t. My wife is happy because she thinks it’s real. I’m happy because my wife is happy. Perception is nine tenths of the law.

      • Juliekins says:

        @jlayman920: Ugh. Tack-ay. Also, you are a total a-hole for lying to your wife like that. I hope you get caught.

      • joellevand says:

        @jlayman920: Good thing your wife isn’t a jewelry fan.

        As one myself, I know the color of a real Tiffany’s box – it’s actually trademarked and hard to fake. Your ass would be kicked from here to China if I was your wife.

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @Secret Agent Man: CostCo has some pretty nice jewelry, but that’s somewhere I buy jewelry for myself when I see something cute and $80. Not somewhere my husband goes to buy it for me! At least not without my complicity!

      (I got an adorable bracelet at JC Penney’s but, again, bought it for myself.)

      @jlayman920: “My wife is happy because she thinks it’s real.”

      Dude, I would be PISSED.

    • h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes says:

      @Secret Agent Man: Wow. I would just be happy that my boyfriend thought to buy me jewelry. The label/source doesn’t matter at all to me if it’s something I genuinely like.

      • AuntieEm (robots from the year 2000 > zombies) says:

        @h3llc4t: Agreed! How shallow can you be? Who gives a crap where it comes from or when he thought to buy it for you? joellevand you’re quite a princess aren’t you? Not everyone can afford Tiffany, but that doesn’t mean they love you any less, times are tough.

        I have a friend who once got in a huge fight with her man because he bought her a rose at a gas station (and this was a no-reason rose, just cause he was thinking of her). Get over yourself! Sheesh.

        That said, it’s pretty crappy to lie about weather the stones are real. Buy it wherever you want but be honest about what it is.

  20. ShipraNycteus says:

    I bought a cordless electric lawnmower at Sears The young man who sold it to me was rude, but I needed the lawnmower so I ignored it. When the box came out at customer pick-up, an employee put it into my trunk. I couldn’t read the item description the way the box was placed, so I verified with the employee that it was the cordless electric. He said it was, but of course when I got it home and wrestled it from the trunk it was not. Okay. I called Sears CS and they told me that they no longer even carry the cordless model. Why did they sell it to me? She couldn’t say, but said I could (load it back into my trunk) and return it. That was my last trip to Sears. I can’t think of one reason — not price, not service, not product selection — for a consumer to patronize Sears.

  21. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    But those new Sears appliance commercials have the geektastic Felicia Day in them:

    + Watch video

  22. Outrun1986 says:

    Sears has really fugly clothing too, and the one time I tried to buy a pair of shoes there I had to flag down an employee from the register to go and get the mate shoe since it was a display shoe. Then I was told by her that this is a self-service shoe department (mind you there was also 3 other customers in the shoe department needing the same thing, a mate to a display shoe), well if it was then how come the mate was not on the shelf! Geez. I was almost tempted to go searching in the back room for it myself since the door was wide open and there was nothing from stopping customers from going in there.

    • friendlynerd says:

      I have to disagree about the clothes, at least in the mens section. Since Structure morphed into the intensely overpriced basics that is Express, Sears took it over and it continues to be pretty decent.

      Since most who shop at Sears have no style, the nice things usually end up on the clearance rack at severely discounted prices. I have cleaned house on the Sears clearance racks.

  23. SJChip104 says:

    I’m sorry to see they haven’t fixed these problems. They’ve been going on FOR YEARS AND YEARS. Their problems don’t end with the “dot com” either…

    It was about SEVEN YEARS ago that I ordered one of those hardware levels with the laser. I ordered for them to hold it for me at the pick up window. I won’t bore you. Even though I paid for it online, they took my credit card, I printed out the sheet, etc., etc. I ended up having to go to the hardware dept and pick it up myself.

    Then, about THREE YEARS AGO I ordered wet/dry vac for pick up. The website reported that the item was “ready for pick up”. This time, however, instead of going there to be disappointed, I decided to call ahead to make sure they had it. After holding on for over 45 minutes, (thank god for speaker phones and NO, it wasn’t lunch time) I gave up and went there. Guess what (again)? They didn’t get it. I had to get it from the hardware dept and buy it.

    Going back home, there was no way on the website for me to cancel the order that was charged to my card. After all, it was “waiting for me” at the pick up window. I had to call to cancel the order (shades of AOL!)

    The charge was reversed, but, of course, IT WILL TAKE 7 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS for the reversal to show up. (funny how the original charge was INSTANTANEOUS)

    OK, *MONTHS LATER* I decided to check back. You know what? The item STILL APPEARED to be “ready to pick up”.

    I called customer service, to let them know there’s OBVIOUSLY something wrong with their system. Do you know what they did? THEY SAID THERE WASN’T “A PROBLEM” AND *HUNG UP* ON ME!

    Sears better not F*CKING get CLOSE to asking the gov’t for help when it goes BELLY UP…

    • kittenfoo says:

      @SJChip104: I haven’t set foot in a Sears since (I kid you not) 1985. I went there to buy a wedding gift for someone I worked with, and the girl at the checkout was incredibly rude. I mean, eye rolling, huffing, etc. I tried to tell management about it, and the manager’s reaction was basically, “tough shit.”

      I’ve never been back to any Sears since then. I have no idea how they’ve stayed in business this long.

      P.S. I never got a thank you note from the happy couple, either. Jerks.

    • perruptor says:

      @SJChip104: I don’t think we’ll be bailing Sears out. They aren’t ‘too big to fail’.

  24. Snarkysnake says:

    Future News :

    Jan 9,2009

    Chicago-(AP) Iconic American retailer Sears filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in Federal Court yesterday , citing a crushing debt load and “unfavorable market conditions caused by the financial crisis of last fall.” CEO Bruce Johnson cited an inability to finance new inventories and a loss of confidence by vendors,banks and suppliers.

    “A stronger Sears will emerge from this filing,but for now,our associates and customers should know that it is business as usual at Sears”,Johnson said. “We expect to close or merge some operations,find efficiencies in our supply chain and renew our focus on the consumer as we move past this painful,but neccessary step in our history “

    Analysts immediately pointed out that Johnson is full of shit. ” The reason that this company can’t get find first base is the near total absence of employees that give a flying damn. “,said Tobias Leftwich of Wanker and Leftwich Securities. ” Frankly,it’s a fucking miracle that they have hung on this long” ,he said , in a rare display of candor. Leftwich added that he has changed his rating on Sears stock (NYSE-SHLDQ) to a “hold” from “market perform”. The filing will affect all of Sears operations in the U.S.,but does not include the Canadian unit,which will be destroyed at a later time.

    Sears was founded in 1886 in Chicago and employs approximately 335,000 full time incompetent employees in the U.S.

  25. Tightlines says:

    Oh, how I love Sears’ “5-minute Guarantee,” where they “complete” your order sight unseen at four minutes and thirty seconds and you get to wait another 10 for them to retrieve your item.

    • Lance Uppercut says:

      @Tightlines: One time I actually got the $5 coupon. But I can think of at least one other time that they did what you said and “completed” my order without ever seeing me.

  26. Keter says:

    Recently, I’ve had some really good experiences with Sears, including Sears.com.

    First, I’ve found that after I’ve searched high and low looking for some relatively generic item that should be easy to find for a reasonable price and come up empty or only find overpriced stuff, about 85% of the time, Sears has exactly what I’m looking for, and for an OK price.

    I dunno about Outrun1986’s store, but I’ve gotten some nice clothes from Sears recently – they went through a fugly phase, but seem to have changed buyers, much for the better. Their shoes have gone downhill, though – leather is seriously scarce and I can’t wear plastic on my feet.

    When shopping for a digital camera over the summer, Sears came up much higher in price than anyone else, and they were a model behind…same seemed to be true of all of their electronics based on an inspection in passing. I would shop Sears electronics as a last resort only until this improves.

    I ordered a replacement part for my 10+ year old garbage disposal from Sears.com and was very pleased with that – the site made identifying the part easy and I got it in just four days without expedited shipping. It was packed appropriately, too.

    I’m remodeling my kitchen and decided to replace my ancient, mismatched, hand-me-down cookware. I went online to a number of retailers, found a set I liked for an OK price on Sears.com, went into the store to look at it, and found it on sale. I am very pleased with it – very high quality (Kenmore brand stainless steel with extra-thick copper bottoms and stainless handles that actually stay cool).

    I also selected a chest freezer using the same method described above, but the local store was out of stock. The salesperson looked it up, found that another shipment was coming in a couple of days later, and I went ahead and paid for it. She told me they would call to confirm when it arrived. Since I live well out of town and would be out running errands on the day it was supposed to arrive, I wasn’t going to be home to take the notification call, so I called the salesperson (she had given me contact information) and she was able to confirm that the freezer was in, but probably had just been taken off the truck, so I should wait a few hours. I ran my other errands first, went by Sears last, it was ready, I got the item loaded within the five minute time, and when I got home, found the promised automated message on my answering machine telling me it was in.

    So – I think I have a sufficiently large sample of experiences to say that Sears and Sears.com is actually doing pretty well most of the time. They had alienated me for a while, but are slowly earning my business again with good experiences.

    I wonder if we plotted the negative experiences on a map if we might find that certain regions or departments are messed up?

  27. BaronVonHawkeye says:

    I will say their commercial for Sony’s HDNA TVs with the Chicken and Peyton Manning were pretty good. “I don’t really watch sports.” “Easy Chicken, easy.”

  28. Invective says:

    I too tried purchasing numerous times from Sears. I love their tools. I had a garage full of their tools. After the K-mart wiz pulled off the scam of a lifetime using Sears money to buy K-mart and keep himself in business, the whole Sears / sears.com thing changed. I had a $2k order that was also canceled several times. Then the in store pickup went all to hell. Then began the loads of emails from Sears.com, which I now ignore. Plus they change their pricing almost daily for sales. (Similar to Wal-mart.) So I too can’t stand Sears anymore and don’t get me started on K-mart. lol

  29. Parting says:

    Strangely enough, in Canada, Sears has a good reputation for customer service. I keep reading your horror stories, and wonder if the local management is different?

  30. Canino says:

    Consumerist had a “Morning Deal” that included something from Sears not long ago. Can’t remember when exactly but I think it was this month.

    Just saying…

  31. Ubermunch says:

    Bought a Snapper lawn mower on sale online… went to the store for pick up where, as the OP noted, it had been listed and “completed”. The automated pickup system was completely shut down with the LCD monitor slowing moving a “NO SIGNAL” around the screen.

    Turns out the mower was not in stock… and it took 6 days to refund my credit card. Sears staff could not be stupider… really. Any stupider and they would have to wears helmets or be institutionalized.

    I will NEVER buy from Sears again… at least not if I can’t hold it in my hands in the retail store (which is highly unlikely since I will not go into Sears now).

    Sears will be gone in the next couple of years. Enjoy the crap service while it lasts!

  32. DarkKnightShyamalan says:

    Customer service masochists. They’re out there.

  33. dougp26364 says:

    I use to do a LOT of business with Sears up until about 5 years ago. That’s when I got screwed over on a digital camera I purchased.

    First, I had to remind them of the 0% interest every month until I finally gave up and paid the balance off early. Next I had to remind them every month that I did not want nor ever request the credit life on my account (father had been a lifelong insurance agent and I knew better). Finally, when there WAS a problem with the camera, their warranty department simply return the unopened camera with a note saying it was dropped and the warranty (extended warranty ANYTHING goes wrong we’ll fix or replace it free of charge) was void because it had been dropped (it hadn’t).

    Lousy service took a customer who generally spent a couple of thousand in their stores yearly to a former customer who’s spent maybe $50 (needed a new garage door remote and string for the Sears weed trimmer) over the last 5 years and someone who adives anyone AVOID Sears like the plague.

    How they or K-mart stay in business is beyond me. Maybe with the credit crunch, they’ll end up being one of the store chains the get liquidated and pass on into the history books.

    It’s a shame when you think the my father and grand-father use to go to Sears all the time because of their quality and customer service. Now they’re the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service.

  34. Jesse says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. In the past few years, Sears seems preoccupied more with becoming some sort of quasi hedge fund vs. concentrating on their retail operations.

    I can only imagine what it’s like dealing with the K-Mart subsidiary.

  35. Corporate_guy says:

    The question is who falls first? Circuit City or Sears.

  36. Toof_75_75 says:

    From experience, the only way to order from Sears Online is to call the store you will be ordering from and have them physically locate the item so you know it actually exists in their store. Then, once you know it is definitely there, order it online. I have been able to get a few things I’ve ordered from them online, but I’ve also had my share of failed transactions due to this exact same problem. Ultimately, Sears = Fail.

  37. albokay says:

    I love sears.com I bought a mini shop vac from them and picked it up from a local store. Then a couple days later i got an email saying I needed to pick up the shop vac. So I picked it up again.

  38. freefallmotion says:

    All I wanted to do was give them money in exchange for a lawn mower. Easy sale. I’m sold on the product, no effort on the sales guy. The item is in stock IN THE STORE, not just at the warehouse, ready to go out to my car.

    Sounds simple? Uh huh…

    “No we can’t sell it to you for another three weeks. Why? The computer won’t let me. It’s here, in the system and and on display, but I can’t sell it to you.
    Why? I don’t know… I just can’t sell it to you…”

    This is not making sense here…

  39. sashazur says:

    Dunno… a couple of years ago I did an in store pickup at Sears, and it went fine…

    But decades ago my parents ordered a fridge from Sears, who messed up the order so badly with delays and changes that eventually Sears gave them the fridge for free!

  40. perruptor says:

    Years and years is right. Back around 1980, I needed a new filter cartridge for the Sears Shop-Vac we used at work. I found the part number molded onto the old one and wrote a purchase order with that number and “Filter for Shop-Vac model such and such” on it. Months passed. I finally received . . . . a roll of solder. It didn’t fit the vacuum cleaner, oddly enough.

  41. Manraysky says:

    The tv story pretty much exactly what happened to me last Christmas when I tried to get an exercise bike for my dad. Multiple emails and phone calls telling me the item was ready to be picked up, only to find out when we got to the store it wasn’t available. It took a couple of weeks and several half hour drives to the mall before actually getting the bike. And at one point the order was cancelled for being out of stock, after be assured that it was in stock.

  42. vastrightwing says:

    Bye Bye Sear!

  43. ValdisPidgeot says:

    I placed a web order for 4 items for in-store pickup. I printed out the page, the barcode came out ok but the product list was all garbled with stuff printed over other stuff. But they have it in their computer too, so no worries. I went to the store, presented the barcode. A TV display showed that my items were being retrieved. Soon a guy came through the flapping doors with… TWO things. I said, what about the two other things? He said, What other things? Oops. Having pressed the button to say he was done fulfilling my order, he could not bring the record back up… sorry! So I took out my garble of a printout and tried my level best to decipher the product numbers for him! What a riot! In the end I left happy, but pre-ordering on the web site was NOT a time saver, and if I hadn’t kept my printout it might have turned out differently.

  44. elc32955 says:

    Sears inventory system bites! I was shopping for tires for my RV (it takes a special 16.5 inch tire) and saw that Sears (through Sears.Com) had the tire I needed via special order, I shopped several sources and they had the best price. I went to my local Sears tire store and ordered 7 of the tires. They said 7-10 business days for delivery.

    Appx. 2 weeks later, I went to the same Sears store to collect my tires. The salesperson couldn’t figure out why my order had not come in yet, so he made a phone call. Turns out whoever he talked to said the product was no longer available so we would not be able to order through the store but we could still get it through Sears.com.

    Next day I spent about 90 minutes with a very nice Sears.Com customer service rep. discussing the fact that I couldn’t get tires, although the tires showed available on-line. He told me that the way the Sears inventory system worked was that some store, somewhere in the United States, had the tires I wanted on the shelf and until the store stock was sold they would continue to show up as available, even though they could not be ordered. So, logical next question, I asked if the tires could be located and shipped to my local store so I could purchase them. Turns out Sears has no system to check national inventory levels. They would have to go and check each and every store’s inventory, one at a time, to locate the tires. And since they have over 10,000 stores, not practical.

    So, the tires are still listed on the web as available, Sears continues to offer the tires on both regular price and SALE prices, and you can’t get them for love nor money. Talk about a Catch-22!! I ended up going with an on-line discount store that was just a few dollars more then the Sears price, but they had the seven tires delivered straight to my door for $7.77 shipping (on sale)!

    I can’t wait until they either have to restructure to survive or have the giant closing sale. With customer service like this, they’re not long for this world…

  45. lordargent says:

    Also, be wary/vigilant with their rebate system on appliances. From what I understand now, you’re supposed to send in the rebate as soon as you’ve purchased the item (IE, don’t wait until it gets delivered).

    I ordered a fridge from them when they had a rebate on the cost of delivery ($65), the fridge got back ordered (and delivered 3 weeks later than it should have been).

    Once I got the fridge, I sent in the rebate, and it was denied. I called in, and the goons at the rebate center said there was nothing they could do.

    A few days later, I see a sears flyer offering the same fridge, with the same ‘free delivery’ offer, but a different code :P

  46. octajohnny says:

    Worst customer service ever. I have some sort of sympathy for the “old school” retailers, but not when it seems like every customer experience with them is a complaint. Here’s mine, in the middle of a chargeback for an ITEM I RETURNED THE SAME DAY I RECEIVED IT on July 16th. (mind you, I would have just taken it back to the store after my previous experience with the same problem with Office Depot, but the invoice strictly said ‘Do Not Return To A Retail Store’)

    (excerpted from my letter to Bank Of America disputing the charge)

    I received this item on 7/16/08 and had changed my mind on the item. I left it new and unopened and followed the return instructions enclosed with the receipt and returned it via UPS to the address it stated for returns:

    3960 ROYAL DRIVE N.W.
    KENNESAW, GA 30144

    Tracking Number: 1Z XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    A few days later, I tracked the package on saw it was received by Sears.com on 7/16/08: The tracking info I received from UPS is as below:


    Delivered On: 07/18/2008 9:52 A.M.
    Signed By: BENNETT
    Location: DOCK
    Delivered To: 3960 ROYAL DR NW
    KENNESAW, GA, US 30144
    Shipped/Billed On: 07/17/2008
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 2.20 Lbs

    I checked my card daily to see if Sears.com had applied a credit for my return, and on July 27th, I saw that I had still not received a credit for this return, so I called their 800 number and spoke to a representative regarding my return. (please note, at this time, I did not get any representative’s names because I did not think it would come to this matter).

    The representative told me they had received the return, but a credit had not been issued, and she said she would put in a request for a credit immediately.

    On August 3rd, I saw that the credit still had not been issued to my card and spoke to a male representative, who told me that a credit had been issued, but it could take up to 2 BILLING PERIODS (?!?!) to show up on my Bank Of America account.

    On August 8th, I still had not seen a credit so I called again. I spoke to another representative as well as a supervisor, and asked if a credit had in fact been issued, since the first representative told me that she would put in a “credit request” rather than telling me that a credit had been issued. The supervisor insured me that in fact a credit had been issued on August 1st and reiterated that it could take up to 2 billing periods to show up on my account.

    On August 24th, I called again and spoke to Sears.com customer service representative RXXX. She went through the notes for my order and said that according to the notes, a credit was issued on August 1st and again told me that it could take up to 2 billing periods for me to see the credit applied back to my card.

    As of this writing, I still have not seen the credit issued back to my card.

    3 FRIGGIN’ MONTHS. 2 billing cycles to get a goddamn credit? Yeah, maybe in like pre-Internets 1984…

  47. Bruce says:

    From the ‘Strike while the irony is hot’ Department.

    Since we’re all baggin’ on Sears and Sears.com for good reason, why is the Consumerist promoting:

    Sears: Skyway Polaris 5 Luggage Piece Set (Green or Black) for $99.99 + Shipping

    in the Morning Deals section?!?!?

    Luuuucy! You got some ‘splaining to do!

  48. EverettEunomia says:

    My old washing machine died last week. I researched Consumer Reports, ordered a new one from Sears and had it delivered and installed the next day. I applied for the rebate (free shipping and haul away) online and am waiting for a check in 6 to 8 weeks. I guess that my dealings with Sears aren’t typical!

  49. OsgoodBarlow says:

    Sears.com has worked perfectly for me. I’ve used it about 2-4 times a year since it began. Still, the place is a bit old and I’m not surprised that something like this might happen.

  50. Ariah says:

    I presume that someone from Sears will eventually read this thread, so let me add this: These are not outliers. These are typical customer experiences. Your stores are doing everything in their power to prevent brand loyalty.

    • econobiker says:

      @Ariah: unforetunately you are probably wrong that someone from sears would actually read this thread. They probably have no clue about consumerist especially if the same people are doing kmarts’ web stuff.

      Case in point: trying to win a $2500 gift card via customer reponse at the kmartfeedback survey website. The actual kmartfeedback.com survey website somehow is not linked from aol or some other search engine or the highest ranked search result is for kmartfeedback at complaintsboard.com or pissedconsumer.com. You should see all the poor nimrods who enter their receipts’ transaction number and report on how a store is doing on those web sites. I emailed Kmart to show them what was going wrong but would not expect them to fix it.

  51. eirrom says:

    Has this guy ever heard the expression “Once Bitten…Twice Shy?” Sears is a disaster these days. I would have to be in dire straits to buy anything from them.

    There are plenty of places to buy overpriced items with poor service!

  52. 2copper says:

    I have to say that in my experience that Sears.com has only been able to produce the item without any problems 1 out of 3 times. You might ask why I would go through the torture of using Sears.com. It is because I ended up buying about 13 of the $50 gift cards that are good towards the purchase of a new stove installed by Sears. It turns out that Sears.com does not know the difference between a normal gift card and the $50 apology for not installing anti-tip devices on your stove that a class-action lawsuit managed to dig up for me. I ended up spending only about $100 for a $600 worth of these cards and bought a microwave and a new dish washer. But of these orders ended up with processing issues, but I can’t complain about spending so little, well maybe a little.
    The microwave turned out to be cheaper in store, so the clerk canceled the order and I got a refund on the difference. The dishwasher delivery/install was first delayed and then a joke. I ended up removing my old dishwasher and then installing the new one. But since I also got back $60 from a Sears.com rep for my trouble and then $120 as rebate, the dishwasher paid for itself!
    I still see these cards for sale on eBay. If everyone knew that you could order stuff online and get full value for ANYTHING, I wouldn’t have the better kitchen that I have today.

  53. joellevand says:

    I hate Sears. I can’t stress that enough.

    Sears murdered my first car. Long story short — my 92 Taurus broke down in a less than nice city, so I desperately had it towed to the first garage open after 4 PM so I could get back on the road and away from the Murder Capital of the USA.

    When I brought it in, it was leaking break fluid and smoking. When they first tried to give it back to me, the break line was DRAGGING ON THE GROUND. When I pointed this out, they said “No it was like that when you brought it in.” I replied, “Um, I was driving in pot-hole filled Camden. If that was dragging, I’d have lost my breaks before I got here.”

    They got the manager. He said he’d fix it personally.


    Desperate to get out of town and back to the nice, safe suburbs before dark, I took it. Big F’ing mistake. The next day, when I went to drive the car to my local mechanic, there was a loud thunk and then all the lights came on. The ABS was out. I had the car towed to the mechanic, where I got the bad news.


    The car, which had a few other leaks I knew needed fixing (oil pan, transmission seal, little things that I was saving up $500 to fix) was now worthless. In fact, it’d cost four times its value to fix. So I sold it to a scrap yard for $200 and financed a new car.

    Meanwhile, I tried repeatedly to call Sears for an explanation and refund of the $500 I’d paid them for the shitty job they did destroying my car. I escalated and escalated for three months. Someone would get back to me, they said.

    A year later, I’m still waiting for that call.

    Add this to how they screwed me with a credit card when I was 18 (don’t get me started) and how they’ve never honored their warranties, and I say good f’ing riddance to Sears, may it rot, burn, and otherwise be destroyed in Hell.

    • Dobernala says:

      @joellevand: That almost sounds criminal. Get a lawyer.

      • joellevand says:

        @Dobernala: I called a few. Problem is, I have no documentation that everything else was fine in a 15 year old car that was, admittedly, having minor problems. Without some paperwork saying “Car was essentially fine except for minor problems x, y, and z” it’s my word against theirs. :(

  54. joellevand says:

    *brake. (error throughout)

    Sorry, I’m tired.

    • kabuk1 says:


      Damn dude.

      If that had happened to me, I would have walked into the store and literally KILLED those people. Preferably with a part from my ruined car.

      • joellevand says:

        @kabuk1: I just told everyone I know what happened, and any time someone mentions Sears or Sears automotive, I tell this story. Very specifically, it was the Sears Auto in Moorestown, NJ. Eh hem.

  55. booboolee says:

    I bought a dorm fridge from them online, went to the store quite a distance away (borrowing my RA’s car), and they didn’t have it in stock. However, since they had the guarantee, I asked for what other product could they offer me in its place, since I could not afford to return. I was able to get a fridge that was 25% more expensive than the one I had reserved, for the same price. Did not know the problem was so widespread. They still have guarantees right?

  56. Euvy says:

    Sears.com also seems to be totally unable to communicate with brick-and-mortar stores, as I discovered when I ordered a mattress and box spring from Sears.com a few months ago.

    Some low-rise boxsprings need to be ordered in pairs for king beds, so if you order just one, the sears.com fulfillment system appears to have a series of grand mal seizures that stop delivery completely, without a warning or notification.

    I managed to enlist the help of a local Sears manager to get on the phone and correct the problem with the Sears.com fulfillment staff, but it even took her nearly six hours on the phone to do it.

    Never, ever again.

    Your loss, Sears.

  57. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Totally in agreement here. I looked up a Craftsman Compressor online and went to nearest store for pickup. They never stocked the item. Wrong store they told me. I drove to another one and they didn’t have the item on display (Craftsman Hardware Store) but they did have some in back. And at website price. Clerk had no idea they had these as he had to look up the SKU on their web computer. Bassackwards.

  58. InThrees says:

    At this point a good shopping experience at Sears would be more newsworthy.

    I’ll be over here, holding my breath. =)

    • YaronEmu says:

      @InThrees: Well, I recently had one. I ordered a washer and dryer from Sears.com. I was reluctant because of all the negative comments I had read (here and other places) about Sears’ service. But, the price made me take the risk and, in my case, all went smoothly. I arranged delivery online and the installers arrived when they said they would with the correct items. I even applied for the rebate online.

  59. max crabb says:

    Seriously, the SEARS letters on the outside of the store that glow went out so that it spelled out SARS, right when all the SARs stories were spreading in the news. Great times… don’t shop there, though.

  60. czarandy says:

    I have had only positive experiences with Sears in-store pickup every time I’ve used them. Once my item took *6 minutes* rather than the 5 they promise, and they quickly gave me a $5 gift card. Pretty cool.

  61. cubancook says:

    Had a similar issue with a vacuum cleaner purchase online and pickup. Took forever to get the return processed.

    I used to work at Sears. I can tell all of you just to go buy in store, in person. Less headaches, although there is no guarantee their inventory is correct. Their inventory and warehousing system is haphazard at best.

    Good luck.

  62. ManiacDan says:

    I sent in my Sears Online experience to Consumerist before but it never got posted. We bought a TV through the store pickup option a few years ago. Two days later I received an email from Sears:
    “Dear Customer,
    Your order has been canceled.

    Thank you for shopping Sears.”

    • Kounji says:

      @ManiacDan: Maybe they were trying to do you a favor?

      • ManiacDan says:

        @Kounji: What’s funny is that they may have. Turns out the TV I had decided on was plagued by a known issue where the fuse for the tube was too small, it would blow out after about 200 times turning the TV on. Philips knows about the issue, but refuses to admit that it’s a defect. I ended up cutting a hole in the casing so I could reach in and replace the fuse without taking the TV apart. Soon after I bought a Sony and added Philips to my “do not buy” list.

  63. HarcourtArmstrong says:

    The only thing I buy from Sears.com are parts for old appliances. I have yet to find another store that has their inventory. They even have assembly diagrams on their site.

  64. jcargill says:

    One of the “morning deals” is from Sears.com

    Might want to delete that.

  65. econobiker says:

    Sears was real decent in the railway freight only days when legions of folks processed manual invoices. Time moved slower and people lived shorter lives back then…

    I recently scored a used copy of 1970s era reprint of the 1908 Sears catalog and it reads like a modern walk through of Wal-Mart/ Home Depot/ Lowes/ Tractor Supply/ Walgreens today with the breadth of products for sale. Everything anyone stuck on an un-electrified farm miles from town could have wanted shipped to them for pickup at the local rail depot during the once a month trip to town in horse and wagon…


  66. MilburnRareware says:

    Remember Sears of old no longer exists. When K-mart took over Sears the wanted to keep Sears good name to bring up the sales and respectability. Instead they dragged Sears down to a level lower then a S S Kresge store.

  67. geneb5 says:

    Sears canceled its ads on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” after the brave terrorist nonsense, resulting in the cancellation of this show that celebrated political dialogue and freewheeling free speech.

    I haven’t given my business to Sears or Federal Express since.

    Never forget!

  68. It's all good... says:

    I had a bad experience too and they still haven’t credited me back my money. They oversell merchandise collect your money and then hold it for well over 3 weeks. It should be criminal and probably is. Someone is making some money off keeping my money. I’ll never buy from sears again. effing crooks.

  69. gatewaytoheaven says:

    Funny, I’ve always had a good experience with Sears. That being said, I also haven’t bought anything from them in a number of years. This might explain my positive view of their business practices.

  70. carlogesualdo says:

    I don’t remember ever having a bad experience buying anything at Sears, beyond the occasional pushy salesman. I’ve bought several major appliances from them over the past 2 years. They’ve all been delivered when promised. Maintenance hasn’t been any problem to get scheduled. On the other hand, I learned my lesson about buying major electronics from Circuit City…

  71. nblisa says:

    My husband saw a 65 inch plasma TV that he really liked at another store, but I did some research, and Sears had the better price due an additional 10% off deal, plus there was free shipping, or so they said. I attempted to order the TV online, but it rejected my Sears Mastercard, which had an expiration date of the following year. So I called the store’s TV department and told them that I was having trouble. The lady there said that I could order the TV with her over the phone. I gave her most of my info., but when she entered the card number it had been cancelled since I had gone too long without using it, even though it didn’t expire until next year. She said I would have to get a new card. I was concerned that I might miss out on the extra percentage off while waiting for my card to arrive, so she suggested coming into the store. She said I would get a temporary card and could use it to purchase the TV, and that they had one on display there. So I drove 33 miles to the store, and guess what? NO TV ON DISPLAY!!! I called my husband who said to order it anyway, and it took about an hour to place the order! First they had to approve me for another Sears card. Then you are supposed to be able to use that temporary card to make a purchase, but she didn’t know how to do it. It took two calls and the help of another guy to even place the order. Then she said the shipping was going to be $10, which to me is not FREE shipping. She still couldn’t get the transaction right, so the only way it was going to work was for me to pick up the 150 pound TV at the store. So I agreed to that just to get it ordered and to get out of the store! The lady was nice and all, but no one seemed to really know what they were doing! Then to top it off, my husband and son decided that they want a different TV! Aaaarrrrgghh!