If you live in St. Louis, get ready for Santa! A radio station has already switched to 24/7 Christmas music! [KSDK via Fark]


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  1. tanya.peacock says:

    Good God.

    I think I can at least feel confident that our local radio station that does the 24/7 Christmas music won’t start that til Black Friday.

  2. parsonsdj1 says:

    I personally like Christmas music, though October is a little early. Reminds me of a time I bought tickets for a Harry Connick Junior show in early October and didn’t realize until I got there that it was the “Harry for the Holidays” tour. I went from 85 degree Texas heat to “Sleigh Ride” in mere moments.

  3. neuracnu says:

    No skin off my nose. NPR and 88.1 KDHX (st louis community radio) are the only stations worth listening to around here.

    • scarletvirtue says:

      @neuracnu: That’s one of the few things I miss about St. Louis (besides my friends). KWMU was my favorite radio station – and I’d occasionally listen to KDHX, which was also good.

    • MSUHitman says:

      @neuracnu: Umm let’s see there’s 97.1 FM and 1120 AM for news/talk, 590, 1190, and 1380 AM for sports, and 105.7 and 107.7 FM for alternative/top 40, so I definately can’t agree with that.

  4. Duffin (Ain't This Kitty Cute?) says:

    Are you kidding me? I can barely stand it when the stations around here start with the Christmas music on December 1st! It’s not like there are THAT many fricken Christmas songs. They tend to repeat every song at least three times a day as it is.
    The only reason they do this is because SOMEONE is actually buying into Christmas this early. Lets find them, tie them upside down with Christmas lights and beat them senseless with jingle bells.

  5. Amethyst02 says:

    This makes me want to cry. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and always will, but come on it’s not even November yet! The problem is you can only so many versions of “Feliz Navidad” and “The Little Drummer Boy.” It’s like they play the same playlist every 2 hours or so for 2 months. I hope the store I work at doesn’t start this early. The piped in Christmas music drove me insane last year.

  6. tmlfan81 says:

    Christmas BEFORE Halloween is a bit much. The radio station is changing its format at the start of the year so rather than be dead space on the dial they are playing the most annoying music well ahead of schedule. I’m not in the mood for Christmas. Let my kids go trick or treating first, then enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with family before they become swallowed up by cheap commercialization of an important holiday.

  7. battra92 says:

    I wonder when XM will start theirs. Come to think of it I was playing it a lot when visiting my then girlfriend and she and I broke up like a week after Thanksgiving so it will probably be coming up soon.

  8. nfs says:

    That happens in my place…

    …right after thanksgiving.

  9. Fiendfyre says:

    when I heard this last weekend I wanted to scream at the world. I ended up yelling at the radio something along the lines of “WTF!? Are you kidding me?!”

    Turns out the station in question KMVN (Movin’ 101.1) is switching formats. They were a top 40, pop/R&B station but they couldn’t compete with the other station in this market (Y-98) playing the same stuff. In January they are switching to a sports format apparently.

    So annoying though…

  10. IsabellaCytisorus says:

    The radio station in question used to be called Movin 101.1. They are switching to an all-sports format on Jan.1.

    To cut costs, they let all the Movin staff go and turned it to Christmas music… way cheaper than employing people from an old station while you try to hire staff for a new one.

    The fact that they switched to Christmas music only two weeks after the announcement sure has gained them a LOT of free publicity. Everybody here is talking about it, and now you guys are too.

    Pretty genius, I’d say. Also, Sirius usually switches channel 2 over to Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving.

  11. ryaninc says:

    Will you PLEASE stop posting Christmas stories? For the love of all things decent, just let it go. Some of us happen to enjoy Christmas and Christmas music. Who cares if stores start selling stuff early or stations start playing music? Just don’t listen! You don’t have to constantly post about it to get the Christmas haters even more worked up than they already are.

  12. jonworld says:

    Ugh! It’s not even Halloween! The least they could do is play Monster Mash for 16 days straight, then switch over to Christmas music.

    This is even worse than my local ACE Hardware, which has already devoted 4 isles worth of space in the small store to Christmas decor.

  13. t325 says:

    We live in St. Louis, but we’re well prepared. Every car in my family has Sirius, except for my brother’s, but that’s what he’s getting for his birthday in a couple weeks (Shhh….I hope he’s not reading this ;)) so soon, all cars will be equipped with Sirius. None of this Christmas crap for this Jewish family.

  14. synergy says: