Neutrogena Face Wash Comes With Free Headphones. What?

Reader Jeremy is wondering about this “added value” offer he saw at Target the other day — a tube of face wash that comes with free headphones. Huh?

Jeremy says:

Not exactly sure why you need a free pair of ear buds with your face wash, but what do I know.

We’re stumped. Maybe this is where those free headphones from JetBlue went, because they’re certainly not on JetBlue anymore.


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  1. valarmorghulis says:

    Just remember to wash your face before every flight and you’re set!

  2. Chols says:

    I wonder how much the shipping is on them, unless they are bundled with it.

    • cpt.snerd says:

      Yeah! I saw those too the last time I was at Target too! Only because I was looking for manly face wash… yeah…
      But there were many other face wash products that had other things bundled – like a smaller travel version face wash or those ear phones.

      @Chols: I don’t know about buying these online – but they are packed and taped to the back on each large container. (If the picture taker turned the tube around, you can see it)

      • crashedpc says:

        @cpt.snerd: Hey, us mens gets the acne too! Ain’t no shame.

        Just for shits and giggles I tried washing my face while wearing the headphones (I mean, why bundle them together otherwise?), and… I kinda ruined them. CUZ THEY GOT WET.

      • Chols says:


        Wow, I would definitely take advantage of that promotion

  3. mazda3jdm says:

    I dont see where there bundled to the package maybe its like the Captin Crunch Wistle you have to finish the product to receive the premium? I just hope their sealed in th package inside the tube other wise your earbuds are useless

    • aristan says:

      @mazda3jdm: Sadly, it’s not that cool. The pink part of the plastic is shrink wrap, the earbuds are coiled up on the back. Garnier did a similar thing awhile back where you got a NASCAR bandana on their packages. Yeah. That promotion made total sense.

  4. neilb says:

    We bought some shampoo last year that came with an entire radio (ok, a stick-style radio receiver with earbuds).
    They worked about as well as you would have expected for electronics supplied by a CPG company. Why, indeed.

  5. MissNikki says:

    I noticed that a lot of facial care products come with ear buds, especially Clean & Clear products.

    • maneki neko says:

      @MissNikki: Yyyeah…about a month ago I bought the Clean and Clear I usually do at Target, and I was perplexed to find that I got a free pair of purple earbuds. They work, as far as I can tell, but I only tried them once. So weird.

  6. goodywitch says:

    Because it’s aimed at teens. Because only teens get acne (yea adult acne, blergh) and teens always want earbuds. Because the free ones that come with your zit wash are so much better than the ones that came with your player.

    • goodywitch says:

      @goodywitch: ok, yea is confusing. I meant to say yay! not yeah.

    • gopher646 says:

      @goodywitch: I agree. This type of product is marketed to teenagers. And what teen doesn’t want ear buds?!

      I think it’s actually clever. If I were 14, I would have totally bought into this. Clear face + new ear buds = everyone in homeroom is going to think I’m so cool! Yay!

    • alice_bunnie says:


      Well, if they’re like my 14 year old, who I buy Clean and Clear for, they lose or tear up their ear buds all the time. ;)

  7. thisisasignin says:

    Bundle freebies rarely make any sense.
    Usually it is a store level promotion and the store is just trying to get rid of junk they cant sell.

    I once got a bottle of sun block with a flash light taped to it.

  8. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

    Ganier stuff used to come with a free FM radio. I have about 4 of them. Never tried them once even though they came with a battery.

  9. KStrike155 says:

    My girlfriend actually ended up buying some sort of face wash with headphones attached to them.

    I asked her the same question: how does this make sense?

    It wasn’t acne wash though, it was some sort of other “deep cleaning” crap.

    Needless to say, the headphones were shite.

  10. failurate says:

    Schick did the same thing with their Quatro razor. It appears that the ear buds that we have been asked to pay $10 to $20 for, are actually worthless.

  11. cacahuate says:

    I got some free ear buds with a men’s razor (Gilette, I think) like a year ago. They were an unbranded version of those cheap white Coby ones, and I’m embarrassed to say that I preferred them so much that I switched to them.

  12. Trai_Dep says:

    Perhaps they’re for plugging really big pores…

  13. Birki says:

    Neutrogena must have scooped up these ear buds at a steep discount to make this worth it. It seems the cost of reconfiguring the packaging to hold ear buds and assembling the bundle at the factory would add costs to this particular product run. But what do I know, I’ve apparently missed this whole “get free electronics and accessories with your drugstore skin care products” phenomenon.

    • goodywitch says:

      @Birki: you can purchase earbuds in bulk at the 99cent store. since it’s a large corporation, they probably get it way cheaper than that.

  14. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I bought a bottle of Vodka a little while ago and got a set of ipod like ear buds with it. I did think that a little strange as I would have preferred a gas card with the vodka.

  15. CliffordLooney says:

    For those wondering where the buds are: it looks like the earbuds are shrink-wrapped to the product, probably behind, so they aren’t visible on the shelf. Clues:
    1) the earbud offer is superimposed over the lable of the product
    2) product is super shiny
    3) the blue line underneath the Nutrogena logo is at different heights on different products.

  16. drjayphd says:

    In re: everyone asking where they are: Shrink-wrapped to the back of the tube. You can kind of see them poking out on the right side of the pic.

  17. aristan says:

    Promotions rarely make sense. I still use some rather nice coffee mugs that my great-grandparents got for free inside bags of flour. Because, that’s exactly what you want inside a bag of flour – potential broken glass.

  18. silver-bolt says:

    The earphones are shrinkwrapped to the back of the bottles.

  19. TeraGram says:

    I snapped up a bottle of another Neutrogena product that had the headphones included. The price was only a few cents higher than the “generic” label and I’ve got a kid who goes through headphones like crazy.

  20. MMD says:

    Can’t answer this for face wash…but I know why they did a similar thing with Garnier Fructis shampoo awhile back.
    They must have been discontinuing their shampoo for “frizzy” hair, because the shrinkwrapped promotion covered up that wording. So I got duped into buying it because I couldn’t see the wording. (My hair is not frizzy, thank you very much.)

    Oh, and the junky radio worked for about a day.

  21. Bye says:

    There does seem to be a bit of a tie between these products.

    I was in a meeting several months ago sitting next to a youngish guy who I couldn’t help but notice had this disgustingly huge abcess on the inside of his ear. This guy is notorious for wearing earbuds whenever possible.

    Since then when up-close, I’ve noticed other earbud-loving folks who have huge blackheads or other funky happenings with their ears. Now that I’ve seen it on so many, I can’t help but look anymore!

    Moral: If you’re going to put the same thing in your ears everyday – especially when at times they’re taken out and placed on a filthy desk or are thrown in a backpack or briefcase – wash your ears!

  22. lintacious says:

    I am not sure the brand, but i did see some skin care products at the store yesterday that came with three free music downloads… just as odd.

  23. se7a7n7 says:

    They batter be black headphones or I’m going to demand my money back.

  24. vastrightwing says:

    That made my buying decision easy: that shampoo must be way overpriced if they’re including ear buds in the package. I’ll avoid the shampoo.

    Let me see, how about buy ketchup and get free USB drive.

  25. ocd soundsystem says:

    Ron Jeremy has a kid?

  26. Mikestan says:

    Can someone tell me the color of the free headphones?

  27. charmcityblues says:

    I tend to destroy standard issue iPod earphones very quickly. The ones in this promotion aren’t great, but they’ll do for running, and the price is right…

  28. OzBob says:

    Someone needs to tell Millard R. about this!


  29. margit says:

    But are they black headphones?

  30. liz72701 says:

    I’m sure that “Millard” will call and complain that they don’t match the package!